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Phronetik - Pioneer in Life Science Industry | Tania Martin | The Lifesciences Magazine

Technology that is tailored to each patient’s unique traits is known as precision medicine. In this manner, the patient receives the ideal treatment for their condition. The outdated one-drug-fits-all theory has been disproved by precision medicine, which now focuses on providing patients with better care by using drugs that are tailored to their unique conditions.

Phronetik is a quickly expanding company that is developing precision medicine by utilizing biotechnology, bioinformatics, and artificial intelligence to enhance diagnosis, treatment, and monitoring as well as have a positive impact on scientific research with useful findings.

The founders of Phronetik describe their story in an interview with The Lifesciences Magazine.

The Business-

Inform us about the business.

Phronetik is a pioneer in the rapidly expanding life science industry that improves diagnosis, treatment, monitoring, and scientific research by utilizing biotechnology, bioinformatics, and artificial intelligence. DNA/RNA sequencing, clinical trial support, genomic mapping, data gathering and analysis, predictive analytics, and statistical design are a few of our main competencies.

1. What difficulties did you initially encounter?

Like any small business, our biggest obstacle was obtaining money. A new biotechnology company requires significant funding. We were fortunate to be able to concentrate on government funding and subcontracting opportunities, which allowed for organic growth.

2. What was the turning point that led to the company’s expansion?

We undoubtedly experienced a growth spurt after receiving our first prime contract from the National Institutes of Health. Since then, we’ve worked to maintain a controlled rate of growth by choosing our prospects and customers carefully. Our goal is to conduct business ethically, and we always keep the advancement of scientific discoveries in mind.

3. What accounts for the sustained success of your business?

By far, tenacity in difficult circumstances has paid off. The sales cycle for government contracts may be very lengthy. Multiple opportunities are something we aim to have in our pipeline.

4. What goods and services does the business prioritize? How do your services differ from those offered by competitors?

The following provides a thorough description of our services, key differentiators, and flagship product, iConcordia.

Calletic iConcordiaTM In order to direct treatments beyond population health, the iConcordiaTM artificial intelligence engine correlates the ‘-omics’ characteristics that genetically identify us, regulated DNA sequence alterations, and integrates them with social, lifestyle, environmental, and cultural aspects. This enables doctors to customize a patient’s treatment depending on the patient’s unique characteristics, lifestyle choices, and genetic composition.

Phronetik Services include protein sequencing, bioinformatics, data analysis, genetic testing and research assistance, DNA coding, mapping, and sequencing, processing biotechnologies, and health IT support and services.

The purpose of Phronetik’s products and services is to improve the quality and safety of patient care through evidence-based, technology-backed solutions.

Through the use of technology-backed, evidence-based solutions, Phronetik’s products and services aim to increase the quality and safety of patient care. The ability to quickly coordinate and deliver care, access to accurate and complete information about a patient’s health, and a method of sharing information with patients, their caregivers, and other medical professionals are all made possible by having the right information available at the right time.

We offer innovative ways to upload and use fresh clinical data while building on current knowledge by offering biotechnology and IT support in the creation of new drugs or patient-centered outcomes.

Partnerships with universities, CAP/CLIA accredited labs, and involvement in international projects and initiatives are just a few of Phronetik’s biotechnology offerings.

Understanding health and disease requires the use of genomic testing laboratory data derived from genomic, pharmacogenomic, transcriptomic, proteomic, and other OMIC data. Among our abilities are:

Diagnostic procedures are used to pinpoint the illness that is causing a patient to get ill

Genetic tests that are predictive and early-symptomatic are used to identify gene variations that raise a person’s risk of contracting diseases.

Finding persons who carry a gene mutation linked to disease through carrier testing

Pharmacogenomic testing can provide details on how specific medications are handled by a person’s body

Research genetic testing is used to better understand how genes affect health and disease.

Services for Sequencing

Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) services are offered by Phronetik for genetic testing, analysis, and research support. Data is taken, both structured and unstructured cleaned, standardized, integrated, and then it is analyzed. Among our abilities are:

Whole-genome, whole-exome, and targeted DNA sequencing analyses are used to map and study genetic variations or mutations.

RNA-Sequencing analysis, including transcriptomics, to identify the molecular pathways between genotype and phenotype

to analyze dynamic changes in gene expression, use epigenomics

Identification of biomarkers to aid in the early detection of disease and the assessment of a patient’s response to treatment

Phronetik services not only enhance our product line but also give our business the ability to compete and make money even if a client decides not to buy any products. Our services aim to relieve healthcare businesses of the burden of technology while establishing ourselves as their valued advisor. Our offerings consist of:

SupportDRTM is a HIPAA-compliant method for providing IT management and assistance at a low cost.

24/7 Help Desk

Upkeep of the network and servers

Antivirus control

remote observation

Preventive upkeep


Phronetik is one of several companies engaged in unleashing machine learning in order to understand disease while recommending clinical trials.

360º HIT™

Hospitals, private practices, and clinics can use our 360o HITTM solution as a fully outsourced CIO to help them negotiate the technological landscape.

Services from an external CIO

Standards for HIPAA Privacy & Security Implementation

Planning for Disaster Recovery

IT evaluations

Infrastructure for IT in Healthcare

Purchasing of hardware and software

Development of bespoke applications

Develop custom mobile and commercial applications that meet specific demands.

testing and quick prototyping

development on a variety of platforms (iOS, Android, Windows)

reproducible implementation strategy

Adaptive solutions for interactions between staff, providers, and payers

How do you make the decision to expand the company’s offering of goods and services?

The field of biotechnology is continually changing. We keep up with trends and adjust as needed to meet industry demands. A careful examination of the developments in the biotechnology sector reveals that the sector is expanding quickly as a result of important topics including precision medicine, regenerative medicine, and the use of genetics in diagnostics.

Artificial intelligence-related technological developments in this sector are anticipated to propel growth and progress along a number of different paths. Phronetik is one of the numerous businesses that use machine learning to comprehend the disease and suggest clinical trials. Synthetic biology research and development activities are being closely watched and supported by developed economies like the US and the UK.

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