10 Most Expensive Drugs in the World

10 Most Expensive Drugs in the World | The Lifesciences Magazine

Some pharmaceutical medications may cost hundreds of thousands of dollars annually. Because of this, we have ranked the world’s 10 most expensive drugs in the world therapies according to the total cost of a year’s worth of treatment for each medication.

The debate over how much to charge for medication has long been a hot one. The Novartis treatment that costs $2 million has been in the headlines repeatedly over the last several years, yet it may not even be the most expensive drugs in the world medication available today.

Here are the 10 Most Expensive Drugs in the World;

10. Soliris

Alexion Pharmaceuticals, an AstraZeneca company, is responsible for creating Soliris. It is administered through intravenous infusion by a doctor or nurse and costs slightly over $678,000 a year (nearly £500,000). The medicine is used to treat NMOSD, also known as Devic disease, which leads to inflammation of the spinal cord and optic nerves if left untreated.

9. Ravicti

10 Most Expensive Drugs in the World | The Lifesciences Magazine

Hyperion Therapeutics’ Ravicti is a treatment for urea cycle disorder, a condition in which the body is unable to eliminate waste nitrogen because of an enzyme deficiency in the liver. Each year’s supply costs little under $700,000 (£509,000), and patients give it themselves using an oral syringe once a day.

8. Blincyto

Blincyto from Amgen may be purchased for somewhat more than $4,400 per vial, but annual therapy would still set you back almost $712,000 (£520,000). B-precursor acute lymphoblastic leukemia is a kind of blood cancer that may be treated with this medication. It is administered by an IV infusion over the course of 28 days. The B lymphocytes, a kind of white blood cell that originates in the bone marrow, are the target of this particular form of cancer.

7. Brineura

CLN2 disease is treated with brineura; it’s a hereditary condition that manifests itself neurologically, most often as epilepsy and ataxia. It’s injected directly into the ventricles of the brain (infusion into the fluid in the brain). The cost of BioMarin Pharmaceutical’s Brineura, at a carton every two weeks, comes to almost $730,000 (nearly £535,000) every year is the most expensive drug in the world.

6. Folotyn 

For advanced cases of T-cell lymphoma, Acrotech Biopharma’s medication Folotyn is a viable option. Only patients who have relapsed or who have exhausted all other therapeutic options should undergo this therapy. It’s given intravenously once weekly for six weeks, with a week off in between. The annual expensive drugs in the world of medication is a little over £580,000 ($795,000).

5. Luxturna

Spark Therapeutics is responsible for creating Luxturna. The medicine, which is injected by a surgeon into the eye, has a one-time cost of $850,000 (just over £620,000), making it potentially more cost-effective than previous treatments. Adults and children alike may benefit from the treatment since retinal dystrophy is a leading cause of irreversible eyesight loss.

10 Most Expensive Drugs in the World | The Lifesciences Magazine

4. Myalept

Myalept, a medicine produced by AstraZeneca, is taken once a day, and a 30-day supply requires roughly 14 vials. Thus, the price of Myalept per year is close to $890,000 (almost £660,000). Congenital generalized lipodystrophy is a very uncommon condition characterized by an almost total loss of body fat at or shortly after birth, and this medication is used to treat children with this condition with expensive drugs in the world.

3. Danyelza

Neuroblastoma is a rare kind of cancer that mostly affects newborns, and Y-mAbs Therapeutics’ Danyelza is the only approved treatment method. Neuroblasts, which are nerve cells, persist after birth and give rise to the disease. The average yearly cost for a patient on Danyelza is $977,000 (£715,000), or slightly over $20,000 per dial.

2. Zokinvy 

The Zokinvy medication developed by Eiger BioPharmaceuticals is the first and only medicine approved for use in children aged 12 months and older to treat the symptoms and underlying causes of progeria. Progeria is an extremely unusual genetic condition that makes young individuals seem much older than they really are expensive drugs in the world.

10 Most Expensive Drugs in the World | The Lifesciences Magazine

Zokinvy, which comes in a capsule form and is taken twice daily, is very expensive, with a year’s supply setting you back over $1 million ($1,032,480 or £755,935).

1. Zolgensma

Although Novartis Zolgensma is the most expensive drugs in the world, it is more cost-effective than many others since it only requires a single injection. Patients, often youngsters, with spinal muscular atrophy get this treatment by intravenous infusion from a medical expert. SMA is a degenerative disorder that weakens the muscles and causes mobility difficulties.

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