LGM Pharma Boosts Analytical Testing Services and Expands Suppository Manufacturing Capabilities

LGM Pharma Boosts Analytical Testing Services and Expands Suppository Manufacturing Capabilities | The Lifesciences Magazine


LGM Pharma, a prominent provider of API and CDMO services, has unveiled significant advancements in its offerings aimed at enhancing customer flexibility and service efficiency. The company has invested over $2 million to expand its Analytical Testing Services (ATS) by 50% and has introduced new suppository manufacturing capabilities to its contract development and manufacturing (CDMO) portfolio.

Enhanced Analytical Testing Services:

LGM Pharma’s enhanced Analytical Testing Services cater to the diverse needs of pharmaceutical clients, ranging from major industry players to startups. The company boasts a comprehensive array of analytical testing capabilities for small-molecule drug substances and products, supported by state-of-the-art laboratories in Irvine, California. Equipped with cutting-edge chromatography and spectroscopy instrumentation, including ICP-MS and ICP-OES, LGM Pharma’s facilities exceed industry standards. The expanded analytical testing services include method development and validation, as well as stability testing, ensuring high-quality support for clients throughout the drug development lifecycle.

Commentary from Leadership:

Dr. Prasad Raje, CEO of LGM Pharma, emphasized the strategic significance of the expanded analytical testing services in providing greater flexibility to pharmaceutical partners. Shailesh Vengurlekar, Senior Vice President of Quality & Regulatory Affairs, highlighted the company’s multidisciplinary approach and experienced team, ensuring robust support for clients’ analytical needs.

Expansion of Suppository Manufacturing Capabilities:

Recognizing the growing demand for suppositories, particularly in women’s health products, LGM Pharma has expanded its manufacturing capacity at its facility in Rosenburg, Texas. Suppositories offer efficient drug absorption and precise release kinetics, making them ideal for patients with swallowing difficulties or nausea, as well as for chronic conditions and women’s health products.

Insight from Operations Executive:

Ian Gibson, Executive Vice President of Operations at LGM Pharma, stressed the importance of providing specialized capabilities to meet evolving patient needs. He highlighted the company’s expertise in suppository formulation development and manufacturing as a strategic solution for industry partners.

Overall Impact:

These advancements underscore LGM Pharma’s commitment to providing comprehensive and tailored solutions to the pharmaceutical industry. By bolstering analytical testing services and expanding manufacturing capabilities, the company aims to accelerate drug development timelines and address the evolving needs of patients and healthcare providers.

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