Parents: 8 Ways to Practice Self-Care When You Can Barely Spare a Minute

Parents: 8 Best Ways to Practice Self-Care When You Can Barely Spare a Minute | The Lifesciences Magazine

Finding time to practice self-care is a task in itself for parents. You need to be present and around your kids all the time. Managing work, home, and the kids is all the parents do. To practice self-care, you’ll have to literally steal time from your current schedule. Kids can act stubborn at times. Stubborn in the sense, they always want you to be around.

To practice self-care, one easy way is to take a shower. Yes, that’s right. Showering is a time when you’re all by yourself. The best way to practice self-care. Between completing work duties, checking homework, and preparing a nutritional meal for the kids, you need your own time too.

Here Are 8 Points to Practice Self-care:

1. Eat healthy food:

Parents: 8 Best Ways to Practice Self-Care When You Can Barely Spare a Minute | The Lifesciences Magazine

In the midst of making good food for the kids, parents often compromise on their own health. To practice self-care, this is a good tip to start with. Not that you should change your eating habits all of a sudden, you can start slow. Start including fruits, vegetables, and nutritious foods in your diet. If likable, make the food that you make for your kids in more quantity. Make it for yourself too in order to consume it. After a certain age, kids and parents need the same nutrients. Kids need it as they’re growing. Parents need it because they’re aging. This is the best way to practice self-care.

2. Use technology to your advantage:

There may be blogs, YouTube videos, or articles to practice self-care. Go through such information on the web and try to follow the same. Some apps are available too for keeping up with the daily schedule you follow. Like exercising for a bit, working hours, hours at home, etc. Keep your screens off when at home. No work calls or emails are allowed when you’re at home. Make it a rule. Download fitness regime apps if required, that is a good hack to practice self-care.

3. Have a glass of water:

Yes, drink a glass of water. Inhale and exhale after drinking water. This small but effective process will give you at least ten seconds to yourself. Practice box breathing. This is s breathing technique where you take a breath for 4 seconds hold it for 4 seconds and exhale for 4 seconds. Again an excellent tact to practice self-care. After having water, do this technique. This will give you at least 15 to 20 seconds to yourself. Also by drinking water, when you swallow it, you feel relieved.

4. Hug someone:

Parents: 8 Best Ways to Practice Self-Care When You Can Barely Spare a Minute | The Lifesciences Magazine

Hugging your partner or your kids releases happy hormones. Both the people involved in the hug feel relieved and stress-free for that moment. Studies suggest hugging someone reduces depression. We feel relieved, so the heart rate decreases too. It results in lowering blood pressure levels. You just feel happy. The pain you feel due to any problem is relieved. A loving touch soothes the mind and soul making your mood lighter.

5. Take your medicines:

Do not forget your medicines. Take some pills for calcium, vitamins, or any necessary nutrient. Consult your doctor for the same. A multivitamin in a day will cause no harm. Keep your blood pressure levels and cholesterol levels in check. Don’t compromise on your health. Your stress levels increase as you’re managing so many tasks at a time. All of it takes a toll on your physical and mental health. Have your medicines properly.      

6. Reduce your burden:

Reduce your burden by getting help. Hire a maid for doing some stuff of the house or managing the kids. We are mechanized to say I’ll do it by myself, I don’t need help. Mothers especially are hesitant on the part of accepting help. Accepting help also has the logic that you can do it better than the maid. Agreed that you can do it better than the maid, but if she is available and can reduce the burden, just keep her to work.

7. Your kids are watching:

Parents: 8 Best Ways to Practice Self-Care When You Can Barely Spare a Minute | The Lifesciences Magazine

All of us know that kids imitate us. As you behave in front of them, they do the same. Especially on behavior and words. They see if you take care of yourself as they have the capability to remember nuances from their childhood. They will take the same lessons in their adult life. Habits, lifestyle, and behavior patterns are things that kids already inherit through genes. Furthermore, they observe and remember things from their childhood and tend to do the same.

8. Get 5 minutes for yourself:

There are a number of activities that you can do in these 5 minutes. You can call a loved one and talk your heart out. Conversing with someone is the best thing you can do. Listen to your favorite music piece. Music is an absolute mood changer. Especially hearing your favorite song can help you relax and de-stress. To add nutrients to yourself in 5 minutes, make a smoothie for you and your spouse. While your child is asleep, blend a quick smoothie and get all charged up.


  1. Energy restored: Your parental energy is restored. You get recharged and are ready again to do your duty without frustration.
  2. Enhanced relationship: As you get time to yourself, you are less frustrated. It keeps you feel less occupied and less tense. It results in an enhanced relationship with your kid and your spouse.
  3. You stop self-doubt: Due to the stress of being perfect, you start doubting yourself. By practicing self-care, you are more confident and self-aware of your ability to handle it all.


Parenting is a pretty tough job. Especially when you’re working. Managing work, home, kids and other personal commitments needs a lot of patience. Practice meditation for 5 minutes. This will decrease your stress levels. Make you calm and composed. Practice doing meditation exactly for 5 minutes. Take good care of your health too. Be proud and give importance to yourself. Self-doubt has no space in your daily life. You’re doing good and will improve with time.  

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