Cdc Suggests Older Americans to Get Pfizer Rsv Vaccine

CDC suggests older Americans to get Pfizer RSV Vaccine | The Lifesciences Magazine

U.S. health officials said Thursday that Americans 60 and older can receive the new Pfizer RSV Vaccine but should first talk to their doctor about it. The recently approved vaccines are anticipated to be available in the fall, along with the revised COVID-19 vaccines and flu injections. According to a statement from the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, anyone who are eligible for the Pfizer RSV Vaccine should consult their doctor to determine if it is the appropriate choice for them.

Who can take it?

Adults who have compromised immune systems, chronic heart or lung diseases, or who reside in long-term care institutions are more likely to contract the respiratory infection, according to the CDC. The respiratory syncytial virus, sometimes known as Pfizer RSV Vaccine, is a common cause of cold-like symptoms but it can be harmful for young children and the elderly. Children with wheezing last year packed hospitals due to an increase. Although there isn’t a vaccination for children yet, there may soon be one for expectant mothers to protect against disease in unborn children, pending Food and Drug Administration approval.

A panel of outside experts’ suggestion for a single dose of the vaccinations produced by Pfizer and GSK was approved on Thursday by Dr. Rochelle Walensky, the departing director of the CDC. The vaccinations for persons 60 and older were approved by the FDA last month.

CDC recommends RSV vaccine for older adults

A Stronger Defence

Initially, the CDC panel debated making a stronger recommendation that everyone aged 65 and over receive the vaccine. However, after hearing concerns from a number of the members over the expense, the necessity for and efficacy of boosters, and how well it works among the weakest of patients, they softened their support. The cost of the Pfizer RSV Vaccine, according to pharmaceutical company GSK, would be between $200 and $295. Pfizer has not provided a cost. The effectiveness of the immunisations may last for several seasons, and additional shots may not even be necessary.

Others desired a stronger defence of people over 65. Robert Blancato, executive director of the National Association of Nutrition and Ageing Services Programmes, stated on Thursday that requesting patients to contact their doctor “is an absolute impediment” to increasing vaccination rates and places an additional strain on medical professionals. The Science and Educational Media Group of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute supports the Associated Press’s health and science coverage. All content is the exclusive responsibility of the AP.

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