What Counts as Weight-Bearing Exercise to Strengthen Your Bones?

What Counts as Weight-Bearing Exercise to Strengthen Your Bones? | The Lifesciences Magazine

Weight-bearing exercise is a type of physical activity wherein you involve movements opposed to gravity. Bones in our body keep absorbing calcium from our bloodstream. Similarly, it also gives away the calcium absorbed as and when required so the body can function normally.

Weight-bearing exercises help to improve body posture, strengthen bones, and enhance balance. These exercises have a direct impact on the lower spine, hips, and bones which decreases the speed of mineral loss as we age.

Here are 7 Weight-Bearing Exercises to Strengthen Your Bones:

1. Brisk Walking

Brisk walking helps you renew your bone health. Walking is one of the most important gaits in humans. Gait, in simple words, which a person walks. The posture maintained while walking by a person. It is the natural posture of the limbs when a person is walking. Brisk walking is fast walking. Walking at a faster pace, but not jogging is called brisk walking. This is the simplest and the best weight-bearing exercise a person can do.

2. Stair Climbing

What Counts as Weight-Bearing Exercise to Strengthen Your Bones? | The Lifesciences Magazine

Stair climbing is also a simple weight-bearing exercise. The movement of your legs in stair-climbing is overcoming gravity. You go upwards or vertical which is a force applied by you against gravity. This weight-bearing exercise enhances bone density in a human being. For people with osteoporosis, this is good exercise as it repairs the damage in the knee. It can be painful, but it is good to prevent further damage.   

3. Hiking

Hiking is walking on a natural terrain with a combination of slopes and high terrain. It can be on hills where people go for exercise. It is a good form of weight-bearing exercise as it is a combination of terrains. Walking down on slopes or climbing up for a long period, is good for improving bone density. Hiking is walking for a long period on different terrains to reach a particular point.

4. Dance

For enthusiasts, who like dancing it is a good form of weight-bearing exercise. Dance forms like aerobics and Zumba are considered good cardio sessions. Different body movements are involved which help bones and muscles to open up. The risk of osteoporosis is also reduced considerably. It builds bone density and makes them stronger. Especially for osteoporosis, aerobic dance is said to be one of the best weight-bearing exercises. It not only damages the repair but also prevents it from worsening.  

5. Jogging

This is again a good weight-bearing exercise and the next stage of brisk walking. It is keeping a fixed speed without increasing it. Increasing it becomes running which we aren’t talking about now. Jogging strengthens your muscles. Sweats you up and releases stress. It tires you due to the physical strength you require. It enhances blood circulation in your body. It makes you feel fresh. It keeps your heart healthy and reduces the chances of any cardiovascular risks.

For those who wish for weight loss, jogging is the best thing for them to do. It keeps you active and fit in general. It saves you from coronary artery diseases, anxiety, depression, hypertension, and stroke.

6. Strength training

What Counts as Weight-Bearing Exercise to Strengthen Your Bones? | The Lifesciences Magazine

These are weight-bearing exercises where a variety of actions or movements are involved using external components. Lifting dumbells over the head and taking hands down is a good one. Pushups also give you strength and tone to your muscles. A squat is when the trainee brings the hips down in a standing position and again stands up.

It is an exercise for the thighs and ankle joints. Squats are the best for improving leg strength. Step up is a good thigh to do. It simply means climbing a step and coming down. Again climb it and come down. It should be done in a faster movement so you get exerted physically.

7. Yoga

Yoga is a lifestyle. It is a physical, mental, and spiritual awakening of the body and our senses. It is an ancient Indian practice that was meant to maintain peace and harmony of the mind. Different asanas in Yoga allow you to keep your bones and body flexible.

The rigidness is decreased in the body which makes you feel fresh and active. It needs consistency and patience for a person who is new to Yoga. It prevents bones from degenerative changes and lightens your body.

Then what are non-weight-bearing exercises? Is that what you’re thinking?

1. Swimming

Swimming doesn’t fall into the said category but is suitable for your muscles, lungs, and cardiac health. It improves breathing patterns and heart health. This is also a stress-buster. It enhances your endurance and ability to exert yourself physically. In short, it increases your stamina for doing physical activities.

2. Chair exercises

Some physical training exercises are done while sitting on a chair. Those cannot be counted in this category. But they are good for performing different bodily movements which we normally do. Bending down as you sit on a chair is good for your lower back, spine, and abdominal muscles or core muscles.

3. Cycling

What Counts as Weight-Bearing Exercise to Strengthen Your Bones? | The Lifesciences Magazine

Cycling is for your leg strength. As it is a physical activity it improves your blood circulation and opens up your veins and arteries. Decreases the risk of cardiovascular ailments and improves lung strength too. Heart muscles are benefited majorly when you cycle regularly. A considerable amount of cycling and eating right will help you in losing core muscle fat. Abdominal fat is the cause of many health issues like high blood pressure, diabetes, etc. All of it can come under control via cycling. 


These 3 mentioned points, do not come in weight-bearing exercises. But these are extremely good for the health. You can combine all of these points mentioned in this article to enjoy a good and safe lifestyle. Regular physical activity improves confidence levels and keeps you positive and active throughout the day. It impacts mental health directly which keeps you in a positive space mentally. Exercise for happiness, confidence, and good vibes. It transforms you into a good space physically and mentally.  

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