Planning for Pregnancy: Your Pre-Pregnancy Checklist

8 Pre-pregnancy Checklist: Helpful When Planning For Pregnancy | The Lifesciences Magazine

Pregnancy is a life-changing experience for a couple. After a few years of marriage, couples discuss having a baby, to plan the future. Not only the body of an expecting mother changes, but it is a transformation of the body, mind, and soul. A lady has a new role to play along with the role of a wife.  There is a pre-pregnancy checklist, that is to be considered when planning for a baby. It is a great responsibility to become a mother, a father of a kid.

While it is true a mom-to-be is the most affected person during the tenure of the pregnancy, a father too is majorly affected by a child’s addition to his life. But for now, this article focuses on the mother and the pre-pregnancy checklist.

Here Are 8 Important Pre-pregnancy Checklists:

1. Speak to your parents, before you become a parent:

In the pre-pregnancy checklist, this is one of the most underrated facts. Couples shy away from discussing such topics with their own parents. Considering yourself and your parents as grown adults, couples should discuss these things to take life advice. Let them know you’re thinking about a child, you are longing for a kid, and want to become parents, as good as them. It will only increase the bond and bring you closer to them. Communication is the key over here.

2. Limit caffeine and alcohol intake:

Pre-pregnancy checklist instructs you to cut down on caffeine and alcohol intake majorly. If you’re planning to have a kid, start by being responsible right from the moment. Substantially lessen the partying and coffee intake.

8 Pre-pregnancy Checklist: Helpful When Planning For Pregnancy | The Lifesciences Magazine

When you’re in the process of trying to conceive, alcohol and caffeine act as a hindrance in early conceiving. If the problem begins from conceiving itself, that too from such issues, then it’ll demoralize you and your partner, which will cause stress. So, not totally, but mellow down the intake.

3. Reduce weight & stress, both:

As in the pre-pregnancy checklist, increased weight and stress are inevitable. So, what to do now? Like said before, it is a mind & body transformation, a good amount of exercise is the best stress buster before you conceive. Stress is a thing that will remain for life. All we can do is try and reduce the stress caused. Now, how to reduce the stress? Working out is the best solution. Exercise secretes the stress-decreasing hormone, oxytocin, which gives a calmness, and peace of mind. 

4. A gynecologist visit:

A visit to a gynaec is a must, to ensure all is fine or some pre-pregnancy treatment is needed. If suggested, let the gynaec know about the same. In the pre-pregnancy checklist, this one is the most common thing to do. Couples need to consider this and act up on it too, to ensure safety.

8 Pre-pregnancy Checklist: Helpful When Planning For Pregnancy | The Lifesciences Magazine

There may be some family history regarding gynaec issues that need to be checked upon. Doing as the doctor suggests while you let them know the family history of your family, is a wise decision. It’ll help the doctor to analyze the facts and to plan the treatment further.  

5. Start with a healthy diet immediately:

Now you’ve decided to be parents and behave responsibly, start with what you eat. A diet is the most important thing to follow when thinking about pregnancy. In the pre-pregnancy checklist, a good and healthy diet is highly recommended, as during and post pregnancy, the whole process drains you up. So, beginning now, you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle in order to be able to take care of the child.   

6. A dentist’s visit:

May sound unrelated, but it isn’t. The catch here is undiagnosed oral issues like preeclampsia are more prone to having a low-weighing baby during birth or premature delivery. Petty dental issues like gingivitis mean swelling of the gums can prevail and other issues for which you need an X-ray that isn’t recommended, during pregnancy. Yes, dental X-rays are a thing, if needed to be done. In the pre-pregnancy checklist, a dentist visit is often not thought up or either overlooked without realizing the issues it can cause during the delivery of the baby.

7. Choose cosmetics wisely:

8 Pre-pregnancy Checklist: Helpful When Planning For Pregnancy | The Lifesciences Magazine

Again, it is directly related, similar to the previous point. Hair coloring, frequent visits to the salon for touch-ups, and any other beautification needs should be put at a back step for some time. The reason is, during the first trimester, the baby’s major organs are in a developing stage. So, exposure to such chemicals that the products or the smells of cosmetics can also affect the baby’s growth. And, we’re sure you don’t want that, do you?

8. Check on finances:

As most couples plan in advance for the finances related to the baby, this one is also an important point to be considered in the pre-pregnancy checklist. Teams these days are very cautious about investing money, getting returns, and exploring how to increase finances which is an appreciative thing to do.

As knowledgeable and responsible people, in regard to finances, young couples are the most aware these days about finances. This one doesn’t need a special mention in the pre-pregnancy checklist, but a slip of mind may happen if you’re reading this article. So, it is our responsibility to remind you of the same.


Raising a kid isn’t a joke. Also, you need to plan on the number of kids you long for. Frankly speaking, it’s not less than an investment. It may come as an odd thing, but it is a very mindful decision to raise kids. But if you keep the money aspect aside for a second, this is the most beautiful thing that can happen to you as a parent.

The initial years are the best and hectic too. The baby needs constant attention and is very needy. As parents, you will cherish these moments in life, as you look back at life in the later stage. Follow the mentioned pre-pregnancy checklist and do not forget to enjoy the process with your partner. Becoming a parent is the most beautiful thing to happen. Let us know the experience when you caught your baby for the first time! All the best.

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