How to Get Your Child to Drink More Water?

How to Get Your Child to Drink More Water? 8 Best Tips | The Lifesciences Magazine

Hydration helps the body to function normally. Blood circulation, weight loss, cognitive functioning, teeth, and bone health are in harmony when your drink more water. In the context of children, it might be a task to make them drink more water. The benefits mentioned before are the important aspects for a kid to feel active and avoid any health issues at a young age. Kids are in their own world and want to be free as much as possible. They want to truly live the rebel life!

Post kids’ lunch, moms need to run after the kids to have water. The kids do not realize the importance of staying hydrated, as they are too small to absorb it.

Here Are 8 Tips And Tricks To Make Them Drink More Water:

1. Kids learn what they see:

You drink more water, in front of them consciously. It’ll make them imitate you. Children love to mimic their elders, in any way. So use that naughty trait of them to your advantage. Haha! That may be difficult to implement, we get that. But you never know, what may work for the kids. Also, for a change even you may become habitual to drink more water in this process. So, it isn’t such a bad thing, is it?

2. Give a fun touch:

How to Get Your Child to Drink More Water? 8 Best Tips | The Lifesciences Magazine

Purchase some interesting and colorful water bottles which they resonate to make them drink more water. The cartoon characters they watch, the characters they have in the nursery school story books, are the things that will excite them. The world that they live in, tries to make it available for them in real life. Find items in different shapes and sizes that are attractive to see with different colors. Children love bright colors and funny shapes. Give them water bottles of such type to encourage them to drink more water.   

3. Recognize your child’s efforts:

Start giving them some stars in the form of stickers. Stick them on some blackboard or a board that you have at home. Make it a habit of giving them stars to keep them in a discipline. Recognition for good deeds will encourage them to do more of them. This is a sure-shot way of making your kid drink more water. Just doing a clapping action when your toddler finishes the water will encourage the kid and make him smile with excitement. Too innocent kids are. Learn to use that innocence to your and their advantage.

4. Storytelling:

How to Get Your Child to Drink More Water? 8 Best Tips | The Lifesciences Magazine

Kids are a fan of stories. As a parent you already use stories to make them do multiple tasks, then why not use this to make them drink more water? Formulate stories around their daily activities that they like to do, and tell them they need the energy to do their favorite activity for which they need to drink more water. Appreciate when they drink more water, too. Appreciation and encouraging them is the best thing to do as a parent.

5. Give surprises at the end of finishing water:

To make them drink more water, surprising them with something they love post-drinking water is a good practice. This will always encourage them to drink water and will wait for the surprise that is coming their way. For eg. Tell them to close their eyes at the end of finishing the water. Then give them an educational toy or an activity to do that will enhance their skills. The surprises should also be related to their overall development. We understand being a parent is a task! But it’s fun too. You also get a chance to relive your moments of childhood.

6. Cute-disguise your kid:

Yes, that’s right. Hear us out. A little bit of disguise must be done to make them drink more water, right? So, tell them their cartoon characters love water to drink to get energy. That is where they get their energy to play so much. They play, dance and sing due to their drinking water is the best thing to disguise them. Relate them to a cartoon character they like and tell them you are the same as that character. This disguise would be a cute one, right?

7. Keep a special water bottle for them:

How to Get Your Child to Drink More Water? 8 Best Tips | The Lifesciences Magazine

Give them a dedicated water bottle to drink water from. Make sure it looks like a favorite cartoon character or some fancy thing that they enjoy. Announce in the house for their satisfaction that the bottle is especially theirs and no one will touch it. It gives them a sense of belonging towards the bottle and drinking water from it too. You have to do these things being a parent. It is irritating sometimes, but cute too!

8. Ideal water consumption for a kid:

Infants can start drinking water when 6 months are complete. They literally need only 8 to 10 specks of water, as the breastmilk is already providing them with the necessary water intake with nutrients. So, after some time as they grow older, they may find ways not to drink water or avoid drinking water as they are able to run around.

But an ideal amount of water consumption for a kid is 2 to 3 liters at the age of 2.5 to 3. It will help their digestion, keep them hydrated as they continuously play, and keep their blood circulation as required.


Kids being kids! They need to be pampered all the time. Especially with the water intake. Good information can be judged by the color of the urine. Dark yellow urine shows less amount of water consumption, standard color shows adequate water consumption. Water consumption is needed in kids as they are more than active and keep sweating and getting tired. So, the water level in their bodies decreases.

As the water level drops other issues like indigestion, constipation, and low energy issues may start in them. This isn’t advisable at such a tender age. These are their growing years so all should be normal in them healthwise. So, follow the mentioned steps in order to make your child drink more water.

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