Best Ways to Prepare for a Medical Emergency Before You Travel

8 Best Ways to Prepare for a Medical Emergency Before You Travel | The Lifesciences Magazine

Do you like to head out on weekends to nearby places and explore the environment? You may have created a bucket list there exists a list of destinations to visit. It’s really fun to see what new destinations prevail near your place for a small getaway! People often tend to get bored with their daily routine and want to explore unknown destinations. People like to visit beaches, hill stations, and new restaurants when they plan for a small picnic.

In this guide, we will explore the best ways to prepare for a medical emergency before you travel. But, in the midst of all this, have you thought about your health? God forbid, but what if any medical emergency arrives? You need to prepare for a medical emergency. Considering the people, you’re going to take along, or even you, go prepared. If going with a group of friends or relatives ask them whether or not they suffer from any health issues or any other things that are needed to be addressed.

Listing Down the Best Ways to Prepare for a Medical Emergency Before You Travel:

1. Water and food check:

Bad food or water is the basic cause of getting ill. To prepare for a medical emergency, keep a close check on the quality of food and water available. Your home water has bacteria which you are more habitual to than any other place’s water. But you need to prepare for a medical emergency. For eg. Carry enough water with you or purchase mineral water from a local store if the drinking water isn’t proper at the destination.  

2. Make a basic first aid kit:

8 Best Ways to Prepare for a Medical Emergency Before You Travel | The Lifesciences Magazine

To prepare for a medical emergency, make a basic first aid kit. Keep some bandages, anti-bacterial liquids like Dettol, cotton, creams that soothe any pain, etc. Medicines for digestion issues, diarrhea, or painkillers are a must as these are the basic issues that occur. Issues like headaches, minor health issues, or stomach aches can be treated by taking medicine from a nearby medical store.

3. Be known of the nearby hospitals:

To prepare for a medical emergency, be aware of the nearest hospital or medical facility provider who can be available. It will save time and you will be able to take immediate action if need be. If anything happens in the concern of medical issues, a bit of a panic situation can arise where time is wasted in searching for the nearest hospital. As you are about to visit the place and know of some health issues that the people with you have, being sure of the nearest hospital is the best thing to do.

4. Get travel insurance:

8 Best Ways to Prepare for a Medical Emergency Before You Travel | The Lifesciences Magazine

To prepare for a medical emergency get insured first. See what all health hazards are covered by the insurance. If going to a remote area, or someone traveling is suffering from a medical condition that requires health care, it is good to take insurance. Travel insurance coverage is mostly inexpensive and doesn’t take a dig at your pocket. Communicate with your health insurance provider regarding the coverage you have at your destination.

5. Take vaccinations a month prior:

To prepare for a medical emergency get yourself vaccinated at least 20 to 25 days before you head out to a destination. It is so because, depending on the destination you’re about to visit they may ask for certifications of you being fit to visit their country. It’s in the case of international travel. Due to specific weather conditions, the airport authorities make a rule for the tourists to get themselves vaccinated against some specific ailments, especially post covid.

6. Safety measures according to destination:

Prepare for any medical emergency as per the destination you are about to visit. Carry enough water if visiting coastal areas like beaches to avoid being dehydrated. There are jellyfish on the beach if stung, may be harmful. Weird beliefs persist among people if stung by insects. Do not believe the local people and see a doctor immediately. If visiting a hill station, check for oxygen levels if visiting a hill station. As the location may be at a high altitude, oxygen levels may be less than normal. So be prepared well in advance for any such situation.

7. Clean your hands often:

8 Best Ways to Prepare for a Medical Emergency Before You Travel | The Lifesciences Magazine

When out on a vacation, to be safe, wash your hands with soap and water often. Every 2 to 3 hours try to wash your hands. It restricts the germs from entering your body while you eat anything. It helps to remove bacteria or germs from the hand. Especially, children should wash their hands often. They have a habit of touching anything as they are observing the environment around them. They do not know what is good or bad to touch. So, keep a watch on the kids to wash their hands regularly.

8. Carry any specialized medical equipment or medicines:

Some people may need some special medical attention. The people traveling may be wheelchair-bound, or asthma patients need their pumps always at hand. Keep in mind these small things as you travel. Make arrangements for such people who may need this type of special attention. Also, contact the venue before reaching out and enquire about the feasibility of getting such people along. Is it safe to visit the place and is the environment favourable? If not, find an alternative destination.


As we conclude, these are some of the basic things you need to consider. When you prepare for a medical emergency, if you really face one, you will be able to handle the situation better. All the panic, stress, and tension will be released and immediate action will be taken. The most important thing is it saves time if really something happens. Due to the quick action taken, the life may be also saved of the person suffering. Take the experience as a teaching and do not hesitate to take further life experiences.

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