Sino Biological Completes Acquisition of SignalChem Biotech, Expanding Global Footprint and Product Offerings

Sino Biological Completes Acquisition of SignalChem Biotech | The Lifesciences Magazine

Sino Biological, a leading biotechnology company specializing in biological research reagents and services, has successfully finalized its acquisition of SignalChem Biotech Inc., a renowned Canadian biotechnology company based in Vancouver. The acquisition, valued at $48 million USD, includes all assets of SignalChem Biotech and marks a significant step forward for Sino Biological in expanding its global presence and product portfolio.

Acquisition Details

Sino Biological, listed on the Shenzhen stock exchange subsidiary ChiNext, has acquired 100% of SignalChem Biotech’s shares in a strategic move to strengthen its position in the biotechnology market. SignalChem Biotech, known for its expertise in producing specialized bioactive enzymes such as kinases, proteases, and phosphatases, brings valuable assets and proprietary production platforms to the acquisition. With over two decades of experience, SignalChem Biotech has set industry standards for the development and production of high-quality bioactive enzyme proteins.

Strategic Synergy

The acquisition of SignalChem Biotech by Sino Biological creates a synergistic partnership that enhances the range of products and services available to the life sciences community. By combining their respective strengths in enzyme production and bioreagent development, the two companies aim to facilitate scientific research and accelerate the discovery and development of novel treatments, vaccines, and diagnostic platforms. This strategic synergy positions Sino Biological as a frontrunner in bioactive recombinant proteins and related contract research services.

Commitment to Excellence

Dr. Jie Zhang, President and General Manager of Sino Biological, expressed enthusiasm for the collaboration, emphasizing the shared commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction. Mr. Jun Yan, co-founder, president, and CEO of SignalChem Biotech, echoed this sentiment, highlighting the opportunity for collaboration to address the challenges faced by researchers worldwide. As the integration process unfolds, Sino Biological remains dedicated to upholding its standards of quality and reliability, ensuring that customers continue to receive exceptional products and services.

The acquisition of SignalChem Biotech by Sino Biological represents a significant milestone in the biotechnology industry, with implications for advancing scientific research and innovation on a global scale. Through strategic collaboration and a commitment to excellence, the combined entity aims to make meaningful contributions to the life sciences community.

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