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With one simple tool, Scribe TeleCare offers healthcare professionals the chance to continue serving their clients while also having completed paperwork to enhance patient care and simplify reimbursement.

Tell us more about it in this interview with Mark D. Boyce, President, and CEO of Scribe Technology Solutions.

Describe Scribe Technology Solutions for us.

The cloud-enabled platform from Scribe Technology Solutions offers tools for the collection, creation, sharing, monetization, and analysis of medical data.

Our breadth of expertise enables us to customize our products and services to address the particular difficulties faced by each practice, resulting in increased productivity and increased revenue while allowing practices to concentrate on the patients who matter most. Healthcare providers get flexibility, control, and productivity back from the platform.

What difficulties did you initially encounter?

Mark D. Boyce, founder, and CEO observed that only a very small portion of the data produced during a patient encounter was used to improve the delivery and documentation of healthcare. He realized that by combining technology to capture, manipulate, and analyze that data, both patients and providers would benefit.

The organization originally looked at new ways to complete clinical documentation, focusing on Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) and patient contacts, as technology was not resolving the difficulties brought up by the clinicians.

What was the turning point that led to the company’s expansion?

The company was able to connect its cutting-edge technology to the providers, providing them a “platform in their hands” that would increase their profitability, efficiency, and patient care, thanks to the widespread adoption of mobile phones and other devices. Providers have convenient, anytime access to documentation because of ScribeMobile

Since its founding, how have the company graphs changed? Could you provide some statistics?

Since its inception, Scribe Technology Solutions has had no clients, employees, or software. 50 million patient contacts have been processed by us over the ensuing years. This is the consequence of supporting more than 40,000 people throughout this time and developing a base of medical professionals.

In the United States, our clients include university hospital systems, solo independent practitioners, and a variety of specializations including primary care, orthopedic surgery, and behavioral health.


What accounts for the sustained success of your business?

The success of Scribe Technology Solutions is based on a foundation of:

Customization: Each practice receives a solution specifically designed by Scribe Technology Solutions. In order to create the best user experience for our solutions, our staff works closely with each new customer to understand that practice’s workflow, goals, and processes.

Experienced Staff: Scribe Technology Solutions’ team is made up of individuals with extensive experience in the healthcare technology sector. The best candidate for a post can reside anywhere in the country because the entire staff is distributed around the country and works remotely.

Flexibility and Usability: Our solutions are flexible and simple to use once they have been customized for each practice. There is no need to alter the suppliers.

The Goods and Services

1. What goods and services does the business prioritize? How do your services differ from those offered by competitors?

To record, organize, finish, and disseminate clinical documentation, Scribe Technology Solutions offers a full family of patient encounter workflow solutions. These solutions can be coupled in any way to meet the specific needs of each organization.

In order to design the processes that operate best, the organization consults with each practice to understand the workflow and objectives of the providers. Among its leading solutions include

A telehealth service developed by and for healthcare professionals is called ScribeTeleCare. The adaptable architecture enables a virtual replication of the operational processes at a provider’s physical office.

The documentation component of this utility is optional. Additionally, by using a single tool, clinicians may assist patient care while facilitating reimbursement.

With the help of the Android and iOS app ScribeMobile, healthcare professionals may spend more time attending to their patients and less time shackled to their computers and keyboards.

The tool enables healthcare professionals to rapidly and effectively record patient contacts as well as review, approve, and access patient schedules and documents from any location and at any time.

LiveScribe: It allows healthcare professionals the option of having a remote scribe listen to and record the patient encounter in real-time, allowing them to focus more on the patient and fill their electronic medical records (EMR) more quickly and accurately.

Additionally, by connecting to a remote (virtual) scribe in real-time to finish encounters, providers can further expand the functionality of their devices with the addition of Livescribe to ScribeMobile.

2. How do you make the decision to expand the company’s offering of goods and services?

Scribe Technology Solutions keeps track of how the industry’s trends and technology are evolving and makes adjustments as necessary.

Are there any new items or services on the list? Do you have anything exciting to share?

Scribe TeleCare, our most recent addition, was prepared to go live in the spring of 2020. We are thankful for the chance to provide our providers with a service they required at such a time because we had no idea the introduction would take place at the same time as a pandemic erupted.

3. What obligations do you believe an entrepreneur has?

I think business owners should have a clear vision, assemble a fantastic team, and never refuse a final yes—only “not yet.”

Please provide us with a brief overview of your professional background.

I had more than three decades of executive expertise in finance, operations, marketing, and technology when I founded Scribe Technology Solutions. I’ve worked for organizations like IBM, where I contributed to the launch of the IBM PC division. I played a key role in developing the strategy that drove Anixter’s expansion from a $500 million firm to a $1.5 billion company later on.

4. What are your entrepreneurial journey’s major accomplishments?

Making a profitable business to compete in this market and breaking into the healthcare industry are both big obstacles. The very reason Scribe Technology Solutions was established was so that we could see how Scribe Technology Solutions benefited our providers.

5. How do you care for your staff? What distinguishes your team?

The composition of the team at Scribe Technology Solutions is distinctive; it combines personnel from businesses that the company has merged with or acquired, as well as personnel with whom Boyce has previously worked. Every employee has a flexible work schedule and works remotely to fulfill their duties to the organization.

Doing the impossible is kind of fun.

Mickey Disney

6. Do you have a unique client experience you would like to share?

Working with clients in the behavioral health industry is effective for Scribe Technology Solutions. This specialty typically receives lower pay than others due to their heavier caseload and frequent travel between locations, which takes time away from documenting their patient contacts. These mental health specialists started utilizing the anytime, anywhere app ScribeMobile.

They may now perform this duty while traveling because the encounter tales are often significantly lengthier than with other specialties. Face-to-face interactions were severely restricted during the COVID-19 pandemic, therefore ScribeTeleCare has been a helpful tool for behavioral health professionals.

7. Which book do you consider to be your favorite? What about the book’s best portion for you?

Even after all these years, “Illusions” by Richard Bach remains my favorite book, and one of my favorite passages from it is: “You are never granted a wish without the power to make it come true; you may, however, have to work for it.”

8. Who is the one person you most admire?

My father and Walt Disney, whose business narrative I regard to be the most inspiring, are among the people I most admire.

Continuous watchfulness: A need or a tactic? Please express your opinions.

It’s important to stay current with trends, technologies, and opportunities in a field like healthcare where change is constant. Our technique is based on artificial intelligence, which is a developing field that needs ongoing improvement. We must always be aware of the setting in which our solutions are implemented.

There is a rat race going on. How are you handling that?

I make sure to engage in stress-relieving activities like jogging, meditation, hanging out with friends, and his love of fine cuisine.

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