7 Ways to Relieve Morning Sickness during Pregnancy

7 Best Ways to Relieve Morning Sickness during Pregnancy | The Lifesciences Magazine

Pregnancy, for a woman, is the best phase of her life. She is happy as she brings a whole new life to this planet and her happiness has no boundaries. But with the pregnancy news, the morning sickness during pregnancy comes like a guest uninvited. The pregnant woman has to go through a lot of physical, hormonal, and mental changes like mood swings. She goes through a lot in those 9 months of time. One of the main problems is this morning sickness during pregnancy which starts immediately as the pregnancy is detected.

Hola, ladies! Desperately finding ways to relieve morning sickness during pregnancy, aren’t you? Check this out:

1. Have a good sleep:

Taking a good night’s sleep can help a bit in your morning sickness during pregnancy. It isn’t always the case as you may be a working woman who needs to head to work, or even work from home. But at least trying to extend the sleeping hours a bit can help you not get morning sickness during pregnancy. Or you may be troubled by it to a lesser extent. Your bodily functions increase overall when you’re pregnant, so an extended sleep than usual can help. You deserve it because you and your body are doing extra effort with each passing day.

2. Smell that you please:

7 Best Ways to Relieve Morning Sickness during Pregnancy | The Lifesciences Magazine

You get dizzy when morning sickness during pregnancy bothers you. Unexpected smells can upset you and increase the nausea feeling. Previously the scents you liked may give you a gag reflex now. Keeping that in mind, have the scents around which have the power to soothe you at this time. Morning sickness can be cured a bit by having smells around you that make you feel better. Keep scented objects handy before going to sleep. Avoid the smells like milk, spices, or any smell in particular that increases your morning sickness. Keep those smells away from you at most times.

3. Supervise your nausea:

Keeping track of your morning sickness will help you in avoiding behaviors that cause it. Time can be a constraint that needs to be tracked. Every afternoon or late at night if you feel nauseated find the cause for the same. Observe your triggering points when you feel the morning sickness during pregnancy on a major level. If at work, and your co-worker is habitual to eating anything in particular that makes you feel giddy, avoid sitting near them.   Different odors or smells play a major role in giving you nausea when pregnant.

4. Quench your thirst frequently:

Have water more than frequently. Stay hydrated at all times. The main idea behind having plenty of water is consuming enough liquids. morning sickness during pregnancy can be a daunting experience for some ladies, and we don’t want you to suffer. Have coconut water, sugarcane juice, or any other natural juices which you like or feel like having.

7 Best Ways to Relieve Morning Sickness during Pregnancy | The Lifesciences Magazine

Sticking to natural juices made fresh would be good instead of opting for those available in tetra-packs. But cravings are cravings, you see! Home-made fresh fruit juices, milkshakes, or even tea or coffee in moderation can help. Keep a bottle of water always available near you. If you’re a working woman and feel tired at work more than usual, have an ORS sachet with you in whichever flavor you like.

5. Find comforting foods:

Every woman goes through a different routine of food. There are some foods that she hated but craves for the same now. Or the exact opposite can happen too. Some unexpected foods can give comfort in such times. Find them which give you a good feeling. Suffering from morning sickness during pregnancy can lead to not liking anything to eat.

Having spicy or fatty food can not be good for your health, but at this point, if you find comfort in it, go for it. Don’t overdo it, rather be conscious and have whatever quantity you can handle. Later issues like gastritis can break in. So, eat fatty or spicy delicacies but to the limit which you can handle.

6. Get engrossed somewhere else:

Divert your attention. Concentrate somewhere else. Do a task that needs immense attention in detail to do it. This will divert your attention from the suffering you’re going through and keep you normally functioning. Some experts suggest having a small workout that is designed for pregnant ladies. That can help you not pay attention to the morning sickness during pregnancy. You get relieved from stress, feel happy, your mood is elevated and it’s good for your health too, of course. Distracting yourself can work pretty well. Do the most favorite thing of yours when you feel nauseous.

 7. Eat in smaller quantities:

7 Best Ways to Relieve Morning Sickness during Pregnancy | The Lifesciences Magazine

Keep the comfort foods handy and have them in less quantity. You don’t want to overeat and then suffer again, isn’t it? Have something in moderate or less quantity when you feel like eating. This also helps to avoid the sickness. Diet or the food you eat plays a major role in your pregnancy overall. You don’t want to gain excessive weight than advised, while you want a perfectly healthy baby too. Also, you don’t want to suffer because of the food you eat.


This is the time that you’ll cherish for years to come. You and your better half are going through a major aspect in life which will be for the good. Communicate with each other, enjoy the moments, and feel the happiness hidden in the first kick of the baby together. Enjoy these moments as they are of limited period. Remember, your husband will be a father too, even if you’re bearing all the pain.

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