These Expert Strategies Make It Easy to Travel with Medication

Make Easy to Travel with Medication: 5 Expert Strategies | The Lifesciences Magazine

Why mellow down the passion for traveling because of the medicines you need to carry? Road trips, flights, or travel via train can be a bit tedious with those medicines, this is what you think! But it isn’t actually the case. To travel with medication, you need a certain amount of pre-planning and keep everything sorted. Then you’re good to go. Only keep in mind to not forget any medicines as it may spoil the whole trip’s experience.

The destination you are planning to go to is the most important point to consider. To travel with medication, the destination, weather conditions there and while traveling in rural or urban areas, and the scope of medical facilities nearby in case of any emergencies, are what you need to check before starting the travel.

The type of travel is also an important point to consider. Is it car travel, bus travel, train travel or trekking, camping in a tent etc? All these factors are needed to be considered pre-travel.

Here Are 5 Expert Strategies to Make Travel With Medication Easy and Hassle-free:

1. Keep the stock

Keep the medicines stocked with you even if you’re going to another urban city. The molecules of your medicine may differ from the medical shops over there. There’s a high possibility of such things happening, so keep all the medicines with you, and calculate the number of days and the dosage you require. Keep the medicinal stock according to it.

Carry the prescription with you even if you have the medicines. If any medicine gets expired or gets damaged in the travel, and you need to purchase it from a nearby chemist while traveling, you will need the prescription. Carry the liquid medicines with care and arrange for proper small-sized containers to store them for a long period of time.

2. Consult the doctor before your travel

When you need to travel with medication, consult your doctor once. Make him/her aware of the weather conditions, while the travel, at the destination, urban or rural area, and the duration of travel and stay. Take prescriptions that are permitted at your destination to avoid any hindrances in the availability of medicines in case needed.

Make Easy to Travel with Medication: 5 Expert Strategies | The Lifesciences Magazine

Take advice on any specific care you need to take in case of your health, medicines, and climate. If yes, listen to the advice and oblige accordingly. Ask about time-zone management in case you’re traveling to another country. Do not mismanage the time zone and make a schedule as the doctor suggests.

3. Setup reminders

While traveling we often forget to consume the medicines as we are so mesmerized with the travel experience. Keep reminders on the smartphone to not forget the medicines in the hotel room or even consume the medicines. When traveling with medication is the thing, you need to set up reminders at the time set for your body system as we tend to forget. Forgetting isn’t an option for us to consume the medicine. Have a timetable and a schedule for your dosage and take medicines accordingly.

4. Keep it handy

Do not keep the medicine box with big luggage bags. You will need the medicine box when you’re traveling, so keep it in a handbag or somewhere you can reach easily it. To travel with medication, this is the most important thing to do.

Make Easy to Travel with Medication: 5 Expert Strategies | The Lifesciences Magazine

By keeping the medicines in your hand luggage such as small sacks, purses, or pull-over pockets, gives easy access to you and you do not have to open big bags while you travel. Make a list of the medications that are kept in a particular compartment of a bag to make it easy for you to remember.

5. Get your prescription medication abroad

Your travel insurance provider is the right person for this job. He will arrange the prescription if needed at your destination. When you travel with medication, and if the medicines get spoilt or the dosage is over, the travel insurance provider will also give you the details of nearby chemist shops, and the prescription you need, will be electronically sent to you. Also, if need be, you can be in contact with your healthcare provider and coordinate with him the existing situation and request the prescription.

Benefits of travel with medication:

1. Comfort

As you travel with medication, there is comfort and relaxation in the subconscious mind. So, you concentrate more on enjoying the travel experience rather than worrying about the medications. Being a travel freak, you will get used to this as you go on more and more trips similar to these. So, in a way you feel sorted, relaxed, calm, and are taking in the traveling experience to reminisce on it when you return too.

2. Safe in care of emergencies

Make Easy to Travel with Medication: 5 Expert Strategies | The Lifesciences Magazine

Again, as you travel with medication with you, literally at hand, it is safe in case of any kind of emergency situation arises. Eg. If an asthmatic patient is traveling with you and if he runs out of breath, you can immediately give him the pump and calm him down. Also take him to a nearby hospital, if need be, by contacting the travel insurance provider.

3. Treat minor injuries

Not only major issues, but some minor wounds and cuts are a possibility the travel as you may go for a small trek, do camping, or similar stuff. So a minimal first aid kit will help to treat the same when you travel with medication. Simple medicines like Dettol or any antiseptic and anti-bacterial medicines will do the job.


When on a trip, carrying the medicine can be a daunting task and feel compelling to do. If there are some items like syringes, liquids, and refrigeration then it may be a task to carry, but compromising on health is not what anyone will encourage. Arrange for storage of the same, and consult your health care provider and travel insurance provider in case of any problems.

If things are well-planned in advance, you know what step to take next and you act accordingly. Do not hesitate to travel due to minor health conditions or being overwhelmed by the medications you need to take with you. Enjoy the traveling process and live a positive and good life!

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