8 Healthy Foods That Don’t Deserve Their Bad Reputations

Top 8 Healthy Foods that don't deserve their Bad Reputations | The Lifesciences Magazine

Are you trying to avoid potatoes? Do you think eating bananas will put on your weight? Do eggs play a role in increasing cholesterol? According to a survey, 80 percent of the respondents have received contradictory information about foods to eat and avoid. It’s no wonder to get confused since there is an abundance of information available online about foods and their effects on your health. Sometimes the food on the list of ‘not-to-eat’ can prove healthy for you. To explore more about such healthy foods that don’t deserve their bad reputation, we have collected a few of them and explained them in detail.

Here are 8 Healthy Foods that don’t deserve their Bad Reputations:

1. Potatoes

Potatoes have a bad reputation for increasing glucose levels in the blood, excess weight, insulin resistance, and type 2 diabetes. Harward University studied large populations and it linked their diseases like being overweight to having a heavy intake of potatoes. However, many other foods like whole-wheat bread, whole-grain cereals, etc, can cause similar effects on your body. Potato is America’s favorite starchy veggie and it is quite popular among youth. Plain, boiled, or baked potatoes are rich in potassium, fiber, and Vitamin C. They are infamous due to french fries, added salt, and excessive use of butter. There is nothing wrong with the potato itself but the added toppings and way of preparation are unhealthy.

2. Eggs

Top 8 Healthy Foods that don't deserve their Bad Reputations | The Lifesciences Magazine

It is considered that excessive intake of eggs can result in an increase in cholesterol content. However, eggs are a rich source of high-quality protein, essential vitamins like B1, Riboflavin, etc. It consists of antioxidants like lutein and zeaxanthin that are healthy for your eyes. Boiled eggs are one of those healthy foods that don’t deserve their bad reputations. Eggs provide you with vitamin D, vitamin E, calcium, and zinc. Furthermore, eggs are a perfectly complete food that contains almost every nutrient the human body requires to stay healthy.

3. Avocados

Several studies have found that avocados are high in fats and some people are scared that they could contribute to their weight gain. However, the fat in Avocados is monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fat which is good for the health of your heart. Proper intake of Avocado can maintain the cholesterol level in your blood. They are rich in fiber, minerals, and vitamins like K, E, C, etc. Avocados rank high among healthy foods since they can help you to regulate your appetite If you are not allergic to them you can prefer to add them as a part of a regular meal. They are the best example of nutrient-dense foods.

4. Cheese

Top 8 Healthy Foods that don't deserve their Bad Reputations | The Lifesciences Magazine

Cheese is infamous for contributing to weight gain and increasing blood sugar. However, according to studies, it is revealed that those who consumed a larger amount of dairy products are showing low levels of sugar and blood pressure. Moreover, people who consume dairy products with higher fats contents (8 or more servings in a day) are 25% less likely to develop type 2 diabetes in the future as compared with those who are having less consumption of dairy products with high-fat content. So let’s say “cheese” and attack the next cheesy food item you see.

5. White Rice

A stigma about how white rice can put on your weight is attached among health-conscious people as it contains high carbs. However, research has found that those who eat whole white rice as a part of one meal in a day are less likely to gain weight. It provides you the nutrients as compared to combined nutrients provided by vegetables and fruits. Moreover, when most nutritionists recommend brown rice over white rice, not every human body can adapt itself to brown rice. Hence, white rice is a part of the list of healthy foods and should not be avoided to eat at least once a day.

 6. Nuts

Due to the high calorie and fat content, nuts are not considered healthy foods. It is another popular snack food that is mostly associated with an afternoon down the pub. Nuts are negatively reputed among healthy foods, they are high in calorie and fat content. However, according to research, people who preferred to have a diet that contains the apt amount of nuts have seemed to be healthy and lose weight more speedily than others. It regulates your diet and improves heart health due to the makeup of primarily unsaturated fats, as well as lower cholesterol.

7. Popcorn

Top 8 Healthy Foods that don't deserve their Bad Reputations | The Lifesciences Magazine

Do you know your favorite movie snack is one of the healthy foods that is considered inappropriate for good health? Generally, popcorn is high in antioxidants, fiber, and iron if eaten plain without salt and cheese. Moreover, it is extremely low in calories and high in polyphenols, a type of antioxidant that protects body cells from free-radical damage and controls the rate of aging. It can provide impressive health benefits if eaten plain like potatoes as mentioned above, otherwise, there are other adverse ways of cooking that can make popcorn unhealthy and harmful.

8. Dark chocolate

Do you like to eat chocolates but simultaneously don’t want to get fat? Then eat dark chocolate which will be healthy for you and won’t increase your weight. It contains high cocoa content of 70% or more and comes with antioxidants to provide various health benefits for example improved heart health and brain function. However, you have to consume it in a moderate amount due to its calorie and sugar content. It has been proved by different studies that it helps to reduce the level of anxiety and depression.


Being health conscious is fine but consuming false information from the internet about food without checking the facts is harmful to you and can affect your dietary habits. Other than the above 8 healthy foods there are many others that are considered below par and do not deserve their reputation. We hope you received beneficial insights from our article and will save it for future reference or share it with your loved ones

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