Global Events of Health Tech

Top 5 Global Events of HealthTech | The Lifesciences Magazine

1. The International Conference on Digital Health and Telemedicine

The International Conference on Digital Health and Telemedicine is scheduled to take place in Milan, Italy, from August 12th to 14th, 2024. The conference will focus on the theme “Transforming Healthcare through Digital Health and Telemedicine” and will bring together global experts, industry leaders, and healthtech professionals to discuss innovative strategies, technologies, and research in this field. Attendees can look forward to engaging sessions such as keynote presentations, workshops, panel discussions, and case studies designed to provide practical insights and evidence-based solutions.

The conference aims to emphasize the importance of digital health and telemedicine in modern healthcare, with a focus on revolutionizing healthcare delivery and improving outcomes. In addition to the intellectual exchange, participants will have the opportunity to experience Milan’s vibrant culture, innovation, and history, and to make valuable connections to contribute towards advancing healthcare globally.

Date: 12-14 August 2024

Location: Milan, Italy

2. The Digital Healthcare Innovation Summit (DHIS)

The Digital Healthcare Innovation Summit (DHIS) in Boston, MA, brought together industry leaders and professionals from various sectors to discuss critical topics shaping the landscape of digital healthcare innovation. Participants explored the impact of election results on digital healthcare innovation, addressed issues such as provider burnout and macro trends in payors and providers, and discussed the transformative potential of AI in healthcare.

Strategies for navigating uncertain times for startups, challenges faced by underserved populations, regulatory changes, policy shifts, and advancements in women’s health were also key focal points of discussion. The event featured panels, breakouts, and networking opportunities, allowing attendees to connect with investors, startups, tech companies, payers, providers, and advisors. DHIS was recognized as a premier boutique digital health event driving innovation in healthcare by fostering collaboration, sharing insights, and catalyzing positive change within the industry.

Date:  5-6 June 2024

Location:  Boston, MA

3. HealthTech Forum 

The HealthTech Forum is an important event that brings together leaders and decision-makers with a shared goal of driving patient-centered innovation in healthcare technology while also addressing concerns about reliability and data security. Attendees can expect to meet national and global business leaders, innovators, and medical professionals, offering a diverse perspective on the industry’s challenges and opportunities.

Participation in this event will provide attendees with a deep understanding of the digital forces shaping healthcare and the opportunity to contribute to future strategies. With over 20 industry speakers, 15 sessions, and 150 healthcare executives in attendance, this full-day event offers a packed agenda with valuable insights and networking opportunities. The HealthTech Forum encourages discussions and collaborations aimed at advancing healthcare through technological innovation and patient-centric approaches.

Date: 1 August 2024 

Location: Sydney, Australia 

4. (formerly Bits&Pretzels HealthTech)

This conference serves as a gathering place for pharmaceutical and technology companies, MedTech professionals, and policymakers. It attracts over 2500 attendees, including 1200 executives, 400 investors, and 100 exhibitors. With a focus on startup founders, this event offers numerous collaboration opportunities. It features discussions, technology demonstrations, and ideas related to healthcare innovation. Attendees can expect to meet investors, increase brand visibility, expand professional networks, form partnerships, and share ideas with other founders. The event’s dynamic atmosphere encourages creativity, connections, and advancements in the healthcare industry, making it a valuable experience for those interested in driving innovation and progress in healthcare.

Date: 5-6 June 2024 

Location: Munich 

5. Intelligent Health summit 2024

The Intelligent Health Summit stands out as the premier global gathering solely dedicated to AI in healthcare, attracting luminaries from various sectors, including pharmaceuticals, biotech, MedTech, health provisions, clinicians, healthtech companies, startups, investment, and science. This seventh edition marks a significant leap forward, breaking conventions and reshaping the summit’s focus to emphasize impactful innovation. Intelligent Health distinguishes itself by assembling individuals driven by passion and a shared vision for the safe integration of AI in healthcare, all united under the common goal of enhancing global health outcomes. The summit catalyzes in-depth discussions, collaborative endeavors, and technological advancements that aim to revolutionize healthcare delivery and benefit humanity at large.

Date: 11-12 September 2024

Location: Europe

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