Conference on EDGE2023 Policy | American Telemedicine Association

Conference on EDGE2023 Policy | American Telemedicine Association | The Lifesciences Magazine

Speaking at the upcoming ATA EDGE2023 Policy Conference in Washington, DC on December 13-15, 2023, will be Nathaniel Lacktman, chair of Foley’s Telemedicine & Digital Health Industry Team and member of the ATA Board of Directors, and Aaron Maguregui, senior counsel and member of Foley’s Privacy, Security, and Information Management Practise, as well as Telemedicine & Digital Health Industry Team. The main conference for state, federal, and international telehealth policy updates, addressing obstacles to and highlighting potential for digital health access, is the EDGE2023 Policy Conference. 

The conference this year will address concerns regarding the future and the current state of virtual care policy during this extension period. While preserving the good momentum and bipartisan support for telehealth, we’ll examine challenges to be overcome and emerging prospects.

“Telehealth’s Dilemma: Addressing Vexed Questions Around Payment” is the title of Mr. Lacktman’s presentation.Even while virtual care has made it possible for payers to provide patients with more care, some are beginning to reduce their coverage of these services, especially since the federal public health emergency has ended. Various viewpoints on expenses and utilisation, pay parity and the case for it, as well as particular difficulties and obstacles to payer coverage, will all be covered in this session.

The topic of Mr. Maguregui’s talk is “Unlocking Strategies for Telehealth Privacy.” The presentation will address the issues and concerns at the federal, state, and local levels regarding cybersecurity, risk management, and data privacy governance. It will also cover the most recent policy initiatives aimed at bolstering these domains’ efforts to safeguard patient data.

Foley is a sponsor of the EDGE2023 Policy, as well as a proud business member of the ATA. The ATA is the only organisation that covers telehealth policy from all aspects, including international policy viewpoints, state and federal legislative priorities and issues that impact our industry, as well as trends and opportunities to advance telehealth as a long-term option for healthcare delivery. Leaders in innovation, politics, and commentary will come together at EDGE2023 Policy to talk about important viewpoints from the White House to state capitals around the nation. Make connections with innovators in the healthcare delivery system, front-line clinicians, and telehealth policy supporters from across the healthcare spectrum.

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