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10 Best Healthcare and Health Tech startups | The Lifesciences magazine

Healthcare and Health Tech startups:

There has been a growing emphasis on technology in Healthcare and Health Tech startups, and as a result, new businesses have emerged to capitalize on this trend. These new businesses have devised innovative methods to treat and diagnose patients, provided more affordable treatment options, and sped up the process of drug discovery and development.

According to CB Insights, the digital health industry had a record-setting year in 2021, which was marked by a significant increase in financing when compared to the previous year.

The following health technology firms provide medical supplies and services by making use of a vast amount of digital information in order to serve the needs of both patients and healthcare practitioners.

Here are Healthcare and Health Tech startups;


Location: San Francisco, California

Because complicated procedures may be frustrating for Healthcare and Health Tech startup teams and cause patients to be left with unpaid bills, AKASA is providing the industry with a much-needed simplification.

In order to simplify the process of medical billing and reimbursement, the business has developed an automated solution that integrates seamlessly with an organization’s existing electronic health records and billing infrastructure.

2. Wheel

Location: Fully Remote

The wheel is simplifying doctor-patient interactions with a virtual care platform that unifies different Healthcare and Health Tech startup parties. Clinicians have the opportunity to collaborate with members of the Wheel team in order to earn telemedicine qualifications and choose jobs that are most suited to their skill sets.

10 Best Healthcare and Health Tech startups | The Lifesciences magazine

Meanwhile, businesses may use the Wheel platform to search for candidates who are qualified to fill the open positions in their organizations. The wheel makes it simpler for people to get the treatment they need when they really need it by bringing together the best Healthcare and Health Tech startup providers in the world into one network.

3. Parachute Health

Location: Fully Remote

Patients often do not get their medical equipment on time, but Parachute Health is working to reverse this disturbing pattern by eliminating inefficiencies. The firm provides a simplified platform that links doctors, medical offices, health facilities, and other Health Tech startup organizations with the company’s supply chain.

Requests from patients, discussions with pharmacies, and requests for medications are all processed via this system. Because of this, patients now get treatment more quickly, and superfluous phone calls have been eliminated.

4. Walgreens

Location: Deerfield, Illinois

Since its founding in 1901, the pharmacy business known as Walgreens has maintained its headquarters in the suburbs of Chicago. Its pharmacies and clinics are able to renew prescriptions, provide vaccinations, and offer a variety of other services related to health and well-being.

A telehealth platform has been developed and enhanced by the organization in recent years, making it possible for customers to get medical treatment without physically going to a doctor’s office.

5. Elemy

Location: Fully Remote

Elemy is a national provider of mental health and behavioral health treatment for children and adolescents. To formulate comprehensive treatment strategies, the organization relies heavily on applied behavior analysis, which may take place either in-person or online.

In 2020, when Elemy first went on the market, its primary emphasis was on helping autistic patients. Now, the organization provides services to youngsters who suffer from anxiety, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), depression, and other behavioral issues.

6. First Dollar

Location: Austin, Texas

10 Best Healthcare and Health Tech startups | The Lifesciences magazine

The infrastructure for tax-advantaged accounts and additional benefits is being developed by First Dollar, which is a Healthcare and Health Tech startups benefits provider. The health wealth offered by First Dollar is for member-driven health plans and makes it possible for benefits to be handled via a single interface. Members may utilize the site to redeem rewards for over-the-counter medications and groceries, as well as HSAs, HRAs, and FSAs.

7. Inato

Location: Fully Remote

Every patient will now have access to clinical research thanks to Inato. The firm uses its platform in an effort to make clinical trials more accessible and to increase the number of prospective research sites.

Although it may be used by any site, the platform was created, according to Inato, for community-based research. Nevertheless, the platform is available for usage. Through the use of the platform, medical professionals have the ability to showcase trial variety, patient access, unique skills, and more.

8. Headway

Location: New York, New York

Headway is a nationwide network of licensed mental health professionals who participate in insurance programs. The organization is committed to reforming the existing Healthcare and Health Tech startup system in order to increase access to mental healthcare services.

The firm was established in 2019, and it helps healthcare practitioners develop their operations while also putting people in touch with inexpensive therapists. According to Headway, patients might spend as little as $20 to visit a therapist, which is far less than the usual cost of $200.

9. Grow Therapy (9 points)

Location: New York, New York

10 Best Healthcare and Health Tech startups | The Lifesciences magazine

Grow Therapy offers assistance to independent therapists who are interested in starting in-network private practices so that they may provide patients with the highest possible level of service. The organization offers assistance with administrative responsibilities such as the filing of insurance claims, as well as community support and referrals.

Grow Therapy is of the opinion that tailored therapy sessions should be available to everyone, and as a result, clients may be matched with a therapist and arrange an appointment within two days.

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Location: Fully Remote

The Healthcare and Health Tech startups Information and Management Systems Society, often known as HIMSS, is a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide guidance to the Healthcare and Health Tech startups ecosystem by using technology and information.

Accelerate is the name of the digital platform that was developed by HIMSS. It features peer insights, professional development tools, and networking events. In addition, the business developed a number of additional products, such as Health box and the Personal Connected Health Alliance.

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