8 Characteristics of a Good Nurse

8 Best Characteristics of a Good Nurse | The Lifesciences Magazine

Hospitals and health systems may better find exceptional applicants for nursing positions and identify potential leaders or Characteristics of a Good Nurse within the existing staff by recognizing and supporting certain attributes among incoming nurses.

Here are 8 Characteristics of a Good Nurse;

1. Caring

Although it’s often considered that “caring” is a necessary trait for the Characteristics of a Good Nurse, this isn’t always the case. Most people who go into nursing do so because they value employment stability, want to use it as a stepping stone to something else, or just can’t think of anything else to do.

Caring, however, is a crucial aspect of nursing that may make a huge impact on patients. A nurse’s performance may be gauged in large part by how much they seem to care about their patient’s well-being, which in turn affects how successfully they do their jobs.

2. Ability to Communicate

Having excellent communication skills is essential for a Characteristics of a Good Nurse. The success of a nurse’s shift depends on her or his ability to talk to everyone involved, from patients and their families to other nurses and doctors.

8 Best Characteristics of a Good Nurse | The Lifesciences Magazine

Medical mistakes, dissatisfied patients who feel ignored or uninformed, and ripple effects across the unit result from a lack of effective communication. As a nurse, your patients, your unit, and the whole hospital or health system will all benefit from your efforts to prioritize and hone your communication skills, and your career will likely flourish as a result.

3. Empathy

Nurses may encounter thousands of patients over the course of their employment, and it’s easy for them to lose touch with their humanity or forget what it’s like to be a “nonclinical” person. Characteristics of a Good Nurse is someone who really tries to put themselves in the position of their patients.

When nurses have empathy for their patients, they are more likely to provide treatment that is tailored to each individual rather than just following procedures. When a patient is lucky enough to get treatment from a nurse who exemplifies these qualities, their recovery process will proceed more smoothly.

4. Dedication to Detail

It’s no secret that nurses have a tough job, having to take instructions from doctors while also relying on their own expertise, experience, and judgment to deliver optimal care to their patients. The danger of human error might seem virtually unavoidable when these factors are added to the care of several patients at once.

When it comes to a patient’s health and life, a nurse’s responsibilities are unparalleled by those in any other profession. One of the personality attributes of a Characteristics of a Good Nurse that may swiftly and readily define their effectiveness is their attention to detail.

5. Problem-Solving Capabilities

A nurse’s problem-solving abilities may be developed throughout their schooling, but the best method to do so is via on-the-job training. And although practice and time in the field may certainly improve this ability, some nurses just have a knack for addressing problems from the get-go.

8 Best Characteristics of a Good Nurse | The Lifesciences Magazine

6. Endurance

Nursing is a demanding profession in many ways, but one of the most underappreciated is the physical toll it takes on its practitioners. On the job, nurses often move patients weighing up to 1.8 tons (about the same as a hippopotamus). Research also shows that nurses walk between four and five kilometers during a typical shift.

Nurses, on the other hand, need a level of physical and mental resilience seldom seen in other professions in order to get through a typical 12-hour shift. Characteristics of a Good Nurse is one who masters this talent and uses it to benefit their patients. The nurses’ colleagues, and most importantly, their patients, benefit from this crucial competency. One of the hallmarks of a stellar nurse is the ability to maintain energy levels under pressure.

7. Good Sense of Humor

Nurses who are able to maintain a sense of humor despite the demanding nature of their work are more likely to like their profession. Since nurses are exposed to a wide range of stressful circumstances, relieving some of that pressure by laughing and having fun when they have free time is invaluable.

Positivity may be contagious; a nurse with a strong sense of humor can share its benefits with coworkers, patients, and their loved ones. Not only is a strong sense of humor an asset a Characteristics of a Good Nurse, but it also helps patients and their loved ones remember that “nurses are humans, too,” which in turn fosters more honest and open communication. Patients and their loved ones appreciate any effort (no matter how tiny) made to offer a bit of brightness during difficult times.

8. Patient Advocacy Commitment

The Hippocratic Oath and the mission statements of almost all hospitals include some variation on the following two phrases: “keep patients safe, give the best quality of treatment.” Advocating for patients means prioritizing their well-being above everything else.

8 Best Characteristics of a Good Nurse | The Lifesciences Magazine

A excellent nurse leader has the attitude of a patient advocate and uses that approach daily, with every patient, at every point in the care continuum. Unfortunately, many people who need medical treatment arrive at the hospital or other healthcare facility unable to “speak out,” or to effectively advocate for their own well-being. A Characteristic Good Nurse with a deep commitment to patient advocacy will work tirelessly to improve their patient’s health.

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