Amazon axes Halo fitness wearable in a latest cost-cutting move

Halo Devices: Amazon axes Halo devices in a latest cost-cutting move | The Lifesciences Magazine

Amazon ceased sales of its Halo health and fitness tracker on Wednesday,” the firm said.

Amazon made its initial effort into wearable technology and a more significant move into the healthcare industry when it debuted the health-tracking bracelet in 2020. Halo devices integrate with Amazon’s Alexa virtual assistant and can measure users’ exercise, body fat, and mental condition when used with an app. A bedside sleep tracker dubbed the Halo Rise was added to Amazon’s Halo portfolio last year.

On July 31, Amazon will stop supporting Halo hardware and Halo devices. Users can remove their Halo health information from the app, and the business claimed that after August 1st, any remaining information will be erased.

Halo: Most Recent Amazon Product

To thrill customers, the corporation claimed, “At Amazon, we think big, experiment, and invest in new ideas like Amazon Halo devices.” We just made the painful choice to stop supporting Amazon Halo as of July 31, 2023, even though we are proud of what we have achieved.

The business announced that it would reimburse any purchases of the Halo devices, Halo View, Halo Band, Halo Rise, and Halo accessory bands made during the previous year. It will also reimburse any unutilized subscription payments for Halo.

Halo devices are the most recent Amazon product to be discontinued as CEO Andy Jassy aggressively reduces costs across the business in the face of a recession and sluggish retail sales. In recent months, many dubious bets have been abandoned, including the Glow video conferencing device and the Scout delivery robot.

Crisis Situation

The company is currently through the biggest layoffs in its 29-year history. 18,000 employees were affected by the company’s most recent wave of layoffs, some of which were in the devices and services division. Jassy stated last month that the business would eliminate an additional 9,000 jobs, with the majority of the job losses occurring in its Twitch live-streaming, cloud computing, advertising, and human resources divisions.

In a note to staff members that was released by an Amazon spokeswoman, Dave Limp, the company’s head of hardware, stated that Amazon is terminating some employees as a result of the choice to discontinue the Halo line.

According to a separate note sent to team members by Melissa Cha, Amazon’s vice president of smart home and health, the business decided to discontinue the Halo line owing to substantial challenges, including a competitive market and a shaky economy.

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