How to Add Variety to Your HIIT Workouts?

Best 4 ways to Add Variety to Your HIIT Workouts? | The Lifesciences Magazine

Every year, high-intensity interval training (HIIT) makes the list of “Top Fitness Trends,” and for good reason. While HIIT activities are quick to complete Add Variety to Your HIIT, they may have long-term effects on your customers’ health and fitness.

We know that HIIT may help with cardiovascular fitness. When the heart is pounding at near-maximal effort, stroke volume increases, which boosts VO2 max. Increasing VO2 max is beneficial not just for performance but also for lowering various risk factors for cardiovascular disease.

And, of course, when you exercise vigorously, the calorie burn is substantial. In reality, the two major hormones produced during HIIT, adrenaline, and norepinephrine, are important in fat metabolism. Not only are more calories expended during the workout, but the extra post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC), often known as the “afterburn,” may result in an additional 15% of calories burned.

Add Variety to Your HIIT has also been demonstrated to offer anti-aging advantages. In one research, older men and women who did these sorts of workouts were able to boost the hormone responsible for muscle development, which may assist clients to retain lean muscle and energy levels. HIIT exercise has also been demonstrated in other studies to enhance brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF), which has been nicknamed the “wonder grow for the brain” and has been associated with increased executive functioning and memory.

Here’s How to Add Variety to Your HIIT Workouts;

In HIIT workouts, adjust the weight you lift.

prevent injury while strength training or doing HIIT sessions

If you look around my website, you’ll discover strength-based HIIT routines as well as lighter-weight HIIT workouts.

Don’t think of HIIT as just a cardio exercise. With Add Variety to Your HIIT may be transformed into a significant strength or hypertrophy training. You may tailor the exercise to your needs by modifying the load/volume.

Check out these two routines as samples…

Change your rest periods

1. Suicides by prowlers and HIIT workouts

The amount of downtime you take throughout a HIIT exercise will primarily impact the intensity and length of the session.

In general, the shorter the rest times, the greater the intensity, and therefore the shorter and more anaerobic the exercise.

A Tabata exercise is a great example of this. The Tabata method employs a work/rest ratio of 20 seconds work:10 seconds repose. The brief break times increase the intensity of the activity, although the exercise only lasts 4 minutes.

Best 4 ways to Add Variety to Your HIIT Workouts? | The Lifesciences Magazine

You may change the result and length of the exercise by adjusting the amount of rest between sets.

Longer rest and recovery between sets implies a longer exercise, but it would also be helpful if the program involved a lot of volumes and a big number of complicated compound movements like cleans, snatches, thrusters, and so on.

A longer rest interval would allow for greater recuperation and, as a result, better execution of the training activities.

I would Add Variety to Your HIIT with shorter pauses, and shorter lengths but greater intensity workouts for a fat-reduction HIIT program.

2. Change the length of your HIIT sessions.

HIIT programs may be used as a whole exercise or as a finisher. In any case, they may be tailored to the demands of the person.

In the event of a newbie or the beginning of a new phase of training, I would normally employ a HIIT exercise routine as a finisher. This implies that the HIIT component of the exercise is minimized.

Best 4 ways to Add Variety to Your HIIT Workouts? | The Lifesciences Magazine

I’d do this because when a person is new to exercising or in a new phase of training, the physical and cerebral demands of HIIT training may be too much for them and distract them from the primary work aspect of the session.

If you are already in a training phase or are an experienced exerciser, adopt a HIIT workout program for the majority of your training as long as it is in line with your objectives. Following the recommendations in the article, you realize that Add Variety to Your HIIT exercises to meet the demands of the circumstance, so experiment with this diversity.

3. Alter the Body Parts You Train in HIIT Workouts

If you prefer a split regimen, you may Add Variety to Your HIIT exercises to meet the schedule. With muscle-building clients, I personally utilize HIIT-based protocols like supersets and mega sets since they are a fantastic method to raise volume without extending the time of the exercise.

If you have an injury or a specific body region that needs more work, a HIIT method focusing on that body part might be a terrific way to get it back on track.

I purposefully kept the weights high and the rest periods short in the routine below to transform it into a HIIT workout, enabling me to hit my lower body with a lot of volumes, heavy weights, and all in a short amount of time.

4. Workout on the Highway to Hell

When you’re injured, this split-routine approach to your HIIT exercises is great. You may still exercise even if you have specific ailments by altering up the body areas you concentrate on with your HIIT workouts; just plan your routine to avoid aggravating the issue.

Best 4 ways to Add Variety to Your HIIT Workouts? | The Lifesciences Magazine

There are plenty of additional methods to spice up your HIIT exercises, such as utilizing heart rate data to analyze your level of recovery and choose work sets, but I’ll reserve them for another time. These methods should be plenty to get you started Add Variety to Your HIIT exercises!

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