8 Health Benefits of Tea that Will Surprise You

Grab a cup of tea as you begin to read this article. Tea is the most loved beverage globally as it gives you relief and refreshes you. People love their tea so much that it has recently become a fashion to ask people whether you are a “tea person” or a “coffee person”? This is the amount of craze for tea among people. There are various health benefits of tea. Health benefits and generic benefits. In the context of some generic benefits, it acts as a conversation starter. It is often believed that the conversations that happen over a cup of tea are the best. 

The health benefits of tea are innumerable. Tea has a history as ancient as 5000 years ago, with a wide scope for research and understanding the cultures of different types of tea. As it is a global beverage, the culture, history, and stories attached to it are worth the research. One of the best health benefits of tea is the relaxation that you get after a long day.

Similarly, Let’s Have A Look At 8 Health Benefits Of Tea:

Physical health benefits of tea:

1. Helps fight diseases and boosts the immune system

One of the many health benefits of tea is its anti-oxidants present in it which make it a good starter for the day. It helps us fight cell-damaging molecules called free radicals which is a cancer-causing element.  Cardiac issues, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and other diseases are prevented from occurring as the other properties of tea help the body not get affected by it.

Some natural health benefits of tea include the existence of polyphenols that act as a shield for you. It protects you from diseases or other infections and viruses. It does not let them come near you.

2. Weight loss that makes you feel active

It can be surprising to know about weight loss via consuming tea. Also, we are not talking about low-sugar tea or no-sugar tea. The thing is the polyphenol in dark tea, EGCG in green tea, and flavins in black tea are the properties that merchandise the weight-loss properties in them respectively. As you lose weight with these various options of tea, you feel active and more energetic than ever.

7 Best Health Benefits of Tea that Will Surprise You | The Lifesciences Magazine

The tiredness and lethargy are long gone which makes you feel drained. All of this helps you function more efficiently in your personal and professional life. Drinking tea can make you lose weight is one of the best health benefits of tea anyone can ever imagine!

3. Caffeine comes to your rescue

Caffeine must be awarded the best refresher in the world, isn’t it? Haha just kidding! Tea has a moderate amount of caffeine that is enough for us to get refreshed whenever needed. One of the health benefits of tea is the caffeine content gives you a boost in your energy levels and hydrates you too. The water content in it also does the job of quenching your thirst. So you are not thirsty for some time after having a cup of tea, and you feel fresh which is another advantage.

4. Brings in calmness

You feel calm as the caffeine kicks in. It helps your de-stress yourself. The antioxidant properties of tea help you regain or replenish your energy levels. As the calm feeling releases stress, you can get back to work with a fresh mood and feel. It will help increase productivity and give you new ideas to implement in the work process.

Newness in work is what interests people and motivates them. Motivation to work in a new analogy is an add-on in the work performance too. As you return after some time to the work, psychologically you were not around the work for some time, so it gives you new ideas to do it more smartly and efficiently.

Mental health benefits of tea:

1. Gives you time off

7 Best Health Benefits of Tea that Will Surprise You | The Lifesciences Magazine

All credit goes to caffeine, for increasing the clarity and speed of thoughts. This is the main reason why people love tea and want to have it. The break which you get during having your tea is the “me-time” you get to open up with someone when you feel like it. If with a colleague and you come down from your office building to have tea, those are the best conversations to have. Also, the caffeine kicks in and allows your cognitive ability to stabilize itself. Tea is a conversation starter, problem solver, and solution provider to us in general. 

2. Tea increases cognitive ability

As mentioned above, the caffeine content kicks in your body which is one of the health benefits of tea, when you have a super busy day. It helps you think afresh. You get a break from work, head out or make yourself a piping hot cup of tea and you have it. The essence of the tea, smell, and feel of it gives you the right amount of mental boost that you need.

Listing some quick and generic health benefits of tea:

  • Acts as a conversation starter.
  • Enhanced communication.
  • Gives you time to think.

3. Builds a bond with others

Tea bonds you with people and the most hilarious conversations happen over a cup of tea. Whether with friends or colleagues, the bonding that takes place on a single cup of tea, are moments to cherish. Later in life, you live with those memories and keep them stored in your heart. This leads to life-long friendships, helps to be social among people, and has health benefits too. So, why not!

4. Make it your profession:

7 Best Health Benefits of Tea that Will Surprise You | The Lifesciences Magazine

Getting paid to drink tea, instead of you paying to have it, is the best career option for a tea-lover. A tea connoisseur is a professional who tastes a different variety of teas and gives feedback on the same. A person who has active taste buds and who can sense and judge different varieties of tastes and give their opinion on it can be the best connoisseur for a worldwide loved beverage like tea.  


Tea is the most loved beverage globally. It improves digestion, protects from various diseases and infections, gives a boost to mood, and relieves stress. Frankly, it also is a good way to pass the time. Yes, some people do that. Have tea to pass the time and continue with the work they’re already doing. The cognitive performance is also increased which helps you to bring new ideas to the table with increasing efficiency and smartness in the work.

An underrated fact about tea is it is an easy and quickest beverage to make. People often forget this one in the list of health benefits of tea. Among the many varieties of tea available in the market, due to its rich culture and diverse history, tea is and will remain the most loved thing to consume on the planet, without any doubt!

Here’s How Your Coffee or Tea Habit Might Be Good for You

Here’s How Your Coffee or Tea Habit Might Be Good for You

A hot cup of coffee or tea is the ultimate caffeine need of any person. A person who drinks both is good. A moderate amount of coffee or tea habit is good for health. The properties in tea or coffee help us rejuvenate from stress and give us time to ourselves. A coffee or tea habit helps us to get back in action with whatever work we are doing.

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