12 Easy Steps for Preventing a Stroke

12 Easy Steps for Preventing a Stroke | The Lifesciences Magazine

A stroke is an indication that you’re living an unhealthy lifestyle. The very reason for a stroke is an unbalanced lifestyle. Preventing a stroke demands a disciplined lifestyle. As we age, our body functioning deteriorates. Self-sabotaging of health isn’t what should be encouraged. Preventing a stroke has many ways which can be kept in mind and acted upon.

Here Are 12 Steps for Preventing a Stroke:

1. Appropriate diet:

A proper diet is the basic thing we can do for preventing a stroke. Keep a watch on what you eat. Our eating habits have a major impact on our health. Healthy snacking is a vital factor as in between work we tend to eat something which isn’t that good for our health. Wafers, biscuits, fritters, etc are all unhealthy.

2. Regular exercise:

12 Easy Steps for Preventing a Stroke | The Lifesciences Magazine

A quick brisk walk early in the morning works wonders. For preventing a stroke, a quick workout routine is good. One which includes a 10-minute run, 10-minute stretching, and some physical training exercises or meditation. Doing this every morning before you start your day is a good lifestyle habit. 

3. Alcohol in limit:

Avoid excessive alcohol. Consuming more than recommended causes damage to your liver, kidney, and high cholesterol which can be reasons for stroke. Consuming alcohol within a limit is no harm. If you’re overdoing it, you should stop then and there. If you want to quit alcohol, get in touch with governmental organizations that help in quitting alcohol.

4. No smoking:

Dude, you’ve got to stop smoking immediately for preventing a stroke. Smoking directly impacts your heart, lungs, respiratory and nervous system. Smoking is much more dangerous than you think. Tobacco contains nicotine which is injurious to health. Contact some self-help centers that help in quitting smoking. Visit a doctor for quitting smoking.  

5. Check on blood pressure:

Sweating it out helps in blood circulation in the body overall. If your family has a high blood pressure heredity, you’ve to be extra careful. Keep monitoring it for preventing a stroke. Due to exercise, you exert your body physically, enhancing oxygen levels. You feel fresh and active. Consult a doctor on a regular basis for a blood pressure check-up.

6. Check on cholesterol:

12 Easy Steps for Preventing a Stroke | The Lifesciences Magazine

Cholesterol levels on the higher side are also a bad sign. Maintaining normal cholesterol levels is the best way to prevent a stroke. Visit the doctor once a year to keep a check on the levels of cholesterol. Lessen the quantity of salt in your food. It is good for health in all aspects. Some lifestyle changes may be suggested by your doctor if cholesterol is on the higher side. Adapt to those changes as fast as possible. The faster you adapt, the better it is for your health.

7. Check diabetes:

Take a note of normal diabetes levels from your doctor for preventing a stroke. If you have a sweet tooth, have sugar-free products. Those will help to satisfy your cravings for sweet food and keep diabetes in control. Seek help from your doctor in terms of what your diet should be like. Do as he suggests. You should follow the doctor’s suggestions at least for 5 to 6 days a week in terms of diet. Most important is to avoid sweet foods.  

8. On-time medicine intake:

If you’re on any type of medication, have them on time for preventing a stroke. Medications for controlling blood pressure, diabetes, and cholesterol or any other medicine that you’re taking for any reason should be taken without fail. Missing out on them regularly will cause more harm to you physically.

9. Any cardiac issues? Treat it well:

A risk of heart attack is common for people above 40 years of age. If you’ve suffered from it before, be gentle with it and be cautious of the heart’s health. There are some medicines given by the doctor after you survive a heart attack. Regular short walks and light exercises help open up the arteries in your heart for superior blood flow to the heart.

10. Keep a fast once a week:

Practice keeping a fast once a week. Eat light meals, and have salads and natural juices for a day. Even our internal organs need rest as they’re on the go continuously. Give the organs the rest they deserve by consuming a light meal once a week. Especially our digestive system which is switched on mode 24*7. Give it some light substances to digest once in a while.  

11. No deep-fried foods:

12 Easy Steps for Preventing a Stroke | The Lifesciences Magazine

Deep-fried foods are a big no-no. Excess oil and fried foods are the main causes of high cholesterol, blood pressure levels, and obesity. The fat content in these foods is on the higher side so it’s best to avoid them. Anything in excess is not good for our health, and so is oil. Shallow fried delicacies are fine. Deep-fried ones are not good for your health. It increases fat and cholesterol in the body.

12. Behave according to the clock:

Keep your lifestyle according to the clock. Do everything abiding by the clock. Eat your food, have a workout session, have medicines, and manage your work according to the clock. Keep a check on your sleep timings too. Set up an alarm to wake up and head out for a run. Following time standards to complete any task is the best thing you can do. This will put you in a discipline of doing everything on time. 


Due to the digital era, we are living a sedentary lifestyle. It directly impacts our health. Physical and mental health, both. A bit of such lifestyle change is the option to keep fit. A bit of exercise, mindful eating habits, having medicines on time, an annual visit to the doctor, and abiding by the clock. These are some of the things if you follow diligently, no type of illness can come near you.  

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