Zenex International – The Bridge Between Hospitals & Posologist

Zenex International - The Bridge Between Hospitals & Posologist | Mr. V.V. Mannapur | The Lifesciences Magazine

Based in Bangalore, India, Zenex International is a specialty pharmaceutical stockiest, distributor, and retailer. They specialize in a variety of specialty drugs, including those for anti-infectives, anesthesia, vaccines/immunoglobulins, cardiology, narcotics, schedule-X, nephrology, antidotes, oxytocin, parenteral nutrition, critical care, CNS, nuclear medicine, and other conditions.

A crucial link between reputable businesses and super-specialty hospitals is Zenex International. They extensively cover all of Bangalore’s neighborhoods and serve about 3000 clients, including nursing homes, hospitals, government hospitals, doctors, and patients.

We talked about the present state of the market and how Zenex International is enabling the sector with its top-notch solutions in our chat with Mr. V.V. Mannapur, Owner of Zenex International.

1. What gave you the idea to create Zenex International? Give us some information about Zenex International.

I graduated from pharmaceutical school and come from a business family. I intended to use my skills and knowledge to make a unique contribution to the pharmaceutical distribution sector. When we first started, my friend and I used to promote imported medication. Because so many people rely on pharmaceuticals to make them feel better, I specifically picked pharmacy above the other healthcare fields.

Pharmacists could assist patients in making the best use of their pharmacological therapy to enhance their health. In order to help patients feel better and recover as quickly as possible, pharmacists are essential. Because pharmacists are experts in medications, patients benefit most from having them on their healthcare teams. In order to assess the many aspects that affect a patient’s capacity to take medication, including nutrition, lifestyle, transportation, language obstacles, and much more, pharmacists must be culturally competent healthcare practitioners who communicate effectively.

The need for pharmacy services is constant, and it is fueled by factors such as rising patient service demand, a growth in the number of prescriptions filled each year, an increase in the number of medicines on the market, and an increase in the geriatric population (older patients generally have a more chronic illness).

2. What difficulties did you initially encounter?

Initially, when our business began. In addition to not having enough customers, we also did not have a lot of merchandise to sell. There were incredibly few workers and very little working capital. These are a few difficulties I ran into.

3. What was the turning point that led to Zenex International’s expansion?

The two main components in the expansion of the business are knowledge and service. By providing doctors with more thorough information regarding imported medications, we have made more progress toward addressing these problems. We also worked on the quickest method for delivering emergency medications.

4. Since the company’s founding, how have Zenex International graphs evolved? Could you provide some statistics?

We began off with just one company throughout the first five years, and by the conclusion of those five years, we were connected to about 20 authorised companies. During this time, Zenex International increased its monthly revenue from 2.5 lakhs to 25 lakhs. In the subsequent five years, Zenex International changed its legal status to that of an independent proprietorship, greatly expanding its specialised medical clientele, adding a super stockist, and gaining the ability to deliver services over the entire state of Karnataka.

In the third five years, we partnered with a super-specialty business that produced nuclear medicine and served Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. Authorized national and international businesses requested us to partner with it after being impressed by our service.

Over the past five years, we have collaborated with 60 authorised businesses. The majority of injectable anaesthetic, anti-infective, and biotechnology specialised products are now supplied by us, including vaccines, human albumins, hormones, antidotes, and immunoglobulins.

5. What accounts for Zenex International’s enduring success?

Zenex International upholds fundamentals including high standards for services, unwavering moral principles, and commitment to the job at hand. We were able to maintain a consistent business for the longest time thanks to well-planned market research, advertising, the marketing of innovative, special products, a committed, trained team to meet timely supply, the development of strong customer relationships, and an understanding of the competition.

6. What goods and services does Zenex International concentrate on? How do your services differ from those offered by competitors?

Our range of products is very specialised.

  • Anti-infective injectable
  • Anesthesia
  • Excise drugs (narcotics), hormones, immunoglobulins, and vaccines all popular brands of oxytocin
  • Antidotes
  • Medications from Covid
  • Medications for nephrology and cardiology

All of the aforementioned products are readily available at one location and come in a variety of brands. Our service offerings and product selection set us apart from competitors. 80% of the pharmaceuticals on the list of essential medicines are available from Zenex International. We continually add new goods in each product category, for instance, all three of the top brands of oxytocin.

A large selection of pharmaceutical products from reputable manufacturers, Having a reliable delivery service, affordable prices, and an efficient supply chain network Convenience and added services, reputable brand. Individual customs are served independently by Zenex International. For urgent deliveries, we have a specific system.

7. How do you make the decision to improve Zenex International’s goods and services?

Hope to collaborate with numerous well-known businesses that are highly specialised in the product line. In order to reach numerous specialised hospitals, we wish to increase the number of our customers.

8. Are there any new items or services on the list? Do you have anything exciting to share?

Remedevir, the sole treatment for the Covid 19 virus from Zydus Cadila, was added during a pandemic. The demand was extremely high and the supply was extremely low. Nevertheless, we addressed the situation in a morally and successfully. Because of the German Remedies company’s faith in us, we successfully distributed more than a lakh shots across Karnataka.

9. What obligations do you believe an entrepreneur has?

We respect and care for the following three main stakeholders.

  • Customers – Recognize the needs and supply of the customers.
  • All employees are well-cared for, and this helps them succeed.
  • Payments made as efficiently as possible to all vendors.

10. Please provide us a brief overview of your professional background.

I have six years of experience in pharmaceutical marketing and sales. I have gained exposure to the specialist market throughout this time.

11. What are your entrepreneurial journey’s major accomplishments?

Bharat Gaurav award in 2012, Indian Brand award in 2018, and Silicon India retail pharma award in 2017

12. Do you have a unique client experience you would like to share?

Our interactions with our customers are unique. We personally collected the orders from the customer at 6.30 am and delivered them by 10 am. The client was so pleased that he has since kept working with us.

13. How do you care for your staff? What distinguishes your team?

We offer them a pleasant working environment, job satisfaction, and a competitive wage. We also provide training in a variety of knowledge-based programmes to increase staff productivity. We will plan fully compensated excursions and team-building exercises.

14. Please give us a quick overview of your thoughts on the state of the biotechnology and healthcare industries today.

  • Political commitment at the highest level to invest in the healthcare sector
  • A shift in perspective and behavior
  • Social community healthcare programmes that are sustainable
  • Building capacity and enhancing skills
  • Lowering medical expenses through innovation best practices for technology usage Participatory strategy with NGOs under oath
  • Infrastructure for public healthcare is being strengthened
  • Enhance the working circumstances for health professionals, especially in rural locations.
  • Raising awareness and giving patients more authority

15. Which quote do you find to be the most motivational?

The most significant visitor to our property is a customer. He does not rely on us. He is who we depend on. He doesn’t interfere with our work in any way. He serves as its goal. He is not a stranger to our industry. He is involved with it. Serving him is not a favour we are giving him. By permitting us to do so, he is doing us a service.

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