10 Best Ways to Celebrate Safely with Fireworks

10 Best Ways to Celebrate Safely with Fireworks | The Lifesciences Magazine

Celebrations with firecrackers enhance the level of happiness. As the lights and colors blow up we experience a joyful and cheerful mood. You should celebrate safely around firecrackers, especially if kids are included in the celebration. Children get the most excited and overwhelmed due to the environment. It may cause some trouble. They must be instructed to celebrate safely.

Not only firecrackers, but Diwali is also a festival of sweets, gifts, and wonderful clothes. The clothes we wear during the Diwali festival are well-thought months pre-Diwali. Materials of cloth should be kept in mind before bursting crackers out there. With just a few precautions and safety measures it is possible to celebrate safely.

Here are the 10 Best Ways to Celebrate Safely with Fireworks:

1. Not too loud:

To celebrate safely, ensure the crackers aren’t too loud. There are senior citizens in the house who can’t bear the loud noise. They may be suffering from heart conditions or hearing ailments which can worsen their health. Noise pollution is at a higher decibel during the Diwali festival. It causes hearing loss and some people may turn partly deaf too. The smoke too causes respiratory issues. Be careful and celebrate safely. Too loud crackers scare small babies, senior citizens, and stray dogs too.   

2. Instructions to children:

10 Best Ways to Celebrate Safely with Fireworks | The Lifesciences Magazine

To ensure safety, give some basic instructions to children. Tell them to burst crackers at a distance from your house entrance. Instruct them to perform no stunts with the hackers. It will help to celebrate safely and cause no injuries. If children aren’t sure if a cracker is safe, instruct them to call an adult person over there to analyze it. At times a cracker just burns but doesn’t burst. It should be checked by an adult person as children will get hurt and get injured.

3. Initiate a green Diwali:

Another aspect to celebrate safely is imbibing a habit of green Diwali in your house. Try to make it a tradition. Green Diwali refers to practicing less harm to the environment and keeping it safe. Instead, plan to plant trees on Diwali. It will be a different Diwali and make it a ritual to do so. Celebrate in a different manner like meeting friends, and relatives and arranging get-togethers.  

4. Light candles or diyas at a safe place:

Light the candles and diyas in a place where there are no flammable items, to celebrate safely. Ensure there are no curtains, blankets or pullovers, or liquids like petrol and diesel nearby the diyas as they will catch fire. Also, ensure some time off from bursting crackers. Continuous smoke can cause respiratory issues and will irritate senior citizens.       

5. Keep pets away:

10 Best Ways to Celebrate Safely with Fireworks | The Lifesciences Magazine

As pets are scared of noise and fire, so to celebrate safely, keep them away at a place where they’ll feel secure. Pets may get paranoid by the extreme sounds and get anxious. It is our responsibility to make them feel secure. Dogs and cats are terrified of the cracker’s heat and the sound too. Keeping them away from the sound and fire will not make them so agitated.

6. Adulterated sweets:

Another point to celebrate safely, especially during Diwali, is adulterated sweets start coming up in the market. As people enjoy distributing sweets there are chances of adulterated sweets being produced. Be cautious of any such news nearby your area or on the television news. Do not purchase f any such news is circulated. Opt for a known shop to purchase sweets.   

7. Mind the children’s clothing:

Give your children full-body clothes. Their body must be covered in full. Do not put on nylon clothes or synthetic materials. Loose clothes shouldn’t be worn too. It’ll harm and cause burns to the children. Fully covered will protect them from injuries too, when bursting crackers.   

8. Keep it small:

By this we mean, keeping the number of firecrackers small. Not too much. Bursting too many crackers will harm the environment and cause higher levels of noise pollution too. Smoke will be on the higher side. It may cause respiratory issues in people. Inculcate the same habit in your children of not saving the environment.  

9. No bursting crackers in crowded areas:

10 Best Ways to Celebrate Safely with Fireworks | The Lifesciences Magazine

Bursting crackers in crowded areas will cause inconvenience for pedestrians to walk on the road. In crowded areas, as many people come and go, the pollution because of the crackers will cause problems. The people staying nearby will also suffer due to the noise and pollution. It may lead to quarrels between people and destroy relations with your neighbors or people living nearby.

10. No hand-holding crackers:

People have a habit of taking risks and bursting crackers keeping them in hand. Throw them just before they’re about to burst. Incidences like the cracker bursting in hands have happened before. It badly damages the hand and may cause life-long injuries. Also, children will try to imitate the same and get injured. Burns pain a lot and leaves marks on the body. It diminishes the body complexion too where the mark is. It’s not easy to bear the physical pain and then the mental trauma of the affected area. The area turns black and isn’t pleasant to watch too.


Diwali is a festival of fun and laughter. It is when families come together and wish to spend a good time together. Keep the safety precautions in mind and be mindful. Spread joy and maintain the required discipline in the house as well. No one wants to spoil the fun, isn’t it? Be careful when dealing with firecrackers.  

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