12 Safety Tips to consider before you fire up the Grill

12 Safety Tips to consider before you fire up the Grill | The Lifesciences Magazine

Barbeques or grilled foods is the most heavenly thing on this planet! The flavors, the sauces of barbeque, and the smell, all of it is just too good. These foods are also good for your health if you’re a fitness freak. However, you must keep some safety tips in mind. Ever thought of some safety tips which you can consider?

Here are 12 Safety Tips to Consider Before You Fire Up the Grill:

1. Grill on a flat surface:

One of the important safety tips would be to grill on an entirely flat surface. A surface bending from any of the corners can cause a flip-over and be a reason for a fire. Using flat surfaces or evenly stable surfaces from all corners will help in avoiding accidents.

2. Grill at a distance:

12 Safety Tips to consider before you fire up the Grill | The Lifesciences Magazine

This is another important safety tip. Charcoal grills and propane grills are actually designed in such a manner that they should be used outside your home. Indoor grilling is dangerous as the fumes need to be released not in a closed environment. They contain carbon-mono-oxide which should not hover inside a homely space. Our home already consists of fire-hazardous materials like household gas stoves, acidic cleaning agents, etc which are flammable and may cause fire hazards.

3. Kids and pets not allowed:

When hosting a barbeque party with friends or family, keep this as a warning or a safety tip for kids and pets. Kids like to run, play and enjoy being around the group of people who they are with. Elders will naturally sit in the vicinity of the grill so the children naturally will play there, which means near the grill too. Try to make the kids understand the hazards of the grill and don’t allow pets too. 

4. Clean grill after use:

After every use, clean your grill. Cleaning up grease trays and the remains of charcoal are some underrated safety tips. The grill plate needs to be cleaned at regular intervals of use. If cleaned each time, it’s an add-on. Keep in mind, cleaning of the grill should be done when it’s fully cooled. Left-over food particles, charcoal remains and the build-up if not cleaned, can cause hazards. Following these safety tips acts as a lifesaver at times.

5. Leak checks:

Safety tips also include doing regular checks for any leakages. A leak can cause the propane gas to get stored inside the grill as and when the lid is closed. A thorough examination of non-leaking gas lines is important to ensure safety at all times. As, if the gas is filled up inside the grill, it can be prevented from an explosion at the time of next use. These explosions can be fatal. Hence, following the safety tips is important.

6. Seasonal care:

12 Safety Tips to consider before you fire up the Grill | The Lifesciences Magazine

Again, one of the important safety tips is to keep a sprayed water bottle to ensure safety. There are times when the food is cooked on the grill, the gravy keeps dripping on particular parts, which leads to continuous fumes due to the heat. In summer, especially when there’s already a naturally heated environment, fumes may catch fire. In winter, store the grill in a cool and dry place, protected from snow or rain. Keep a check on the grill to make sure no rats or other insects have made it into their home. Ensure all connections like the gas pipes are disconnected properly.

7. Keep a fire extinguisher handy:

It’s always better to keep a fire extinguisher even if you have a sprayed water bottle. The more safety tips you follow, the lesser the danger. Just in case a fire breaks out, a fire extinguisher is of immense help to immediately take control of the situation. Keep a small, hassle-free, and compact-sized fire extinguisher so as to act immediately. Train all the family members including children on how to use it in case of fire.

8. Do not grill in your garage:

In times of rain or snowfall, you may take the grill in your garage to continue the cooking over there. The fumes and carbon- monoxide may spread indoors causing an explosion or chance of a fire exists. As the garage area is encased or enclosed, it is not at all advisable to do so. Keeping the grill at work in a closed environment can cause a heated environment, suffocation, and cause fire too. Inhaling the fumes in the environment also isn’t good for human health.

9. Smelling of gas while grilling?

Sometimes, there may be a gas leakage even if due precautions are taken. Some small holes in the gas tubes may go unnoticed and lead to gas leaks. Stop grilling immediately if this is the case and call the fire department to ensure safety. Also, stay away from the whole setup till the firemen arrive at the destination.

10. Use lengthy-handled equipment:

Utensils that have long handles are easy to grab, pick and move from one place to another. It helps to avoid burns, spilling over of food, and any mishaps which can happen by using small-handled equipment.

11. No hurry to cover the grill:

12 Safety Tips to consider before you fire up the Grill | The Lifesciences Magazine

Make sure everything is switched off, especially the gas knob. The grill may be still hot even after lunch/dinner is done and all are prepared for their naps. Go for a check near the grill to ensure it’s cooled down and then only cover it. The grill may still be hot in summer for a long time even after dinner is done. Let it cool down fully before putting the cover on it.

12. Wear grill-appropriate attire:

Be protected from the heat and flames at all times. Wear thick material aprons, and wear toe-covering shoes or sandals and gloves. To protect your hands from unrequired burns and bruises a pair of good gloves to protect at all times is necessary.


Grilled foods while hosting in-house parties for friends and family is fun. But there may be times when accidents or mishaps can take place. The fatality or intensity of accidents occurring due to fire is unpredictable. Being safe at all times during such grilling sessions is of utmost importance. You don’t want to spoil your grill party due to ignorance of these safety tips, isn’t it?

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