Semarion Unveils SemaCyte Multiplexing Platform to Revolutionize Drug Discovery


Introduction of SemaCyte Multiplexing Platform

Semarion Ltd, a pioneering University of Cambridge spin-out company, has introduced its latest innovation, the SemaCyte Multiplexing Platform. This cutting-edge platform, an extension of the existing SemaCyte Microcarrier technology, aims to revolutionize in vitro drug discovery processes by utilizing optical barcoding to accelerate screening procedures.

Features and Benefits of the Multiplexing Platform

The SemaCyte Multiplexing Platform is specifically designed to enhance the quality and efficiency of drug discovery workflows. By allowing for in situ multiplexing of adherent cells using proprietary microcarriers, the platform enables researchers to generate high-quality data at an unprecedented speed. Each microcarrier is equipped with optical barcodes, facilitating the tagging and differentiation of individual cells and cell types while preserving their natural morphology. This innovative approach not only increases throughput but also reduces cost and time requirements significantly, by up to 6- and 10-fold, respectively. Moreover, the platform offers flexibility across various applications, including target identification, compound screening, and compound profiling.

Testimonials and Future Prospects

Dr. Jeroen Verheyen, Co-Founder and CEO of Semarion, expressed enthusiasm about the launch of the Multiplexing Platform, emphasizing its potential to revolutionize drug discovery processes. Dr. Del Trezise, Advisor and Non-Executive Director at Semarion, highlighted the platform’s ability to overcome limitations in image-based assay techniques, offering immense promise for enhancing the efficiency of cell panel screens. Furthermore, Dr. Erica Bello, Head of the Target Discovery Group at The Milner Therapeutics Institute, expressed interest in collaborating with Semarion to explore the platform’s application in arrayed CRISPR screens, aiming to achieve substantial time and cost savings.

Semarion will be showcasing the SemaCyte Multiplexing Platform at the TechBio Breakthrough Zone of ELRIG Research and Innovation 2024, demonstrating its commitment to driving innovation in the field of drug discovery. Researchers interested in early access to the platform can apply for the Early Adopter Program through Semarion’s website, paving the way for accelerated advancements in drug discovery and development.

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