9 Unusual Fruits to try right now!

10 Unusual Fruits to try right now! | The Lifesciences Magazine

You may have noticed some odd fruits kept in the vicinity of the ordinary fruits. There are some fruits that are not familiar to us. These are some unusual fruits to try. These give us an inquisitive feeling sometimes. We either pass that section quickly or end up buying and figuring out about it on the net.

There are some unusual fruits to try in the market these days. As global trade is increasing day by day we get an opportunity to taste some of these unusual fruits. Most of us are experts in catching hold of the most suitable daily fruits like apples, bananas, or mangoes. Will you consider these 10 unusual fruits to try?

Here are 9 Unusual Fruits to try right now:

1. Dragon Fruit:

This is one a bit familiar these days. But still, it is one of the unusual fruits to try. It’s the size of a pomegranate. It is popularly used in juices or smoothies these days. The name is so given because of its outer skin layer and feel which resembles a dragon’s. To eat it, you will have to cut it into two and remove the pulp and seeds which are inside. It has a good nutrient value. It has fiber, vitamin C, iron, magnesium, and betacyanin which is a natural coloring agent found in it. It has anti-cancerous elements which will of course help in preventing cancer.

2. Lychee or Rambutan:

10 Unusual Fruits to try right now! | The Lifesciences Magazine

Lychee got its name due to its hair-like outer texture on its red-colored skin. This ping-pong ball-sized fruit has a sweet and floral flavor. It comes in the group of unusual fruits to try. It has an extremely short shelf life. You will have to eat it immediately after it is purchased. It is higher amounts of vitamin C. It brings balance to blood sugar levels, provides a protective layer to the liver, and reduces triglyceride levels too.

3. Persimmon:

This one resembles a tomato. Due to its mild, sweet, and rich taste, it is one of the unusual fruits to try. The texture resembles that of an apricot. To eat it, simply eat it like an apple. Or slice it like an apple and relish it. It’s high in vitamins A and C. It also has antioxidants and magnesium. It helps control blood sugar and cholesterol levels. It keeps us away from skin disorders like acne, psoriasis, and eczema.   

4. Feijoa or pineapple guava:

With its sweet and tangy taste, this comes forth on the list of unusual fruits to try. The taste is compared to pineapple or guava by consumers in general. The green-colored fruit also tastes like strawberry flavor. Like the dragon fruit, this too is used in smoothies, desserts, cocktails, and fruit dishes. It can be eaten fully as it is with the skin. But sometimes people like to cut it in half and only eat the inner soft and sweet part with a spoon like a papaya is eaten.

5. Custard apple:

10 Unusual Fruits to try right now! | The Lifesciences Magazine

Coming from South America, it’s on our list of unusual fruits to try. It may appear strange but is an oval-shaped fruit. It’s sweet on the inside. For eating it, we can cut it in half remove the seeds, and eat it directly. Some people mix it in salads, desserts, gravies, or in an ice-cream too. The nutrients they give us are vitamins A and C. They also have magnesium, iron, calcium, and more properties like antibacterial, anti-obesity, anti-cancerous, and more.

6. Gold kiwifruit:

This has smooth and hairless skin. It has a dynamic yellow color with a smaller part inside and lesser seeds too. It’s sweeter than kiwis but still lower in sugar and higher in fiber quantities. These are said to have the highest vitamin C in any of the fruits category. It is thrice more than an orange but it is surprisingly not a citrus fruit.

7. Horned melon:

This orange-colored fruit goes by a number of names like African cucumber, hedged gourd, jelly melon, English tomato, and melano. The seeds resemble aliens but the sweetness and freshness of the flavor can’t be overlooked. The taste is similar to bananas, kiwi, or cucumbers. It contains vitamins C and E, along with zinc, iron, and magnesium. To eat this fruit, cut it in half, remove the seeds, and have It raw. This can also be used in cocktails, smoothies, and in a dessert.

8. Jackfruit:

10 Unusual Fruits to try right now! | The Lifesciences Magazine

This is the largest tree-borne fruit in the world and a national fruit of Bangladesh too. It has a meat-like texture and is mildly sweet in taste. It is used in place of meat as a replacement in some barbeque dishes. To eat it, cut it in half and remove the flesh on the insides. Vitamins B and C are found in it. It also has calcium, potassium, and flavonoids which help in reducing inflammations. It is also beneficial to protect us against cancer.

9. Durian:

Despite its smelly features that resemble the smell of an onion it is roared as a “king of fruits” in South East Asia. It is the size of a volleyball but isn’t cheap. Upon opening it, after the stinky layer of skin, you see a flesh-like portion. It has a bitter, sweet taste and a texture that of a custard. To eat it, you will need a screwdriver to dig inside it. Once you reach deep enough, you can pull it out to open it and enjoy the fruit. Durian can be eaten raw, or put in drinks and soups. It has high potassium levels, antioxidants, fiber, iron, zinc, and magnesium which are all extremely good for health.


These are some of the unusual fruits to try when you need a different kick for fruits. Most of them offer nutrient benefits like phosphorous, magnesium, iron, zinc, and vitamins C and A. Have them raw or via soups, cocktails, smoothies, or even desserts. All these nutrients are required for balancing the missing parts of them in our body. Go ahead and relish them.

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