12 Tips from Olympians to Stay Motivated and Inspired

12 Tips from Olympians to Stay Motivated and Inspired | The lifesciences Magazine

Are you struggling to find motivation right now? Perhaps you’re feeling sluggish? Do you have trouble getting energetic and moving? Do you have good ideas, but the following step of putting them into action or staying motivated is often a challenge? Even the most driven individuals, such as myself while I was preparing Tips from Olympians to Stay Motivated, Tony Robbins, or you, may feel uninspired at times.

Here are 12 Tips from Olympians to Stay Motivated and Inspired;

1. Create a compelling vision to encourage yourself.

Make a clear picture of what you want to accomplish. What will it look like after you’ve accomplished it? What are your thoughts? How do you appear? What are you saying to yourself? Are you concerned about what others think of you? When you have a clear vision for your future, it will inspire, excite, and Tips from Olympians to Stay Motivated.

2. Become driven by understanding you’re why.

You may have a compelling image of what you desire, but why do you want that thing/goal/dream in the first place? This notion is based on psychology, which we discuss more in our programs, but you should be aware that true motivation comes from uncovering the inner reason for why you want to accomplish, be, or do anything.

12 Tips from Olympians to Stay Motivated and Inspired | The lifesciences Magazine

It makes a significant difference. In truth, all successful individuals understand why they are successful. So, what makes you desire it? What do you want to gain from it? How will you see yourself? What does it mean to realize your dream? When you understand why you’re doing something, the ‘hows’ become clearer and become merely a way of bringing the ‘why’ to fruition.

3. Keep yourself motivated by creating objectives along the process.

If your vision is the huge city you want to reach the conclusion of your trip, your objectives are the towns you need to pass through to know you’re on the right track and on your way to the great metropolis (your compelling vision and big goal). We’ve all heard how essential goal setting is (despite the fact that many people still don’t do it). What you may not realize is how stimulating it is to travel through each ‘town’. When you reach each little milestone or objective, you gain momentum. You build on these minor victories, and these are the Tips from Olympians to Stay Motivated.

4. Motivate yourself by making your objectives public.

Share your objective on social media. Please share it with others. Display your objective on your wall, fridge, or computer for everyone to see. When you publicly commit to anything, it’s amazing how not wanting to seem dumb in front of others can inspire you. Furthermore, people may hold you responsible for your aim.

5. Use prizes to encourage yourself.

Rewards are an excellent secondary lever. They aren’t what motivates you to achieve your objective, but they are the “icing on the cake” and provide an additional amount of motivation and delight. So, in addition to reaching the objective, give yourself something to strive towards. Is it going to be a holiday? A night on the town? Will you purchase a new outfit for yourself? A special meal? Or, like one of the Tips from Olympians to Stay Motivated, a remote-controlled vehicle! Find a reward that will provide you with an extra boost of incentive.

6. Get motivated with the help

You do not have to achieve your objective on your own. Make use of some Tips from Olympians to Stay Motivated. Exercising with friends, for example. When your own motivation is low, you may need Tips from Olympians to Stay Motivated. Read more about how support is a CRITICAL component in weight reduction in the guide below.

7. Motivate yourself by beginning small.

12 Tips from Olympians to Stay Motivated and Inspired | The lifesciences Magazine

Here’s a phrase I often use. Think large (have a compelling vision), yet act modest (just do it). Set reasonable objectives that are not overpowering and might really be demotivating. Instead, commit to doing a little act, followed by another small one, and so on. You watch – those simple actions that you perform will develop and encourage you to do the next one as you accomplish what you set out to achieve. Motivation may arrive in little doses!

8. Get motivated by focusing on the rewards rather than the problems.

Don’t consider how difficult something is. Instead, consider why it will be worthwhile. For example, instead of focusing on how exhausting exercise is, imagine how amazing you will feel afterward and how much healthier and lighter you will be in the long term. Consider how proud you will be of yourself, how wonderful you will look, how much more confident you will be, and so forth.

9. Stay inspired by building one brick at a time.

Motivation is not a constant; it comes and goes. Some days, you just do not feel motivated. (In my personal life, I would say I am motivated only 50% of the time. The remaining 50% is a sheer habit, discipline, and telling myself that it will all be worthwhile in the end). Tips from Olympians to Stay Motivated If you can appreciate this and resolve to merely continue going, disappointment and other hurdles will be less likely to derail you.

Imagine yourself laying down the path to your goal/dream one brick at a time, one deed at a time, one day at a time. Then all you have to do is find inspiration for the next brick – one at a time. That is attainable and inspiring.

10. Motivate yourself by engaging your causes.

Attach your activity or goal to a worthwhile cause, and your powerful sentiments will have a motivating multiplier impact. For example, imagine if you stated “for every scheduled exercise I miss I need to pay $10 to my selected charity”. For most of us, ‘losing’ $10 to someone or something else is equivalent to losing $20 or $30. It will inspire you to do it (for example, exercise) in the first place. And if you can’t for whatever reason, you’ve still done a nice act, which is a positive result!

11. Get inspired by purchasing new exercise equipment.

12 Tips from Olympians to Stay Motivated and Inspired | The lifesciences Magazine

This may seem unusual, but new training equipment may be encouraging. It confirms your identity as an exerciser, that this is a part of your life, and it motivates you to do more. Another approach is to leave your clothing and equipment about the home as a visible reminder to your brain that this is now a priority above all your other competing priorities such as job, family, housework, and so on.

12. Get inspired by joining Active8me.

Active8me is Tips from Olympians to Stay Motivated if you want to be inspired and observe change. With daily exercise routines, daily diet plans, daily doses of motivation, weekly mindset courses, an excellent team of specialists to help and advise you on your path, and a terrific community of people in your shoes… Active8me equips you with all of the tools you need to succeed. It is your gateway to fitness, health, and change. Sign up now to begin your change!

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