Tecan Provides Complete Cellomics Solutions: Automated Processes Ranging From 3D Spheroid Analysis To Single-Cell Dispensing

Tecan Provides Complete Cellomics Solutions: 3D Spheroid Analysis To Single-Cell Dispensing | The Lifesciences Magazine


Tecan takes pride in providing end-to-end cellomics workflow solutions, ranging from drug dosage and live-cell imaging and analysis to cell seeding and culture with quality control and monitoring. With the help of an all-inclusive solution, labs may increase workflow throughput, repeatability, and dependability while tackling important issues in the rapidly expanding field of 3D cell biology.

Tecan Provides Complete Cellomics Solutions

Spheroids, organoids, and organ-on-a-chip systems are examples of complex 3D cell models that hold considerable promise for a variety of uses, including research on personalised medicine and medication discovery. In many of these workflows, there is still a challenge of lack of reproducibility. The solution to this problem is automation, which enables labs to establish dependable and uniform operations while also increasing throughput.

The Uno Single Cell DispenserTM, a newly introduced automated benchtop device that combines single-cell separation and reagent dispensing into one system, is part of Tecan’s cellomics offering. With this affordable tool, researchers may quickly discharge single cells into a 384-well plate (around 5 minutes) and preserve a strong 90% cell viability for further analysis.

The Fluent® automated liquid handling workstation is the centrepiece of Tecan’s cellomics solution. The system is designed to maintain and seed cell cultures and swap media (from 6- to 1,536-well plates). It can easily handle complicated matrices like Matrigel® and provides really scalable workflows by integrating centrifuges, incubators, and peripheral equipment. The automatic dispensing feature of the D300e Digital Dispenser allows for the automated production of dose-response curves, synergy tests, and serial dilutions.

The D300e Digital Dispenser powers both small- and large-molecule drug discovery by offering automatic dispensing from picoliter to microliter scales, which automates the creation of dose-response curves, synergy tests, and serial dilutions.

The primary multimode reader from Tecan, the Spark® Cyto, was created especially for automated assay measurement and monitoring of living-cell cultures. Whole-well microplate imaging and undisturbed cell development are supported by its imaging systems, which include both bright field and fluorescence capabilities, as well as its complete environmental control (temperature and gas). These features enable quick analysis and accurate results. The repeatability and dependability of assay results are increased when multiplex plate reading and cell image analysis are combined into a single device. Insights like the evaluation of ATP levels and spheroid growth are also provided.

The addition of artificial intelligence (AI)-based 3D analysis tools to Spark Cyto in an upgrade planned for 2024 will expand the possibilities of this device. Because of the instruments’ increased efficiency, precision, and depth of insights that can be gained from experiments, scientific research will have new opportunities.

Automated workflows are key in any cellomics laboratory, and the latest additions to our cellomics product portfolio reinforce Tecan’s position as a leading provider to this important sector. Obtaining seamless, end-to-end solutions from a single supplier enables us to fulfill our purpose of empowering our customers to focus on accelerating the research and scaling important healthcare innovations.”

Luca Valeggia, Senior Vice President of Laboratory Automation, Tecan

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