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Stradoo-Global Life Sciences Company | Dr. Michael C. Mueller and Dr. Urs C.H. Wiedemann | The Lifesciences Magazine

Running a successful business in the 21st century is more difficult than ever. Companies and business leaders have to continuously stay abreast of the developments in their respective industries. They have to strategize their plans according to the changing market requirements. This is where strategy consulting firms like stradoo play an important role. The company is a globally acting strategy consulting and M&A advisory firm exclusively focusing on the Life Sciences industry.

Established in 2017, stradoo uses cutting-edge management tools allowing Pharma and medical Device Companies globally to transform their organizations and to define and implement their strategies. Today, numerous top healthcare companies and institutions around the globe deploy stradoo’s tools. Leveraging its experience, track record, and industry connections, stradoo also offers investment advisory services along with consulting services. 

Leveraging Extensive Experience

stradoo was founded by former Partners and Shareholders of CEPTON Strategies—a company that was recognized as the #1 consultancy in healthcare by the renowned German economic journal Capital. In its early days, additional Partners from the healthcare industry and private equity joined stradoo to broaden its experience and regional reach setting the foundation for its high-end consulting & investment advisory firm. 

Today, the company is steered by two Managing Partners, Dr. Michael C. Mueller and Dr. Urs C.H. Wiedemann. All acting Partners of stradoo’s global organization have served as Partners and Managing Directors for various renowned consultancies, private equity firms, and major healthcare companies running hundreds of consultancy projects, major operations, and investments around the world. Company Partners are leveraging many years of experience in the global life sciences industry to help clients grow and succeed. Headquartered in Munich, the company has grown exponentially to have branch offices in Paris, Zurich, Sao Paulo, and New York. 

Spanning across Industries

Solutions that cater to a wider audience often stand out from the rest. Keeping this in mind, stradoo provides high-value strategic advice for organizations present across different industries:


Today, the overall approach to market access as well as R&D decisions and business models has been influenced by the growing impact of payers and regulatory bodies. stradoo supports its clients from the pharmaceutical industry in mastering their strategic challenges all along the value chain. 


stradoo creates additional value for its clients by supporting them in swiftly analyzing the assessing target landscape, determining target values, and providing transaction solutions. These cover everything from M&A Execution to strategy definition. 

Medical Devices: 

Thanks to new business models, medical device providers are now being held accountable for the financial and clinical impact of their services. Regardless of cost and access to innovation, medical devices still have a multitude of opportunities to change the face of healthcare. It can be done by minimizing devices, utilizing new materials and surfaces, and embedding intelligent algorithms into the devices. 


Molecular diagnostics are rapidly transforming drug development and patient selection. The use of new molecular diagnostics can simplify decision-making and reduce uncertainty. stradoo supports its clients in finding the right approach and turning strategies into opportunities. 

Industry-leading Solutions

The competition in the strategy consulting services market is increasing with time and service providers have to offer distinguished solutions to survive and thrive in this phase. stradoo’s solutions are based on hundreds of projects with proven methodologies. A customized approach supported by innovative analytics, blended with the deep industry expertise of its partners makes the company’s solutions unique. 

stradoo’s solutions include a full suite of integrated advisory services covering the whole value chain of the healthcare industry:

Long term strategy development may refer to corporate or Business Unit perspective and may have a global or rather regional approach: 

  • Corporate Strategy: stradoo’s methodology for this primarily relies on six levers. Each of these will be addressed and analyzed separately but not stand alone. Based on the variation and modification of each lever, different scenarios will be developed. 
  • Therapeutic Area Strategy: While defining a TA strategy, stradoo follows a systematic funnel identifying high potential targets recognized by stringent segmentation of attractive segments from a company’s perspective.
  • Shape the Market Strategy: stradoo helps its prominent clients in the strategic positioning of products. It assists with deducing concrete and actionable programs to shape a certain market in favor of the client’s product or portfolio. 

Commercial strategies supported by stradoo help launches using proven methodologies and proprietary tools as well as challenge all business levers to turn a commercial organization in an omnichannel powerhouse:

  • Maximizing Launches: Based on previous project experience, stradoo provides hands-on knowledge on the required organizational setup and tasks to establish an effective launch monitoring system. For each of such projects, the company will customize its stradoo Launch Readiness approach. 
  • Selling Excellence: The stradoo Accelerator® aims to support all existing efforts of marketing and sales. During the initial project phase, the stradoo team will analyze all potential improvement levers alongside the three major dimensions – 1. Marketing material and message, 2. Targeting & Segmentation, and 3. Sales Force performance. 

Given the immense network and experience of its Partners, stradoo bundles all its knowledge and relations to advise companies on various matters around Mergers & Acquisitions:

  • Commercial Due Diligence: stradoo efficiently integrates DD systems into the respective investment case of the M&A workstream. 
  • M&A Advisory: stradoo supports its clients with screening investment targets sourced from its proprietary industry network and guide all along the M&A process. 

Life Sciences Industry Litigation Cases continue to rise, accounting for more than 25% of all filings in 2021 in the United States across all industries. Litigation involving pharmaceutical and medical device companies includes various types of underlying causality. Most common reasons for stradoo to support the clients on litigation refer to: 

  • Litigation Case Strategy: stradoo Partners serve as external experts who contribute with deep industry knowledge and expertise. They are crucial in bringing numerous benefits to all types of litigation processes. Partners experts support and exchange regularly with the involved life sciences company as well as closely collaborate with the mandated lawyers and law firms throughout a litigation case process. stradoo may also assist in defining a compelling case methodology and strategy. 
  • Case Scenario Assessment: Relevant facts and figures are often simple to collect. Other use cases, however, are comparatively more complex and must be approached differently leveraging in-depth market knowledge. Such complicated cases can be usually found in patent infringement and may require complex market dynamic analysis. stradoo helps its clients identify facts, basic information, and describe hypothetical scenarios. 
  • Commercial Damage Quantification: Building a solid business case demonstrating the hypothetical overall market development is required while running a litigation case. Market shares have to be modeled de-facto as well as for one or several hypothetical scenarios. Commercial damage quantification helps clients build a quantification model and calculate damage that occurred. 

Unique Core Principles

Core values are stepping stones to organizational success. Believing in its distinguishing core principles, stradoo is uniquely positioned to serve its clients in the pharmaceuticals and life sciences industry. The company works in small teams that comprise senior executives contributing tremendous experience and network gained over many years. stradoo’s project work is consistently founded on deep industry knowledge and the application of innovative analytics and data-driven algorithms. 

Furthermore, stradoo’s solutions follow a range of proprietary project methodologies. These methodologies are developed over many years and customized to client needs—from defining the corporate strategy to accelerating operational excellence beyond the benchmark. These solutions cover the whole industry including analyzing company performance, maximizing customer perception, optimizing portfolio management, and advising an M&A to investors. 

stradoo has proven sustainable success of its project work in hundreds of projects conducted over more than 20 years on global, European, and national scales. The company is committed and used to implementing strategies together with its clients thus ensuring long-term success. 

A recent Pharmind publication by stradoo demonstrates great experience and knowledge in supporting clients with digital transformation, specifically in the sphere advancements in digital therapeutics and the use of AI in healthcare ( 

Emphasizing Customer Satisfaction

Since its inception, stradoo has worked with a multitude of renowned clients in the Lifesciences industry. Clients served over the years include many Top 20 Pharma and Medical Device Companies, e.g. Merck, Shire, Takeda, Baxter, Biogen, Gilead, Takeda, Sanofi, Baxter, to name only a few but also mid-size and family owned businesses rely on its services. 

Being asked, here is what some of stradoo’s global clients have to say about its services: 

“Continue working customer-oriented, this separates (this company) from the big ones of the industry.”

“Stay with your concept only very experienced consultants, no juniors and cultivate your ability to put themselves into the inner life of the clients.”

“Keep the combination of outstanding competency and experience with the personal touch.”

“Continue like that! stradoo partners are proficient with a strong on-site presence. This is certainly a strength compared to others.” 

And, being asked, here is what stradoo’s Partners have to say about it:

“We never believed in circumstances but in strategies to challenge them.”

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