Reasons Why Sunburns Are So Dangerous and How You Can Protect Yourself

How you can protect yourself from sunburns? 8 Effective Methods | The Lifesciences Magazine

A sunburn is a swollen and painful skin that feels hot when touched. It happens as you’ve been in the sun for too long. The sun secretes Ultra-Violet (UV) rays, which damage the human skin. Sunburns are common in youngsters aged between 18 to 29. Primary symptoms of sunburns are swelling, redness, skin tightening and skin getting peeled off after a couple of days.

Reasons why sunburns are dangerous? & How you can protect yourself from sunburns

Sunburns trouble you in more than one way. Fair-toned people have a more tendency to get affected by sunburns. Sun can cause cellular damage that leads to skin cancer. Those people who are exposed to the sun continuously, like sports players are more likely to get sunburns.

Get to know the reasons why sunburns are so dangerous:

1. May lead to skin cancer:

The DNA in the cells gets damaged. However, the body repairs them automatically. But if repetitive exposure to the sun happens, then it fails to repair the skin cells. You may get sunburns repeatedly. Eventually exposing you to skin cancer. Severe sunburns can also make a person dehydrated.  

2. Change in skin tone:

How you can protect yourself from sunburns? 8 Effective Methods | The Lifesciences Magazine

The color of the affected part changes. It may turn into a dark skin tone. Sunburns may turn sensitive and reddish in certain weather conditions too. It may cause a bit of pain and agony. You may feel ugly about yourself. The skin tone changes visibly in the affected area.  

3. Frequent sunburns:

If you’re getting affected by sunburns frequently, you may be exposed to Cutaneous Melanoma. It happens especially when you’re exposed to the sunburns. Aging of the skin, precancerous skin lesions, or skin cancer can be the common effects of sunburns. If the frequency is more, this isn’t something to ignore. You should immediately contact a dermatologist, skin specialist and start treatment as prescribed.

4. Fever:

Fever due to sunburn is also called sun poisoning. It normally lasts for 2 to 3 days. In severe cases, it may extend up to weeks. It depends on the intensity of the sunburn too. Along with fever, you may get a rash on the skin. You may misinterpret it as an allergic rash. Temperatures can go up to 100.4F in normal circumstances. You may also feel loss of energy, and appetite, and feel tired all the time.

5. Sensitive skinned:

These types of things are genetic too. If anyone in the family has sensitive skin and the genes are passed on to the next generation, there is a high possibility that the person may suffer from sunburns. The amount of sun you get exposed to daily is also a cause for it. The immunity of people and their health in general also determines the intensity of such skin-related issues.

How you can protect yourself from sunburns?

1. Using sunscreen regularly:

How you can protect yourself from sunburns? 8 Effective Methods | The Lifesciences Magazine

Applying a sunscreen lotion that suits your skin texture is the best option. If you’re exposed to the sun for more than normal hours, this can help. Choose a lotion that protect yourself from sunburns and UV rays of the sun. Try to limit your time of being in the sun. A sunscreen that contains SPF-15, can be used even on cool or slightly cool days. 

2. Reapply the sunscreen:

If you’re already a sensitive skin person, you should take extra care of your skin and protect yourself from sunburns. It is advised to apply sunscreen every 2.5 hrs for the fair-toned. Make use of extra accessories like a hat, gloves, etc. to avoid sun contact as much as you can. Remember, not to use an expired sunscreen lotion. It isn’t advisable to use sunscreen after 3 days of its expiry date.   

3. Choose clothing wisely:

The important is to wear covered clothing and thin layered. Being covered will protect yourself from sunburns. The thin layer will not sweat you up much. Also, a good pair of shoes or sandals which cover your leg properly will help.

4. Avoid heading out during peak hours:

Peak hours would damage your skin and health. Timings from 10 AM to 4 PM are the peak hours which can be avoided. Exposure to the sun in these peak hours will lead to the occurrence of sunburns uninvited.

5. Get shade:

If you’re exposed to the sun for a long time, take a break in the shade. Stand under a tree, below a building shade, or any type of shade that you find. Wash your face with water at times if you feel tired. Carry a sugary chocolate or biscuit with you. An increase in sugar level boosts energy and makes you feel better. 

6. Self-tanner is a thing:

Self-tanner is a cosmetic product that can make you appear tanned. If you like a tanned skin tone and are planning to take it from the sun directly, the suggested is the better option to go with. Self-tanners also come with SPF-15 which is good for the skin.

7. Use good accessories:

How you can protect yourself from sunburns? 8 Effective Methods | The Lifesciences Magazine

On the accessories part, a pair of sunglasses will help to protect yourself from sunburns. Use wide-brimmed sunglasses to protect your eyes from the excessive sun you will be exposed to. It keeps the eyes well-protected from being exposed to direct sun. There are sunglasses available that block 99% of the Ultra-Violet rays (UV rays). You can use it even on cloudy days.

8. Have water and water splashes:

If traveling in the sun, take a break and wash your face more than regularly. Wash or rinse your face and arms to be moisturized at times. Stay hydrated too. Keep a cool water bottle with you or purchase one from a nearby store. Drink water, soft drinks, or tea whatever suits you best. The motive is to stay hydrated. Try natural juices like sugarcane juice or lime juice when you’re traveling.


Sunburns can be pretty harmful to you. As you’ve read above, if those are occurring frequently, do not ignore the same. It may cause health hazards like skin diseases or skin cancer. The mark of sunburn doesn’t go away naturally. In fact, it stays. The tone of that part of the skin changes and is visible. To avoid this, all the methods to protect yourself from sunburns are mentioned above. This summer season, protect yourself from sunburns, and don’t let the sun damage your natural beauty.    

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