11 Pro Tips to Find the Best (and Safest) DayCare for Your Child

How To Find Best Daycare Center for Children? 11 Pro Tips | The Lifesciences Magazine

A daycare center for children is a tough choice for parents. Parents of course do not want their child to land up at the wrong place because of their choice. A daycare facility is necessary for working parents as it makes life easier for them. Handling both, home and work, is a dreadful task.

Here are Some Tips to Find the Best (and Safest) Daycare Center for Children:

1. Favorable location:

The daycare must not be more than 2 to 3 miles from your residence. The farther it is, the more time-consuming it is. In case of emergency too, the selected daycare center for children must be close enough to reach immediately. Keeping the child’s stamina in mind, it must not be overwhelming for the child to travel. Also, the prevailing climate is an important factor to consider. Minimal traveling should be on the agenda, if possible.

2. Enough staff for handling:

How To Find Best Daycare Center for Children? 11 Pro Tips | The Lifesciences Magazine

The number of staff members appointed to handle all the activities in the daycare center for children should be appropriate or enough at least. Less staff appointed to save on expenses is a big no-no. Parents are most concerned about this. How many staff members are there to look after my child when he/she needs an attendant?

3. Positive review of the place:

Recommendations by friends, family, or pediatricians are the best ones. Relatives having a good experience with a particular daycare is always a win-win. Online reviews or Google score have their own boundaries. A visit to the daycare center for children is the best option for security. Inspecting the place and the area around it too, is a good thing to do at any given time. Also, it is good if someone, like a known person, stays nearby or works there to be on the safer side.  

4. Hygienic food availability:

If home-cooked food is provided to the child by you, then it’s not much of a problem. But if the food is provided by the daycare center for children, a check on hygiene is not a thing to compromise on. The child’s health and future eating habits depend on it after all. Hygienic and nutritious food at the same time is an add-on for the child. Inculcating healthy eating habits in their children is a thing most parents struggle with. The daycare must not offer unhygienic or junk food to the children.  

5. Pick and drop facility:

Some daycare centers for children may offer a pickup and drop facility. If it is available, is the vehicle equipped with CCTV cameras in order to avoid any problems in terms of the child? An attendant other than the driver must be sitting in the vehicle to help the children get in and out of the car. Also, during traveling, the attendant must endure harmony inside the vehicle.

6. Good learning atmosphere:

How To Find Best Daycare Center for Children? 11 Pro Tips | The Lifesciences Magazine

Choose a daycare center for children that will provide a productive, endearing, and social atmosphere wherein the children are motivated to interact with each other. Children have a good grasping capacity from 2 years and ahead. Also, they imitate what people around them are doing and saying. A place where activities or games are organized for the kids is advised. Kids should look forward to going to the center every day. 

7. Give a surprise check:

An impromptu visit to the center is the best thing to do. You get an idea of how the staff is treating the kids, whether are they fulfilling their said promises in terms of children’s development, and if the center managing the crowd well are some of the things to keep a check on during the impromptu visit. when you are selecting a daycare center for children this is the most focused point.

8. Listen to your sub-consciousness:

Since you’re a parent you know what is good for your child and what isn’t. Hear your sub-conscious mind which indicates you at times. If the space is safe and secure for your child’s mental and physical health is the most important point to consider. If your gut is indicating something that you didn’t expect when you’re in there, don’t opt for that center. Check out for more options around your place of residence.

9. Basic medical facilities:

A basic medical facility for kids should exist. Children run around here and there playing and enjoying. There’s a high possibility of them falling and getting themselves hurt. A normal and basic medical kit that will be of the capacity to provide the children with primary treatment whenever required is necessary at all times.

10. Cleanliness:

How To Find Best Daycare Center for Children? 11 Pro Tips | The Lifesciences Magazine

A neat and clean center is the least you can expect as a parent. These centres also of course know the importance of cleanliness be it food, washrooms, or even the mats on which the children sit to have their food and stuff. Clean and neatly swept and mopped floors with phenyl, adequately cleaned washrooms are the basics. The disposal facility for whatever needs to be disposed of should be proper and in adequate quantities too.

11. Certified caregivers:

Last, but not least, it should be a certified daycare center for children. The staff should be trained in taking care of the kids. Situation handling of normal to adverse must be known to them. There are institutions that provide a course on this topic which makes you certified in the same.


These daycare center for children are one of the first things where kids go out of the house for the very first time. Decision-making should be done by the parents mainly focusing on the kid. As the above-mentioned points, distance, facilities provided, hygiene, and medical facilities are some of the basic needs which are to be taken care of. Do you want to be worried about your child when you’re at work? Of course not! Hence, it is advised to choose a daycare center for children that will take good care of your child. By doing so, you will also be able to focus on work.

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