Nuclera’s eProtein Discovery System Installed Across Leading Academic Institutes

Nuclera's eProtein Discovery System Installed Across Leading Academic Institutes | The Lifesciences Magazine


Nuclera’s Breakthrough in Protein Expression Technology

Nuclera, a biotechnology company specializing in expediting protein expression and purification processes, has achieved a significant milestone with the successful installation of its eProtein Discovery™ system. The innovative benchtop system, designed to optimize protein expression, has been deployed in 11 prominent academic institutions, including renowned names like the University College London, the University of Cambridge, and the University of Manchester.

Revolutionizing Protein Expression Workflows

The eProtein Discovery system represents a leap forward in protein expression technology. It was first launched at the University of Southampton and has since garnered attention from leading academic institutes across the UK and Europe. By streamlining protein expression optimization processes, the eProtein Discovery system addresses a critical challenge in drug discovery: the timely and cost-effective production of custom protein reagents.

Accelerating Drug Discovery Processes

With installations scheduled to continue throughout 2024, Nuclera’s eProtein Discovery platform is poised to revolutionize drug discovery workflows. By significantly reducing the time and resources required for protein production, the eProtein Discovery system accelerates drug discovery processes by up to 30 times. This acceleration not only expedites the development of new therapeutics but also ensures that patients receive much-needed treatments faster.

Dr. Michael Chen, CEO and co-founder of Nuclera, expressed excitement about the commercial launch of the eProtein Discovery platform and its impact on drug development. He emphasized the importance of providing researchers with access to streamlined protein production solutions to drive innovation and advance patient care.

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