Top 5 HealthTech Startups in India: 2023

Best 5 HealthTech Startups in India: 2023 | The Lifesciences Magazine

These new companies and HealthTech Startups in India are leveraging technology to reinvent medicine for the benefit of researchers, patients, and clinicians. This is a positive development for all parties involved. In the realm of medicine, the use of various technological advancements, such as blockchain and artificial intelligence, in addition to big data analysis and the connectivity of internet-connected items, play an essential role.

There has been a shift toward placing a greater focus on the use of HealthTech Startups in Indian medical industry, and as a direct consequence of this shift, new companies have been established to profit from this trend. These recently established companies have come up with novel approaches to diagnose and treat patients, increased the number of treatment alternatives that are available at more reasonable prices, and sped up the procedure of drug research and development.

Here Are the Top 5 Healthtech Startups in India;

1. Loop Health

Loop Health is the only company to provide group health insurance that includes an in-house medical staff that assists you in taking care of your workers in HealthTech Startups in India. They have created a centralized location for primary care doctors, specialist networks, and health insurance companies to work together.

They are working on developing a health assurance system that will include both insurers and doctors in taking an ongoing interest in their client’s well-being and health over some time. In addition to this, they include a preventative care component by placing more emphasis on health than on illness.

Founded year: 2018

Founded by: Mayank Kale and Ryan Singh

Funding: Loop Health has raised $12 million in a Series A round from Silicon Valley’s Vinod Khosla-led Khosla Ventures, YC Continuity Fund, and Tribe Capital.

Based: Pune, Maharashtra

HealthTech Startups in India

2. BloodSure

Blood Sure is a HealthTech startup in India and their families are in touch with the most suitable blood donor for their needs. The company was established to eliminate the scarcity of blood in India and provide assistance to individuals in the case of an unexpected emergency or accident. This far, it has been successful in reaching around 20,000 patients.

Best 5 HealthTech Startups in India: 2023 | The Lifesciences Magazine

YFounded Year: 2012

Founded By: Raghav Baldwa

Based Out of Indore

Funding: Has received $5k in the year 2013 in seed funding.

HealthTech Startups in India

3. Consure Medical

Consure Medical is a health tech startup company in the field of medical equipment, and the company’s primary emphasis is on the development of medical devices for the management of critical care patients and long-term patients. The Stanford-India Biodesign (SIB) initiative served as the incubator for the new business.

Founded Year: 2012

Founded By: Amit Sharma and Nishith Chasmawala

HealthTech Startups in India

4. DocTalk

DocTalk is primarily a mobile application that gives its customers the ability to securely save all of their medical reports and information in the cloud, freeing them from the need of ever again carrying their files with them. The company plans to develop an application for a virtual assistant that is based on artificial intelligence to make India’s health tech startup ecosystem more straightforward.

Best 5 HealthTech Startups in India: 2023 | The Lifesciences Magazine

Founded Year: 2016

Founded By: Akshat Goenka, Vamsee Chamakura

Based Out of: Mumbai

Funding: Has received $5 Million from Khosla Ventures, Altair capital, YC partner, and Matrix partners.

HealthTech Startups in India

5. Neurosynaptic

NeuroSynaptic is a young startup company in the field of health technology that provides eHealth and mHealth technology solutions. The ecosystem for the delivery of healthtech startups in India may benefit from these solutions since they help bring together goods, procedures, and partners.

With the assistance of its cloud-based telemedicine platform known as ReMeDi (Remote Medical Diagnostics), the newly launched business was established to deliver reasonably priced medical treatment to people living in rural and semi-urban regions to healthtech startups.

Founded year: 2002

Founded By: Sameer Sawarkar, Rajeev Kumar

Based Out of: Bangalore

Funding: Has received an undisclosed amount from Indian Angel Network, Axilor Ventures, e-Zest Solutions, and Healthquad.

HealthTech Startups in India


Starting a business is not everyone’s cup of tea. Especially if it is in a competitive industry like healthcare, it becomes even more challenging. While some aspiring entrepreneurs fail to meet the need of the hour and eventually close their startups, some come out victorious, perfectly balancing demands, opportunities, and resources. These 5 health tech startups in India are perfect examples of the latter. Stay tuned for more informative and insightful content.

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