Covid-19 Vaccines for Kids Ages 5 to 11, Here’s What to Know

Covid-19 Vaccines For Kids Ages 5 To 11, Here Are 7 Best Pointers | The Lifesciences Magazine

Kids are sensitive in terms of health as they are still developing in terms of immunity, height, weight, and other aspects of development. The COVID-19 vaccines for kids were a topic of discussion for quite a while as safety was the concern. Parents of kids aged 5 to 11 years had to wait for quite some time in order to get their kids vaccinated. The vaccine was approved for adults in December 2020-post nine months into the pandemic. The vaccine was approved for adults, as it did not demonstrate any heinous side effects. But in the case of children, it took some time for the Food and Drug Association (FDA), to give the approval for vaccinations for kids.

It was so because kids are sensitive and not as ready immunity-wise as adults are. The health mechanism and the overall development are still happening when it comes to kids of 5 to 11 years of age. In February the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention took the step in adding the COVID-19 vaccines for kids to its schedule of childhood immunization after it was proven safe.

For Parents to Know the Safety of the Covid-19 Vaccines for Kids Ages 5 to 11 Years, Here Are a Few Pointers:

1. Vaccination helps to protect children from COVID-19

The COVID-19 vaccines for kids prevent them from falling too sick. The vaccination will save the kid from getting a severe covid infection and hospitalization is not needed. Children who already suffer from some medical ailments can get a severe covid infection. So, in order to protect them from contracting the infection, give them the vaccine and keep them secure.

2. Some side effects can happen

The COVID-19 vaccines for kids have little or no side effects on kids. If side effects happen, they will only be as per the regular vaccines that kids have. A bit stronger immunity-oriented kids will not have any side effects. Kids who are a bit on the weaker side will show mild side effects like fever and drowsiness. That too not much.  

3. Smaller dose than teens or adults

Covid-19 Vaccines For Kids Ages 5 To 11, Here Are 7 Best Pointers | The Lifesciences Magazine

The dose of COVID-19 vaccines for kids is lesser as compared to teens or adults. It was believed that the amount of vaccination is decided by the child’s size or weight. It is not the case, it is dependent on the age of the kid at the time of giving him/her the vaccine. This is also a fact in the case of other vaccines like hepatitis A or hepatitis B.

4. Vaccinate your kid even after contracting COVID

The COVID-19 vaccines for kids should be given to them even after they have contracted the infection pre-vaccination. It acts as a protective shield for the kid and always an extra layer of protection in case of kids is ideal. For kids who have been infected with covid, their vaccine should be scheduled after 3 months.

5. Can my kid take other vaccines on the same day?

Routine vaccines are essential preventive care that is not to be ignored. If a time comes when the kid has to take two to three vaccines at a time, all the vaccines will be given on different sides of the body. There is a logic behind it according to doctors. The particular body parts are developed enough to bear a vaccine shot. E.g. on the arm, on the waist, or on either part of the body.

6. It is safe for kids

Covid-19 Vaccines For Kids Ages 5 To 11, Here Are 7 Best Pointers | The Lifesciences Magazine

The COVID-19 vaccines for kids are absolutely safe and all testing has been conducted to ensure the same. The Food and Drug Association (FDA), has conducted trials and approved the vaccine to be safe for kids aged 5 to 11 years of age. Harsh reactions are an exception, but it should not be overlooked by parents or guardians. The benefits of the COVID-19 vaccines for kids are proven safe and cause no complications after injecting the same.

7. Is it really necessary to vaccinate kids?

Young children are less likely to get severely affected by the virus, but they can spread the virus to other people. To stop the community spread, and also to protect your family from the widespread, it is important to vaccinate your kids. Parents must consider this as an additional vaccine in the list of vaccines that they need to give to their kids.

Benefits of vaccinating kids:

1. Prevents other variants:

As the virus keeps on getting mutated, new variants keep on evolving at regular intervals and keep spreading in the community. The new variants while similar to the existing virus, have minor differences in symptoms shown by people who are infected by the new variant, hence it is better to vaccinate the kids.

2. Protects the community spread:

The COVID-19 vaccines for kids protect the kids from getting affected by it again and again, due to low immunity. Even after taking the vaccine, if the kid is affected, take him to a doctor and get him checked for any health risks.

3. Brings children back to normalcy:

Covid-19 Vaccines For Kids Ages 5 To 11, Here Are 7 Best Pointers | The Lifesciences Magazine

The COVID-19 vaccines for kids will help them to enjoy their everyday playful and mischievous lives. The kids can go back to their everyday lives by playing different sports, hobby classes, and other activities that they enjoy in their leisure time after they are vaccinated. Studies are also an important task that cannot be ignored on their part.


When it comes to kids, it is always better to be safe than sorry. Not only kids, everyone contributes to the increase of covid, so it is not advised to take it lightly at any given point. It depends on the health of the kids, as to how intensely they will be affected by the virus. Keeping kids away from the virus is through vaccinating them by all means. Consult the doctor about whatever doubts exist in your mind. Be relaxed and take the vaccinations of the kids seriously. Follow the rules of the government and take action according to the rules laid down.

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