CEMPIA – Revolutionizing the Healthcare Industry

CEMPIA - Revolutionizing the Healthcare Industry | Anupam Chatterjee | The Lifesciences Magazine

Our lives now revolve around technology. It is a wonderful supplement to human intelligence, enabling you to make better use of the knowledge you already possess. Technology has the ability to increase healthcare’s effectiveness, safety, and quality.

With the help of his incredibly effective staff, Mr. Anupam Chatterjee, founder and CEO of CEMPIA, is a visionary who is passionate about cutting-edge technology and is bringing about revolutionary improvements in the healthcare industry.

Customers Experience Management Platforms for Insights and Actions is referred to as CEMPIA. To understand patient experience at all hospital touchpoints, CEMPIA is a multi-channel, multi-lingual, digital patient experience management platform.

Discover Mr. Anupam’s business path from the start and their extensive offers in the digital environment by having a conversation with him.

1. What motivated you to found the business? Please give us a CEMPIA primer.

I worked for an incorporated company until 2008. My goal was to climb the corporate ladder quickly, so I chose to study for my MBA at MIT Sloan and HEC Paris. This was a life-changing experience for me since it inspired me to develop things, change the future, create jobs, give back to society, and improve the planet. I joined teams focused on business innovation and capability building when I first started working after earning my MBA, and I soon began triumphing in entrepreneurship competitions. This ability to innovate and excel in business issues motivated me to start TheDecisionLabs in 2014.

Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.

André Gide

A production business with a focus on customer experience management is called TheDecisionLabs. We currently provide three products: CEMPIA, Liveserviz, and KlikHelp.

2. What difficulties did you initially encounter?

We work in the area of customer experience, which has a particular reputation in India, where we first established ourselves. In India, customer experience is typically associated with an air hostess, a receptionist, a call from the contact center, or a guest relations agent in the hotel lobby. We seldom ever consider using an analytics embedded platform to improve client experience. Therefore, raising awareness of product-based CX and establishing a category are gratifying and demanding tasks.

3. Which event led to the company’s expansion and when?

After starting TheDecisionLabs in October 2014, we gained traction in late 2015 and early 2017, and then, in 2017, we had our first breakthrough in Malaysia, which is when CEMPIA began to expand and go global. We began producing top-notch goods for the global market as our horizons grew.

4. How has the CEMPIA graph evolved since its inception? Could you provide some statistics?

TheDecisionLabs has come a long way in the previous six years from a small setup in a garage in Indiranagar, Bangalore to expanding operations outside India and having 9 international partners with product deployments in six countries. The company’s flagship product, CEMPIA, specializes in patient experience management, but we are currently receiving a lot of attention from the hospitality, banking, retail, etc. industries. We are now concentrating on remote service management with Liveserviz and a real-time automated support system called KlikHelp thanks to the introduction of COVID. As a result, we are expanding our geographic and sector reach as well as our product line.

5. What accounts for the sustained success of your business?

Our success over the previous 6 years, in my opinion, has been fueled by 2 key factors.

Obsession with our customers and doing everything possible to ensure their success

Constant innovation to stay on top of the newest technology and market demands

6. What goods and services does CEMPIA prioritize? How do your services differ from those offered by competitors?

Customers Experience Management Platforms for Insights and Actions is the abbreviation for CEMPIA (cempia.com). To understand patient experience at all hospital touchpoints, CEMPIA is a multi-channel, multi-lingual, digital patient experience management platform. Additionally useful applications of CEMPIA include operational analysis, staff appreciation, and customer intelligence. Through a number of applications, CEMPIA collects patient input, ideas, and complaints and addresses any issues in real time.

CEMPIA is a Multi-channel, Multi-lingual, Digital Patient Experience Management Platform to understand Patient Experience at every touch-point in the Hospital.

Liveserviz is a service experience management tool with extensive analytics included in (liveserviz.com). Through numerous digital platforms, customers can easily engage with service providers and receive real-time assistance.

KlikHelp: (klikhelp.com) KlikHelp is a Conversational AI-based Communication Experience Management Solution designed to improve communication between businesses and their clients. With KlikHelp, users may contact their service providers whenever, wherever, and however they like.

7. How did you make the decision to expand on CEMPIA in terms of your goods and services?

The next stage of a tech startup founder’s product evolution is determined by how current the company is with regards to emerging technologies and market demands.

8. Are there any new items or services on the list? Do you have anything exciting to share?

The world will fundamentally change after COVID, particularly how people connect with one another. With the new demands of the future world in mind, we have just launched Liveserviz and are in the final stages of developing KlikHelp. The self-service, digital contact, social isolation, remote connections, and a large number of automated operations will define the new world. Liveserviz and KlikHelp are contributing to the creation of the new world and improving its comfort and accessibility.

9. What obligations do you believe an entrepreneur has?

Three key characteristics resist an entrepreneur’s obligations.

  • Selecting the greatest personnel and motivating them
  • Keep the organization’s goals and values front and center at all times.
  • Make sure there is always money in the bank to keep the engine going.

10. Please provide us with a brief overview of your professional background.

For around ten years, I worked in a corporation. From Fortune 500 corporations to Silicon Valley-funded businesses took ten years. In my previous position, I oversaw the capacity generation unit at WNS Global Services as VP and Lead Consultant. Academically, I hold an MS from the Indian Statistical Institute and an MBA with a specialty in Global Strategy Management from Harvard Business School from HEC Paris and MIT Sloan (IEP), thanks to MIT-Harvard cross-registration. Being an entrepreneur and running TheDecisionLabs for the past six years.

11. What are your entrepreneurial journey’s major accomplishments?

In my entrepreneurial path, I have had the good fortune to acquire numerous accolades and recognition on a global scale. I’ve been invited to speak at events and have been highlighted in numerous international magazines. To name a few, he won the best health tech platforming Philippines, was invited by the Thai government to speak at Start-up Thailand, placed second in the DEXIC European Innovation Challenge, and was honored with the most innovative patient experience management programme from CII upon his return to India.

My team, my excellent mentors and advisors, my family’s support, and other factors all contributed to my achievement.

12. How do you care for your staff? What distinguishes your team?

I make an effort to hire the top fitness experts that are driven and put their work before their own financial gain. I always provide them with challenges and make sure they have the freedom to think creatively and show off their talent. Despite the fact that we are just starting out, it is crucial to provide them with a feeling of financial certainty. Additionally, each year we give presents to every team member to show our thanks for their joining the TheDecisionLabs family.

13. Do you have a unique client experience you would like to share?

Many of my clients have grown to feel like my extended family over time, and I do my best to ease their problems. In many cases, the client has been upfront about their problems and how we can help them; this trust and sense of partnership is what makes the journey worthwhile. Most of the time, we are collaborating for a better result and a better planet.

14. Whose company success story inspires you the most?

I value creativity. when you invent something fresh and improve the world. Recently, I’ve found OYO’s Ritesh Agarwal to be incredibly encouraging. He came up with an excellent business plan and carried it out flawlessly.

15. Continuous watchfulness: A need or a tactic? Please express your opinions.

It’s similar to flying a kite in that you sometimes let it float and other times you make a few threads tug to achieve a balance, which is the ideal mix.

16. There is a rat race going on. How are you handling that?

When I went to Rishikesh in December of last year, it had a big impact on me. I don’t evaluate myself against anyone else. I’m on a journey, not a race, and I’m meeting people along the way, enjoying the exchanges, and slowly but surely making progress in the right direction.

CEO and founder Anupam Chatterjee

TheDecisionLabs’ founder and CEO is Anupam. In the fields of analytics, product development, and new business innovation, Anupam has more than 16 years of experience. Anupam, who holds an MBA from HEC Paris and MIT Sloan (IEP), an MS in Quantitative Economics from the Indian Statistical Institute, and a strategy specialization from Harvard Business School, is the leader of a team of exceptionally talented individuals working in the fields of analytics, technology, big data, social, mobile, cloud, and consulting. With advanced analytics, they have produced a number of analytics products for customer experience management. Working with the best hospitals, The Decision Labs (CEMPIA) is developing cutting-edge experiences with in-depth analytics and action workflows.

Anupam has received an invitation to join the Senior Executive Fellows programme at the prestigious Harvard Kennedy School of Government because of his ongoing work in the healthcare sector over the past six years in several Asian nations. This is an honour that very few Indians have received to date and represents an example of a successful bootstrapped profitable venture that has touched millions of lives.

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