BGI Genomics Unveils Enhanced NIFTY Prenatal Testing Kit with DNBSEQ-G99 Platform

BGI Genomics Introduces NIFTY Prenatal Testing Kit with DNBSEQ-G99 Platform | The Lifesciences Magazine


Introduction to Enhanced Prenatal Testing Kit

BGI Europe A/S, a subsidiary of BGI Genomics, has introduced an upgraded version of its NIFTY® non-invasive prenatal testing kit. The new iteration incorporates the cutting-edge DNBSEQ-G99 platform, aimed at providing faster and more accurate prenatal genetic testing results. This development comes as part of BGI Genomics’ commitment to advancing genetic testing technologies for improved prenatal care.

Key Features of the DNBSEQ-G99 Platform

The DNBSEQ-G99 platform boasts several key features designed to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of prenatal genetic testing. Firstly, it significantly reduces sequencing time to just 3 hours, leading to a total process time of only 14 hours from sample collection to report generation. This rapid turnaround time alleviates the anxiety often experienced by expecting families awaiting test results. Additionally, the platform offers flexibility, allowing for the processing of varying sample sizes in a single run, thus minimizing reagent waste and cutting costs.

Furthermore, it supports various sequencing modes and is suitable for a wide range of tests, including pre-embryo transplantation chromosome testing and monogenic disease carrier screening. Lastly, the platform is designed for simplicity, featuring a cassette flow cell and pre-injected reagent design to streamline the sequencing process and make it user-friendly for operators.

BGI Genomics’ Commitment to Precision Medicine

BGI Genomics has been at the forefront of non-invasive prenatal genetic testing since 2010. The NIFTY® testing kit has received medical device qualifications in several countries, including the United Kingdom, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, India, and Thailand. By continually upgrading its prenatal and neonatal tests, BGI Genomics aims to contribute to better public health systems and outcomes globally. Guided by its vision of “Omics for all,” the company remains dedicated to enhancing genetic testing technologies, thereby advancing global precision medicine and improving lives. This latest innovation underscores BGI Genomics’ ongoing commitment to innovation and excellence in the field of genetic testing.

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