A Sound Machine for Sleep: Improve Your Sleep Cycle

A Sound Machine for Sleep: 3 Best Tips To Improve Your Sleep Cycle | The Lifesciences Magazine

The barking of a dog sounds irritating when you’re trying to sleep in that peaceful environment, isn’t it? But the whumping sound of a ceiling fan at a comfortable speed is just the right sound you need to sleep. The point is that the environment can be quite disturbing and rarely gives the comforting sounds you need. So, a sound machine for sleep can work wonders in such a case. There are times like on weekends when we’ve had a long week and need a good nap to refresh, but the environment has decided not to cooperate with giving out disturbing noises. To lessen them and to increase sleep-induced sounds, a sound machine is just the right thing for you. 

That machine will diminish the unpleasant sounds in our environment. Additional noise can deteriorate the other existing noise for a fact! Adding noise to noise is a technique proven by sleep experts continuously researching the sleep patterns of humans. Sound is one of the main reasons for spoiling a much-needed nap time. So, to enhance the sleep cycle, a sound machine can help you get good sleep. These are called white noises. 

Here Is How A Sound Machine For Sleep Can Help:

1. Less irritability

A Sound Machine for Sleep: 3 Best Tips To Improve Your Sleep Cycle | The Lifesciences Magazine

White noise is the push you need to sleep better. As the bought sound machine for sleep produces that white noise, listening to it you’re more than calm. While you listen to that and try to sleep, you feel peaceful and relaxed, the speed of thoughts in your mind is reduced and you feel comfortable. You automatically sigh in relief and feel more immersed in the whole atmosphere you’ve created for yourself. As all of this happens using the sound machine for sleep, you automatically go into an inner peace feel and enjoy the sleep, while waking up fresh. 

2. Undisturbed sleep

Adding sounds to the existing sound disturbances may be overlooked and unbelievable. But ita the truth. The white noises are a friend when you need a deep sleep or at least a good nap. The sound machine for sleep does just that for you. It will help you sleep well and feel refreshed. As the sleep cycle is completed well enough, you get to experience undisturbed and good sleep. Due to the sound machine for sleep, you are not disturbed or distracted by the outer noise. It gives you a serene experience. You feel fresh and happy when you’re up from deep sleep. 

3. The wall between opposite noises

A Sound Machine for Sleep: 3 Best Tips To Improve Your Sleep Cycle | The Lifesciences Magazine

The white noise produced by the machine acts as a wall between the disturbing noise and the white noise. The sound machine for sleep lessens the outer environment noises, helping you to get better sleep. As the intensity of outer noise is decreased, the machine’s noise helps you to concentrate more on its noise. Automatically you start paying less heed to the unpleasant sounds around you and get a good sleep. White noises are the best things for mankind to get relaxed and have a good night’s sleep. 

How to Choose a Sound Machine for Sleep:

1. Make sure the sound goes off automatically

A good sound machine for sleep will have a function of setting a timer. The timer will help to switch off the machine automatically, without you manually doing it. Also, some machines have a feature of switching on after some time again to ensure sleep is continued. Check for such machines and buy according to your sleep cycle. Study your sleep cycle and buy according to your needs. Ask someone who uses a similar machine and then make a buying decision. 

2. Decide on the color of the noise

There are three basic colors of noise: White, brown, and pink. A simple example of white noise is the sound of an air conditioner. It’s soothing to hear and helps us fall asleep. On the other hand, pink noise is the combination of high and low frequencies that are more natural than white noise. Brown noise is a bit on the rougher side and may not suit everyone for falling asleep. It depends from one person to another. 

3. Loud sound is a no

For the sound machine for sleep that you’re thinking of buying, make sure it does not have too high-frequency sound. It will deteriorate the whole process of good sleep and make you feel irritated even more. This will make you active due to thoughts of irritation and anxiety, which will in turn affect the sleep cycle even more. Your hearing abilities will be affected by it and it will do no good for you.

A Sound Machine for Sleep: 3 Best Tips To Improve Your Sleep Cycle | The Lifesciences Magazine

The ideal sound machine for sleep should make a sound not louder than 60 decibels. And for infants, the sound should be even less than 60 decibels. And do not place the machine into the baby’s crib as it secretes some frequencies that are harmful to the baby’s brain development and functioning.

Why Does White Noise Put Us to Sleep?

The white noise calms us down and secretes Melatonin in the brain, a sleep-induced hormone. The flow of the hormones increases and relaxes us while putting us to sleep. The white noise acts as a blockage or a wall and keeps away unpleasant noises that encourage disturbance in our sleep. It acts as a training method for our mind to relax and be calm. It is somewhat similar to meditation. An important thing is, it helps to stay asleep. Staying asleep for a long time is difficult for some people. It induces the same and lets people sleep for a substantial amount of time. 


A sound machine for sleep can work wonders if you’re planning to buy one. As the sleep cycle is improved, you are more active than before, enhancing your thinking capacities and imparting a good quality of life. According to sleep experts, 10% to 30% of the total world’s population suffers from insomnia.

A sound machine for sleep is not only for people with insomnia issues but also for people who are looking for a better sleeping pattern. A good amount of rest and sleep will help you be active and fresh the next day. Compromising on sleep has become habitual among people, to provide food on the plate. But, considering a bit of self-care will not make you less responsible. So take care of your sleep patterns and have a good nap with the sound machine, whenever required. Happy sleeping! 

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