11 Ways Technology Can Help Seniors Live on Their Own

11 Ways Technology Can Help Seniors Live on Their Own | The Lifesciences Magazine

Senior citizens in our house are technologically challenged. We should help them by teaching them ways technology can help seniors. Though we can see some senior citizens use technology and the internet like every individual. Still, there are some people who need help. Seniors are hesitant towards trying new technologies as they know nothing and might end up causing a blunder, is what they think.

Technology can help seniors in unexpected ways. Some smart home devices and easy to operate make life better. Camera installation inside and outside the house, safe locks with punching code, and mobile apps for tracking physical activity are some examples of the same. Technology can help seniors by making their daily life easier. Easy movements like switching on the fan, tv, sliding the curtains to a side, etc can be done using electronic systems these days.

Here Are 11 Ways in Which Technology Can Help Seniors Live on Their Own:

1. Tracking the entrance door:

Technologies like an intercom and cameras set up at the entrance door are technology can help seniors. As we say, technology can help seniors, this is one of the most important aspects. Senior citizens can sit at a place and open up the phone app attached to the camera to interact with the person standing outside. It is necessary for their security to avoid any mishaps, as not every visitor can be trusted. Also, there’s a risk of senior citizens falling while attending the person at the door. 

2. Entertainment:

11 Ways Technology Can Help Seniors Live on Their Own | The Lifesciences Magazine

Technology can help seniors to entertain themselves as well. They can listen to music of their time, watch movies and get nostalgic with the memories attached to it. It’ll result in them learning the technology with interest. They’ll not behave in a hesitant manner.

3. Contacting loved ones:

Technology can help seniors in establishing contact with their loved ones whenever needed. Especially in situations of emergency. Contacting via video calls, voice calls, leaving voice messages for emergencies, sending danger alerts via apps on the phone, etc are some of the technology benefits for them.

4. Providing medical information:

There are various apps on the phone these days. This technology can help seniors to store their previous medical history. Senior citizens will be able to send important signs or issues they’re facing via the help of these apps. It helps to track health overall.

5. Placing orders for food:

Not only food but grocery items too, are delivered to our doorsteps these days. This technology can help seniors in a great way as the hassle of going to a grocery store doesn’t exist. Also, necessary medicines can be ordered via online apps. 

6. Portable magnifiers:

These are also known as handheld magnifiers. Their high-quality lens allows senior citizens to curb the issue of low visibility. They are as small as to fit in the pockets. They can be worn to see things closely or held in the hand to watch objects closely.

7. Using stove alarms:

11 Ways Technology Can Help Seniors Live on Their Own | The Lifesciences Magazine

Stoves which in-built features for setting an alarm. It’s like putting on a timer to avoid burning food and forgetting about the kept food on the stove. The alarm makes a noise that is a reminder to check the thing kept on it. It allows no over-cooking or undercooking. The most important aspect is it prevents from a fire breaking out.

8. Adjustable shower head:

There are shower heads that can be adjusted according to the height and position of the person. For senior citizens, this is an important thing as they will get flexibility in the bathroom. A non-movable shower head adds restrictions to their activities inside the bathroom. Also if there’s a slippery part where the non-movable shower is fixed, it’s a highly risk thing for our senior citizens.   

9. Smart lights:

There are smart lights that can be operated over the phone. Switching them on and off, turning the colors of the lights, adjusting the fan speed, etc are some of the things which can be done. This is a good technological advantage that is available to senior citizens. 

10. Devices like Alexa:

11 Ways Technology Can Help Seniors Live on Their Own | The Lifesciences Magazine

Alexa is a multi-purpose gadget used for entertainment and setting reminders. For senior citizens who live alone, it is an amazing gadget to be at hand. There are abundant uses for voice-assisted devices like Alexa. It can set reminders, be used as a smart speaker, call friends and relatives, asked any information, and many more uses.  

11. Wearables:

In this category, smart watches enabled with GPS technology are the most common. The most surprising thing is the smart jewelry available these days. It has location tracking and also danger alert alarms. Those alarms can be heard only by the person who wears them.

Benefits of smart devices for senior citizens:

  1. Security: Technologies like cameras, intercoms, and GPS tracking help us to track them wherever they are.
  2. Convenience: All these technologies are hugely convenient for them. Grocery shopping, medicines, and other products if any are delivered to the doorstep. In short, any types of delivery are available at your place without any hassles.
  3. Entertainment: Listening to music, watching movies and podcasts, or interviews with favorite personalities is a good thing for passing time. Senior citizens look for passing time and find ways continuously for the same. Technology has come to its rescue in this aspect.
  4. Social connect: If they learn to use social media, then there’s no stopping. They will be fully engrossed in finding their friends and acquaintances on various social media platforms. It benefits them as they come in touch with old friends and may plan to meet them too and have a good time together.   


New technology can be seen as overwhelming to absorb and understand. But, if it makes life easier, especially for senior citizens who live alone then why not consider using it? Now is the perfect time for our senior members in the house to get accustomed to the new technology gadgets. It gives them a secure living and allows them to survive in the ease and comfort of the home. They are independent. Nobody has to rely on them to get things done for them. Technology is a boon for senior citizens to pass the time and be secure as well. Both these aspects are equally important.   

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