10 Healthy Thanksgiving Activities for Family & Friends

10 Healthy Thanksgiving Activities for Family & Friends | The Lifesciences Magazine

With family and friends, thanksgiving activities are the most jovial period to remember. On each occasion, the family remembers what they did the last time, and how it is different now, and the discussion continues. Families and friends get nostalgic for the feeling of celebrating the Thanksgiving activities themselves. A get-together setup wherein, all relatives, friends, and family come together to celebrate the family itself and depict gratitude and respect for each other. It bonds the family together, de-clutters any disputes prevailing, and all negativity is pushed out of the house when it is Thanksgiving Day.

All activities like preparing the turkey feast, board games, thanking each other, and, respecting each other are the main agenda of the Thanksgiving activities.  But the problem persists in when health is not given much heed. A full family with relatives and friends contains a lot of people of different ages, genders, and their respective health conditions. People do not tend to listen when an environment of joy and, gratification persists.

Here are10 Healthy Thanksgiving Activities For Family And Friends:

1. Go out in nature

There are some nearby parts in your residing area that are green and allow us to be in the lap of nature for some time. If such a small hill or eminence exists, head out there as a part of your Thanksgiving activities. Starting it with peace of mind, hanging out with family and friends, and beginning with a good walk-in nature is the best thing to do. It creates a bond as you have great conversations and creates memories.

2. Bring consciousness to the table

We’re sure the mashed potatoes are super tasty with butter, cream, and salt in more than-normal quantities. But, why not try to replace the same with something healthy and tasty too? Bring to the table some sugar-free items that will be beneficial for all. Especially to elders who suffer from some or other health issues. Do you want to enjoy it at a cost? Of course, not. Replace the sugary, buttery, and heavy cream items with substitutes.

3. Play outdoor games

10 Healthy Thanksgiving Activities for Family & Friends | The Lifesciences Magazine

Who doesn’t like playing games, isn’t it? As a fun activity, plan some outdoor games to make the environment lively. The main agenda behind outdoor games is the fun element and lets you be a child at heart again. Running around in the backyard, playing pranks while playing, and especially cheating during the play are the best things that create memories. Reminiscing on childhood memories and being nostalgic while discussing will make the Thanksgiving activities more fun and enjoyable.

4. Keep hydrating yourself

Whether on a hike, playing outdoor games, or the foods you consume, keep yourself hydrated. In terms of foods, we tend to consume sodium-laden foods, or physical activities leave us thirsty and dehydrated. So, consuming natural fruit juices and non-sugary liquids like buttermilk or similar will help you not go less in moisture inside the body.

5. Express your gratitude

Being thankful, expressing respect and gratitude towards the people at the table who are there with you always through thick and thin, is the theme of the Thanksgiving activities. Take this as an opportunity and be grateful for the family you have. There will be children with you who’ll witness all of this that’s going around them and will carry on the legacy. 

6. Offer to help

10 Healthy Thanksgiving Activities for Family & Friends | The Lifesciences Magazine

Those who deliver meals and soup kitchens are always in need of some help, especially as Thanksgiving Day approaches. Make a pact to help them as much as possible, especially by giving them a hand to carry on their operations smoothly. Offering help to someone on this occasion is a noble deed and it will make the workload a lot lesser too, of the delivery and soup kitchens.

7. Pre-turkey jog

A day where all the family and friends come together is a day where you do not feel like paying any heed to your health. That is exactly what needs to change. Take the plunge and encourage everyone for a morning jog or a run. Give rewards to those who’ll join you for the jog, and give announcements the same. Recognition is a thing that will make people join you.  

8. Have a health-induced breakfast

After the jog, naturally, you will be hungry. Still talking in the context of health, make a healthy and nutrition-rich breakfast. Have one meal balanced at least, if lunch or dinner is going to be full of sugar, butter, cream, and all things unhealthy.

9. A brisk walk, at least

If jogging or running pre-celebration isn’t your thing due to health issues, you can at least head for a brisk walk. A good and brisk walk will encourage you to feel active, fresh and be a child amongst others as you are fresh and happy. You will be able to better jell with others irrespective of their age, as the brisk walk has prepared you for a day-long physical activity. All of this is because of the Thanksgiving activities that are so well-planned.

10. Encourage everyone to a meditation session

10 Healthy Thanksgiving Activities for Family & Friends | The Lifesciences Magazine

Before the fun and frolic begin, make an announcement for a quick 10-minute meditation session. During the Thanksgiving activities, what the meditation will do is, help to clear thoughts of tension and stress. When a whole lot of family and friends come together, there are some thoughts of past experiences that carry some negativity in the minds of people. A quick 10-minute meditation will help de-cluttering the same and make everyone at peace and positive.


Healthy Thanksgiving activities are under-rated and not an ideal plan to do according to people. The tongue wants to taste at all times. In the midst of pleasing the tongue with taste, the other body parts suffer. We don’t want you to suffer like that, hence the plan for health-oriented Thanksgiving activities is what we’ve laid in front of you. As all of us know health is wealth, but it isn’t much considered due to the tongue’s tantrums. But, it shouldn’t always be the case, right?

Let’s all take a pledge to celebrate the upcoming Thanksgiving Day with keeping health in mind. If you need more suggestions, feel free to comment or contact us via any means. Always here to help and more than happy to guide. Celebrate the day by keeping good health and spreading the same message too! All thanks to Thanksgiving Day.   

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