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Ulatus - Pioneer of Language Solution | Shilpa Mittal | The Lifesciences Magazine

A language solution is what? Yes, Ulatus is excellent at the language we speak, but speaking is only one aspect of a language. Language comes in a variety of dialects and forms. Language solutions are necessary because not everyone is fluent in English or the native tongue of another person. Shilpa Mittal is a trailblazer in this regard.

In the area of varied language solutions, Crimson Interactive is a pioneer and a world leader. Over 2 million authors and clients in 125 countries have benefited from its services in achieving outstanding communication outcomes. Let’s talk to Shilpa Mittal, the head of the Ulatus translation business, to find out more about what Crimson Interactive does.

1] Describe Crimson Interactive for us.

Leading language solutions are offered by Crimson Interactive. It supports authors and scholars all around the world in getting their work published in prestigious, global publications. Crimson Interactive has soared high, increasing from strength to strength, with each adventure, each accomplishment, and each expedition.

Crimson Interactive has clients distributed across 125 countries, exceptional quality delivery, and innovation at its disposal. Ulatus take pride in the fact that we continue to have strong relationships with a number of our clients, including Panasonic, MIT, Netflix, and American Express. The main office of Crimson Interactive is in Mumbai, and it also has locations in China, Korea, Japan, and the US.

Enago (English editing), Ulatus (language translation), and Voxtab (transcription), three of Crimson Interactive’s core brands, operate to provide authors with specific language solutions. The top provider of translation and localization services worldwide and in India is Ulatus.

It has received recognition as one of the top 10 providers of pharma and life science technology solutions as well as one of the top 75 translation service providers worldwide. Reaching a worldwide audience and providing localization for certain markets are made possible for authors and academics with translation needs.

2] Would you kindly tell us a little bit about your professional background?

I was able to get excellent professional prospects at prestigious financial companies like Citibank, HSBC, and Morgan Stanley since I am a Chartered Accountant with an All-India Rank. I have done research on equities and have worked on treasury teams. Ulatus then transpired, and I have since been concentrating on expanding this brand.

3] What gave you the idea to launch this business?

I’ve always been a really ambitious person who was driven to challenge preconceptions and carve a niche for herself in the most difficult environments. It all began with my decision to pursue a career in finance, which at the time was a field exclusively for men. The fact that the finance sector is dominated by men did not prevent me from trying to succeed and advance there, and I am happy to say that I was successful in doing so.

But I was aware that my aspirations went beyond merely adhering to orders and working with the mindset of others; I wanted to launch and lead my own business. Ulatus came about in such a manner. My desire to launch my business in this sector was primarily motivated by the industry’s difficulties.

4] What difficulties did you first face?

Given the size of the translation market, it takes significant work to even be recognized as a brand. Ulatus began by establishing ourselves as authorities in offering language solutions in particular for Asian languages because there is intense rivalry in this field, and entering and surviving it demands one to be unique and specialized.

The fact that this sector is constantly changing, from one language to another and from one service to another, presents additional difficulty (translation, localization, technological solutions, etc.).

The state of technology is always improving. As a result, Crimson Interactive must also continually improve the services Ulatus provide to clients. This necessitates ongoing market research and innovation. We took the challenge early on in our narrative and successfully overcame it of building a staff capable of handling various special client needs. Ulatus’ current success should be credited to its diligent and knowledgeable staff.

5] What was the turning point that led to the company’s expansion?

With our superior quality and service delivery, Crimson Interactive has been able to win the trust of numerous customers. Customer satisfaction and experience are of the utmost importance, and I firmly believe that each and every one of our customers has had a part in our success.

But if I had to pinpoint the exact moment, it would have been the opening of some significant business relationships with top pharmaceutical firms and the launch of Crimson Interactive’s localization services, both of which hastened our development and success in becoming known as the top translation brand.

6] A woman who works in business. How challenging was it to combat prejudice?

As challenging as you could possibly imagine. From the beginning of my employment in the finance industry, stereotypes were everywhere. In my organization, which had 50 men, I was the sole woman and a Chartered Accountant with All-India Rank.

Squeezing through preconceived notions, overcoming the odds, and swimming against the current were necessary to land professional chances and achieve the highest levels of success at renowned financial companies like Citibank, HSBC, and Morgan Stanley.

This event just strengthened my resolve to launch my own firm and demonstrate that women are capable of operating profitable enterprises. I was motivated to alter this because businesswomen are uncommon and not as powerful as businessmen. Whether it meant overcoming preconceived notions or successfully juggling my personal and professional obligations, I wanted to achieve it and I did!

7) Do you believe that when a woman manages company processes, the paradigm is altered?

I don’t believe there is a difference between a male’s and a woman’s mental process when managing a firm. Though it’s common knowledge that women are emotional, businesswomen are fierce! Both situations use similar strategies, thus none I believe is a less capable entrepreneur than the other.

8) What major accomplishments in your entrepreneurial career can you name?

I’m proud to say that Ulatus has a strong team of experts who are all very committed to helping the company succeed. Ulatus is now a well-known brand on a global scale and the top translation agency in India. The expansion Ulatus has experienced is something I’m proud of, and it has made me feel very content and grateful for my trip.

In addition, due to other milestones, Ulatus has achieved, I have received awards for being the best woman entrepreneur in India in 2017 from the Future Woman Leader Summit, the best woman entrepreneur in the United States from the Golden Bridge Awards, and I was named one of the 10 influential female CEOs outside of the business world in 2018 by Aspioneer.

9) What goods or services does the business prioritise? How do your services differ from those offered by competitors?

Providing language services in more than 50 languages, Crimson Interactive assists authors in having their research accepted by worldwide peer-reviewed journals. Ulatus also assist businesses in communicating with their customers in a language that is most familiar to them. Through clinical trial translations, Crimson Interactive assists Life Sciences with localization and aids in the introduction of new pharmaceuticals into international markets.

Additionally, Crimson Interactive provides language validation and regulatory submission translation services to CROs, pharmaceutical, medical device, and biotech firms. Our services also include a substantial portion of website localization, book translations, game translation, app localization, finance localization, and software localization.

10] How do you choose to advance the company’s offerings for its goods and services?

The key is constant innovation and evolution! This needs to be closely related to the gap between market needs and market supply. My team is my strongest force, thus I need to make sure that they are always informed on what is required and new in the sector so that they may contribute ideas and comments based on their practical experience.

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