The Holiday Health Risk You Probably Don’t Expect

The Holiday Health Risk You Probably Don’t Expect: 8 Best Pointers to Consider | The Lifesciences Magazine

Holidays are much-needed breaks we need. These holiday breaks involve celebrations with friends, family, and relatives. With celebrations joyful and cheerful environment. Exotic foods, cakes, pastries, smoothies, shakes, soft drinks, or alcohol. The holiday health risk is at a peak level, especially among adults. Trips or vacations are supposed to make you feel relaxed and calm from the inside.

During these holidays, health is a factor majorly ignored. Everyone is in the mood to enjoy and celebrate. No one wants restrictions. This is where the holiday health risk begins. When in the mood to celebrate, no heed is paid to health or its risks.

Here Are 8 Pointers to Consider the Holiday Health Risk:

1. Watch your food:

Food is the most important element when it comes to holiday health risks. Compromising food habits during holidays is not at all advised. People tend to eat unhealthy and fried foods more on such occasions. Consuming unhealthy foods is a major holiday health risk concern. Putting a limit on unhealthy foods will help to curb holiday health risks. Eating unhealthy, spicy, and oily foods will lead to acidity, indigestion, and bowel issues. When you get out of control and your system goes for a toss, it’ll take at least 4 to 5 days to come into place.   

2. Watch alcohol intake:

Alcohol intake too is an important factor for holiday health risk. Alcohol tends to cause you to lose your conscience. The major party spoiler is alcohol. When in the limit, no harm. But when it goes more than a person can bear, the party gets spoilt. It also isn’t good for the heart.

The Holiday Health Risk You Probably Don’t Expect: 8 Best Pointers to Consider | The Lifesciences Magazine

Alcohol intake during holidays has a concept named holiday heart health. Meaning, during holidays and due to alcohol, how is your heart health? Most people won’t be aware of it, but it’s the truth. Alcohol, when within the limit, will help in avoiding holiday health risks.   

3. Burns and cuts:

Another important factor for holiday health risk is the occurrence of such small accidents. When preparing food for the celebrations, burns or cuts are pretty common. Use safety measures like thick clothed gloves, aprons, and long-handled utensils to avoid cuts or burns as much as possible. If baking is needed, small burns and bruises will happen.

Holiday health risks can be avoided by being careful when cutting and chopping too. Chopping, cutting, or grating can cause small cuts and bruises which may be fatal.   Kitchen injuries are not good as you’re preparing food. Blood oozing out has a risk of mixing in the food. Try to avoid such incidents and use precautions too.    

4. Cleanliness at all times:

In the list of holiday health risks, cleanliness is to be considered too. Cleanliness in the sense, of washing hands often. When we meet and greet people at home or office parties we tend to shake hands, offer a hug and kisses on the cheeks to show affection is common. We also come in contact with sticky tap handles, washbasins, or door handles which are previously used by people.

As you physically touch many people at a time, it is better to wash your hands often or keep a sanitizer handy at all times. There will be some people who will be coughing or sneezing, be at a distance from them. Provide them with a handkerchief or a napkin if they aren’t carrying one.

5. Car accidents:

The Holiday Health Risk You Probably Don’t Expect: 8 Best Pointers to Consider | The Lifesciences Magazine

Responsible driving is a key component. Slippery roads due to snow or rains, are some of the issues that occur. Do not drive under the influence of alcohol. Either stay at the party venue or offer someone else to drive the car. Keep an emergency and medical kit in the car if needed at any time. When driving, do not consider other drivers to be careful as you are. You drive at your own pace and speed.  Do not rush to reach the venue or even after the party to reach home. Be at your own pace and take your time.   

6. Being stressed:   

Preparing a meal for a party can be stressful. The number of people, ages, tastes, likes, and dislikes considering these things can cause chaos and stress. The simple thing to do is take the help of people who are available and willing to offer the same. Not only in preparing the meal but also in arranging other things like utensils, making changes in the setup of the house for making enough space, arranging for proper disposal of waste or leftovers, and ensuring enough water for drinking and cleaning.

Taking a person to help you is the best way to be stress-free. Also, give responsibilities to people who’re part of the party and invite them a bit early for the preparations. This will ensure harmony and no helter-skelter business.

7. Breakable ornaments:

If there are pets and kids at the party, ensure glass items are far from their reach. Not only glass ornaments sharp objects like knives, scissors, or blades must be far away. At least, the children and pets must not come in contact with them. Keep them in higher places or inside some compartments where reaching them isn’t possible. Some show pieces that are antique and made of breakable capacities are to be kept not in the vicinity of people in general.

8. Being alone:

If there are occasions like Christmas Eve, new years Eve or any other special occasion try not being alone. Participate in social gatherings or initiate to volunteer in community gatherings and offer to help. If invited by friends, relatives, or your extended family, accept those invitations. Get out of the shell of your home and head out.

The Holiday Health Risk You Probably Don’t Expect: 8 Best Pointers to Consider | The Lifesciences Magazine

Loneliness causes depression, feeling sad, and an absence of social life. To avoid the same, get rid of being an introvert and mix with people. Try to open up with people and join them in their celebrations. Have friends who will listen to and guide you whenever you need help.


These are some of the holiday health risks. The holiday is a time to enjoy and have fun. The more planned and calculated, the well-executed it’ll be. No one wants any kind of accidents, mishappenings, and mishaps that’ll spoil the party mood. Be it office parties or home parties these health risks are to be considered. Following them would benefit all the people who are a part of the holiday party. Being prepared well in advance is anytime better. So, take care of the mentioned health risks and have fun too!

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