Swaddling the Baby: Tips and Tricks to Help Soothe Your Baby

Swaddling the Baby: 5 Tips and Tricks to Help Soothe Your Baby | The Lifesciences Magazine

The newborn when in the womb, is super comfortable, safe, and secure. That secure feel which is needed for the babies is a method of swaddling the baby when the baby is born. It is like they are back again in the womb, in a warm, cozy, and comfortable atmosphere. Swaddling the baby while sleeping or even when awake, makes them feel safe and they do not panic. If they panic, they give an alarming reflex that scares them as they feel they are about to face some danger. It also feels to them that they will fall, and hence the reflexive reaction is given as a defense mechanism.

In the context of making the baby feel secure, swaddling the baby is the key, but also the baby has lesser space inside the womb during the last few months of the delivery. So, giving it the necessary space, and simultaneously giving it the security, it requires, is the whole idea behind swaddling the baby.

Here Are 5 Tips and Tricks to Soothe Your Baby:

1. Place the baby on the back

Swaddling the Baby: 5 Tips and Tricks to Help Soothe Your Baby | The Lifesciences Magazine

The baby should always be placed on its back. The surface should be firm enough for the baby to lie down and soft too. As the skin and body parts are still developing, the baby is a delicate being to handle. Once the baby starts rolling from one side to another, the snuggling of the baby can be stopped.  

2. Swaddle adequately

Make the swaddling of the baby compact and manageable. It should not be too tight. So tight that the baby gets uncomfortable and starts crying, isn’t advised. It needs a little bit of room to move inside the swaddled cloth to be comfortable. Babies perform involuntary actions which need swaddling, otherwise, they are at risk of falling.

3. No overheating

The blanket used for swaddling the baby must be a soft and breathable one. A significant or too thick blanket for the baby will make him sweat and absorb excess heat than required. Watch for signs of the baby sweating or breathing heavily, if you notice it, the baby needs a smaller and lighter blanket.

4. No items in the crib

Nothing is allowed into the baby’s bedding. Toys, blankets, pillows, bumpers, and other stuff. It takes up the baby’s space to move around his hands and legs a bit. It is necessary for the baby to have a bit of space inside the crib and no items for loose bedding should be kept inside.

5. The right way of swaddling:

It is advised to take training from the nurse in the hospital itself for swaddling the baby when it is your first baby. You and your better half can take real-time training from the nurse to ensure you can do it properly and make no mistakes.

We’ll Mention The Right Way Of Swaddling The Baby Stepwise For You:

Swaddling the Baby: 5 Tips and Tricks to Help Soothe Your Baby | The Lifesciences Magazine

Step #1:

Place a thin and light in weight cloth on a soft surface and keep it in a diamond-looking form. Fold the top corner down facing the center of the cloth. The folded upper portion now forms a straight line.

Step #2:

Place the baby on the back and such that their neck is above the folded part of the cloth. Do not let the blanket touch the baby’s cheek. The touch may make them feel it’s the breast and will start crying when not fed even when they could feel the touch.

Step #3:

Softly hold the baby’s left arm along their body. Take the blanket across the baby’s left arm and keep a distance of 4 inches while doing the same. Similarly, do it with the right side of the blanket too. Make sure to keep some room for the baby to move.

Step #4:

Now take the bottom-most corner of the cloth and tuck it inside the baby’s legs and right arm, and the rest part tuck inside the right shoulder. This will make them feel secure and in the belief that they are in the womb.

Note: Make sure that swaddling the baby is never too tight and keeps some space for the baby to move its legs. Inadequate space for the baby to move legs may cause hip dysplasia.

Here are 5 Benefits Of Swaddling The Baby:

Swaddling the Baby: 5 Tips and Tricks to Help Soothe Your Baby | The Lifesciences Magazine

1. Startling reflex

Swaddling the baby saves him from giving the startling reflex, and prevents adequate sleep. Due to the reflex babies tend to cry as the sleep gets disturbed and they get scared.

2. No colic pain

Newborn babies suffer from colic pain in their abdomen as their digestion process is just begun and their body parts are also underdeveloped.

3. Keeps hands “not near the face”

Due to involuntary movements, babies tend to scratch their faces or nose. Swaddling the baby prevents the same and keeps it in a normal position for a longer time.

4. Sleep duration

As swaddling the baby makes them feel secure and avoids the jerky reflex, they tend to enjoy a sound and non-disturbing sleep. It helps the baby to eliminate anxiety and keeps him calm. This also lets the parents sleep as they are also constantly looking after the baby. Some amount of rest for them is necessary too.

5. Prevents movement

Swaddling the baby prevents him from moving on either side, which saves him from the risk of falling. After some weeks, babies tend to move from one side to the other as they develop. As they are swaddled, they cannot move and are stable in one place.


There are a number of benefits of swaddling the baby as you must have read already. It helps them sleep better, feel secure, and as if back in the mom’s womb. The startling reflex is also prevented and helps them sleep better. After a few weeks as the baby starts moving from one side to the other, swaddling is the best way to keep him on his back. Babies need constant attention. As experienced moms, if ignored for even a second, they are in a different position and may need help to gain the original position.

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