Tips To Help You Stick to Your Healthy Lifestyle Resolutions This Year

Healthy Lifestyle Resolutions: 10 Tips to Help You Stick | The Lifesciences Magazine

Most often than not, we take healthy lifestyle resolutions when the New Year is around the corner. The resolution is to maintain a healthy lifestyle, lose weight, and get in shape so we will look good and feel good. Healthy lifestyle resolutions are the most common ones but sticking to them throughout the year becomes a task.

Only a small percentage of people are able to keep at their made resolutions. Such resolutions need a lot of determination and dedication to keep at them and not dwindle down on them.

Here Are 10 Tips to Help You Stick to Your Healthy Lifestyle Resolutions:

1. Increase mobility:

Sitting in one place increases your weight and fatigue. You tend to be lazy. You get habitual to sitting. In this digital era, we sit in one place and work more. Exactly that is the problem. Moving around more can be the simplest of healthy lifestyle resolutions to make. This is often misinterpreted as joining a gym. It means increasing the physical activity in a day. Just get up from your place and move around. Walk on your feet or keep standing. Small changes like walking to the nearby grocery store instead of using the vehicle can help. Climbing the stairs instead of the lift will help. These are small but healthy lifestyle resolutions you can make to start.

2. Learn stress management:

Healthy Lifestyle Resolutions: 10 Tips to Help You Stick | The Lifesciences Magazine

Make stress management a priority. Make that one of your healthy lifestyle resolutions this year. There are an infinite number of guidelines available on the internet to manage stress. Simple things like going for a walk, practicing breathing exercises, and listening to music are some elements of healthy lifestyle resolutions. Stress has significant impacts on your physical and mental health. Anxiety, anger issues, weight gain, stress eating, and irritable behavior are some of them to name.

3. Have a plan to stop intoxication:

For healthy lifestyle resolutions, make a practical plan to stop addictions like smoking. You will not be able to quit smoking immediately when decided. Make a plan on the number of cigarettes to be consumed in a day, a week, or a month. Make a timetable of the frequency of it. Similarly with alcohol. Make a plan of how much and after how many intervals to consume it. Gradually stop both of these intoxications.  Consult a doctor who can guide you better.

4. Sleep more:

In the list of healthy lifestyle resolutions, sleep is often underrated. Sleeping is necessary as our body and mind need rest. When you sleep your body takes action which enhances your brain functioning. In children, sleep helps their physical and mental health to grow. Appropriate and adequate sleep is necessary for individuals. Sleep is often overlooked as a lazy thing to do. A necessary bedtime, allows you to regain energy and also recharges your brain to function in a fresh and active manner.

5. Yearly health checkup:

Healthy Lifestyle Resolutions: 10 Tips to Help You Stick | The Lifesciences Magazine

Getting yourself checked up is a main part of healthy lifestyle resolutions. A watch on all the digits related to your health like blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol, weight and height, etc is necessary. A regular checkup and screening of the body allow your doctor to keep track of your health and consult you accordingly. Health checkup is a thing that is quite ignored by people as they are overly confident about their health.

6. Get a balanced meal:

Be habitual in eating healthy. Junk food, fried foods, and overly spiced foods aren’t so good for your health. Include fruits and vegetables in your diet. See to it that you are consuming all the necessary nutrients which you should. Go through your annual check-up reports, and check what nutrient deficiencies you have. Make a diet plan according to it. Also, cover the normal nutrients which are required. Do not over-stress on the deficient nutrients. Have salads. Watch your speed while eating. Eating fast can cause you to overeat. Chew your food enough to help your body digest it. Have foods that are rich in protein, fiber, vitamins, iron, calcium, and magnesium.

7. Lose weight:

Studies have suggested that losing 5 to 7% of your body weight can impact your physical and mental health majorly. It reduces the risk of heart issues, and diabetes, and controls blood pressure and sugar levels. Fad diets may help you lose weight faster, but consider it for a lesser period of time. Fad diets focus on only particular nutrients entering the body. Other nutrients are ignored to not gain fat. It isn’t totally advisable to opt for fad diets.

8. Focus on being specific:

Healthy Lifestyle Resolutions: 10 Tips to Help You Stick | The Lifesciences Magazine

Just saying won’t help you lose weight. You need to decide on how much weight to lose. On what basis have you decided on that much amount of weight loss? If you need guidance on weight loss, approach your family doctor for the same. Opt for going to a nutritionist and seeking help. Do varieties of different exercises which will benefit your body overall. Take baby steps to reduce weight. Make a plan and try to follow it. Include your diet and workout regime in that plan. Keep your habits according to the clock.

9. Be a realist:

Think whether the made plan is really possible for you to follow or not. Make changes if necessary. Don’t stress yourself too much. Make achievable goals. Celebrate the small achievements once in a while. Practice self-motivation. Do things that you feel like working towards reducing your weight. Eat what is good for you and what you can. If you do not like a particular vegetable, compensate it with some other one which is similar. Eat for getting the nutrition in it.


A healthy lifestyle leads to an active and prosperous living. Focus on your well-being. These tips are for you to feel energetic, motivated, and inspired to lead a healthy lifestyle and be in good shape. Health is the most important but unfortunately the most ignored part of our lives. There are people who are fitness freaks, but after all, they are freaks. Overdoing any such type of thing will invite unknown problems in the future.

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