The Dangers of Fad Diets and Losing Weight Too Quickly

8 Dangers of Fad Diets and Losing Weight Too Quickly | The Lifesciences Magazine

The most cliché line is to lose 3 kgs in 3 months, isn’t it? No, we aren’t against losing weight, it’s a good fact. Losing it too fast is where the problem lies. In today’s times where fitness is being given importance, is it happening the right way? A thing called fad diets has emerged in the last decade. People follow various fad diets like the keto diet, gluten diet, intermittent fasting, and vegan diet, and the list is endless.

The desire and want for fitness are well-appreciated. The catch here is fad diets. Not all fad diets suit each body type. Ever thought of these lines? If yes, still read this article for more information:

Here are the 8 Dangers of Fad Diets and Losing Weight Too Quickly:

1. Eating disorders:

You entered into fad diets in order to get in shape. To abide by the rules, you restrict yourself from eating specific foods. You try to control the cravings which you’ve been experiencing. Eating disorders mean what you think of food, eating habits, weight, physical appearance, and how much calories or fat you are consuming in a day. Overthinking anything and everything about food is considered an eating disorder.

2. Infertility:

Your diet and food intake definitely make an impact on your fertility. Your lifestyles like food habits, physique, smoking, and drinking frequencies, are all linked to your fertility. So following a particular diet makes you lose out on some nutrients. It makes you focus more on other nutrients. This imbalance of nutrients can cause infertility issues. This will hugely impact your life in the future. Prolonging these fad diets for more than a particular period can cause such issues.

3. Nutrition deficiencies:

8 Dangers of Fad Diets and Losing Weight Too Quickly | The Lifesciences Magazine

Not all nutrients are covered in these fad diets, as mentioned in the previous points. Some particular ones are focused on more than required. It leads to the other essential nutrients being ignored way too much. It can be you want a good physique and are advised to take a high-protein diet. You start ignoring fatty foods or sweets completely. This may lead to sugar levels dropping drastically if you overdo it. 

4. Over-obsession with being thin/fit:

The only thing in your mind is being thin. The fad diets thing compels you to think in that way. Peer pressure may also be the cause. But only thinking about getting slim and in shape results in overthinking. It will lead you to anxiety and depression as you keep on thinking about the same. You will compare yourselves to others and feel bad about your own body. Mental instability will increase. A frustrated mood will be built always.  

5. No satisfaction:

You know the efforts you put in when following a diet. The amount of physical exercises you do, you expect rewards in return. You need to see tangible results. You to stand in front of the mirror often, obsessed with only one subject in mind i.e. fitness and a good physique. You start to compare yourselves with your peers. Your self-esteem and confidence decrease. You keep experimenting with different fad diets resulting in harming your body, instead of gaining an advantage from it. After we eat a normal meal we feel good and satisfied. You crave that as you’re not having the same.

6. Way too restrictive:

8 Dangers of Fad Diets and Losing Weight Too Quickly | The Lifesciences Magazine

The fad diets put you in a cage. You aren’t allowed some foods which you like. The number of restrictions is more than you can bear. Incidences like an entire food group being canceled prevail. It causes you to not take in that food group at all. Deficiencies will come up when it’s not eaten for a long time.

7. Expensive:

By following these extreme diets, the body isn’t the only thing that is affected. If the diet needs you to consume only organic products or particular supplements, it can be expensive. Purchasing the supplements on a regular basis would not work for you financially. It totally depends on your personal views about opting for external supplements in order to achieve a particular physique.     

8. Long-term health hazards:

A prolonged following of fad diets can take an adverse turn. As you miss out on particular nutrients for a long time, deficiencies may occur. At later stages in life, you may experience some issues due to the fad food following. Suffering later in life due to following a wrong method of lifestyle isn’t recommended.

The ideal way to lose weight (be in shape):

Exert yourself:

8 Dangers of Fad Diets and Losing Weight Too Quickly | The Lifesciences Magazine

Have a good run or a jog for about half an hour with breaks in the middle. Do combinations of cardio, upper body, and lower body exercises. Watch what you eat. No doubt have additional protein and carbs, but don’t forget other nutrients. They are as important as the others. Sweating yourself up is the only resort to weight loss. Losing weight too fast is not an ideal or healthy way to do it.

Be properly diet-conscious:

We should be able to eat the things we love, even if we are trying to lose weight. The quantity is a thing to watch. Eat half the quantity which you would rather eat on your normal days. If losing weight is the main agenda, double up the jogging and cardio activities. Eat a balanced diet at the same time. Nobody talks about the quantity we eat. Diet and quantity is the most important thing. When you eat half your appetite, compensate for the other half with some salad or green leafy vegetables. More quantity and less exercise don’t make much sense.


Observe what suits your body. See following what type of diet makes you comfortable. Consult a nutritionist if need be. A certified nutritionist will guide you better. But the most important thing is to watch what you eat, how much you eat. Have a proper workout in accordance to your eating habits. Compensate your hunger with salads, fruits, and green leafy vegetables. They are a rich source of iron. Include sprouts and milk in your appetite. A mindful quantity of food and a nice 30 to 45-minute workout should help you to lose weight.      

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