For reasons we will get into in future posts and videos, for now, we will ask only two critical questions: Are we missing the bigger picture regarding the precarious position of Israel? If so, why?

October 10, 2023 – (BOSTON) Israel’s aggressors in this newest hot regional war say, “They are at long last in it to win it.” And they will do everything necessary to do so.

They intend to use their hatred and all their strategies and resources to create a complete and lasting destruction of Israel. Israel is up to the task. But it has “a bull by the horns.”

When conventional weapons run out or don’t do the trick, and Israel’s aggressors are cornered and on their last stand, they will be desperate. But, as some experts wrongly fear, the aggressors will not turn to a sneak attack using nuclear weapons. 

That approach is too immediately and easily detectable—and referenceable. In other words, they can be caught almost immediately. And retaliation by Israel and possibly the US would be severe and quick. 

Therefore, it is too dangerous for the aggressors “to go nuclear.” Use of that means to conduct all-out war is sufficiently deterred. No matter how desperate they are, even a “dirty bomb” is unlikely to be used.

Instead, to inflict the most harm to Israel they possibly can with their remaining resources, Israel’s aggressors will, with a high degree of certainty, turn to a sneak attack using hard-to-detect and only slowly detectable and referenceable (if at all) bioweapons. 

And because they are so hard to detect and slowly detectable, there likely will be a desperate spillover to America as a last-ditch effort to end the war before the aggressors are indeed destroyed. If so, America will also be subjected to a sneak bio attack. 

This deceit could be accomplished with the alleged hundreds of their agents already secretly and safely ensconced in Israel and the US. The level of deterrence would be high. But if they are desperate enough, it will not sufficiently deter Israel’s aggressors from going to a Plan X they believe could work. Not nuclear but bio.

Our public warnings here have not been heard—or at least, recklessly, not been acted upon. All-out wars conducted by proxy aggressors initially using conventional weapons that fail will eventually convert to bio wars. We are confident of this.

Because Israel’s aggressors are the proxies of America’s enemies, they can get away with things our larger enemies cannot. Therefore, we have little doubt that this escalation could readily spill over to much of mainland America. 

It would take much work to carry off. But it could be accomplished if the pathogen is contagious enough and the number of ensconced, undercover agents is large enough. 

I ask the bottom line two questions: Are Israel and the US prepared? If not, why not?

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